PlayStation Network Status: PSN Not Back Up, Firmware Update 3.61 Coming

By Alan Ng - May 4, 2011

We have an update on the PlayStation Network Online Status to give you now. Sadly, it isn’t the news that the service is back online, but we do know that users will be prompted to install a new firmware update on the PS3 as soon as it is back up.

There were previous rumors of a new firmware update coming soon to the PS3, and this has now been confirmed to be firmware update 3.61 as stated on the Japanese PlayStation website, as reported from TerminalGamer. Through the magic of Google Translate, we’ve learned that users will also need to change their password once they have signed into PSN.

Despite previous rumors stating otherwise, the Japanese PS site also states that PSN is still offline in Japan and that the service ‘will resume soon’. You can read the translated text in full here if you’re interested.

This information has yet to be posted on the US or EU PlayStation Blogs, so perhaps Sony is intending to switch PSN back online first in Japan, followed by other regions. Aside from the much talked about compensation package that Sony are offering to PS3 users, we hope that firmware 3.61 adds some extra functionality to the XMB – cross game chat support would be a lovely way of saying sorry, what do you think?

So to sum up, the PSN is still down, but you will get a nice new firmware to play around with when it does finally return. Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • Deathnumber3

    hi please me back sign in,ps network im respect for all people’s network!!!,this is me deathnumber3 and am hard player gamer,and am knowledgeable,i swear evils,please psnetwork do not know how much english,had anyone say a word,and i apologise to all which i offended,sorry. So please get back me back me profile psnetwork THANK YOU!! and respect me mate:) good day

  • Howard_1892


  • sickofit

    why the hell isn’t my password working? this is bullshit. it seems to be one problem after the other with you guys. 

  • bingung!

  • coryxcorpse

    i just logged on and then it kicked me and said playstaion network undergoing maintenance again wtf is going on and for the person that said itd b cool to play music and a game at the same time that would b the shit dude

  • Joel

    PSN is coming back online tonight. You should be able to update your PS3 with the new firmware. A few states are already back online on the east coast. Sony is turning it back on region by region. All the states should be back online tonight. Here is the link that shows the states that are back online.

  • prest

    just downloaded new firmware and still down – in US

  • Guest

    This is taking a bit too long Sony…. I really don't care about the firmware update…. Just get the PSN up and running for all of us gamers…

  • Ps3 4 life

    Y'all are babies it's been like 3 weeks and u have to get a Xbox get a life go outside get away from the tv or I u are such a big nerd and u need video games why don't u get a $400 Xbox so I can get the red ring of death in a few weeks just suck it up

  • ashfox

    im getting tired of this give me an actual date or ill just buy an xbox at least thier server isnt down

  • h8 xbox

    you ass holes need to stop saying you have a shitbox 360 no one cares…..

  • kevin

    For all the idiots that want the other os option brought back all that does is ruin multiplayer gaming. Look at what happened to MW2 you cant even play the game anymore. You have a pc why do you care about it on the ps3?

  • p#$sed off

    Bottom line, sony f'd up. If they maintained control of sensitive data instead of giving nobodies the master key, we might not be here. All systems get hacked, too bad sony didn't care about user info. Thank god I listened to the voice in my head not to use the ps store just yet. 4 days later, here we are, millions of credit card info in the black market. They should be held accountable for that, repay all financial institutions for new credit cards to ps subscribers, as well as pay for any possible id theft. In this day and age, a law suit is the only way for a multi million dollar company to listen to the general public. Maybe it will smarten the world up, no system is fool proof, keep one step ahead of the bad people, and treat consumer info like it were gold. Really sad, sony doesn't care much about the user end of the whole program. When a bank or store info is hacked, its a matter of hours when its up and running again, they are in the spotlight. It almost seems as tthough sony is treating all this like a favor to the user. 'Hey, we took the sytem offline, screw your questions and oh well if your cc info is stolen. We give you free game play.' I for one will never give sony my cc info now. It all seems like a big game to them.

  • Nardii

    Hey i think its not that bad…. I get to catch up and beat all my games. I rather play online if i could, since i cant i really dont care… Playstation 3 is awsome and they got hacked, at least they didnt get a red ring of death cus they cant build a system properly… sorry 4 spelling its hard to type on this thing

    PSN> Nardii

  • b-boy

    is not just a week it could last till may 31

  • ps3 rules

    come on plz play station plz be back on i am getting bored here

  • PSN:ThirdGenderThing

    i think their security went down after the earthquake….

  • crispyrice

    How soon we forget that Xbox Live went down for two weeks back in 2008, only that wasn't due to external intrusion, but just laziness from Microsoft's end. Good thing they charge so they can not invest a dime of it to make the service any more reliable

  • Faithful Sony User

    Look, in my opinion, it sucks to not be able to play Black Ops online or Mortal Kombat or whatever game your waiting to play when the network returns. Yes, I'm disappointed, and yes, Sony should have been a lot tighter on security, but the reality is this: They have been hacked, and they are rebuilding the network so that when it returns, it is revamped and stronger than ever. I don't know guys, what would you rather? The PSN be back now, and be hacked again for more downtime, or wait an extra week and know that there may be improvements, and security will be tight enough to keep hackers out? Sony have hackers working for them to be "One step ahead", so essentially, once it returns it should be safe for a while. Stick it out guys, play your PC, get platinum trophies for all your games, whatever it is that will pass time by for you. But they are working 24/7 to get it back online and return. Don't go and buy and xbox, thats just stupid. If it happened to Xbox, we'd still be playing. and it did back in 2007. It just happens guys! Stay Loyal. 😀

  • Kal

    So everybody is gonna blame Sony for some fucking idiot who has too much time on his hands and decides to hack our shit. This shows how funny people really are. I wish Sony knew who you guys were and just cut yo shit themselves since you wanna be whiny lil bitches. Get some damn patience and wait, go play your fucking xbox until they get there situation together.

    • jeff roddy

      well if sony refunded my money that could keep their crappy system that they keep removing features from and who don`t invest in their network making it easily hackable

  • impacient ps3 playa

    why dont u get ur little fingers a switch it back on its not dat hard cmon sony i luv ya but its takin to long

  • Edwin

    i love ps3 aint no doubt.. but its bs that they keep changing the dates to when the network will be back on.. sony dont fukin say anything until u know for sure when its going to be back on.. it just pisses me off to keep chekin and seeing that the network is still not back on..