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Motorola Atrix: Receiving 4G Data Speeds after HSUPA Update or not?

Earlier on, we informed you that AT&T had started to roll out the highly anticipated software update for the Motorola Atrix, an update which adds support for 4G data speeds via HSUPA. For those of you who have already installed the 4.1.83 update, we want to know what kind of data speeds you are now getting.

It’s fair to say that AT&T came in for a lot of criticism after their decision to remove HSUPA support, and ultimately remove Atrix user’s ability to download data at 4G speeds. Instead, ever since launch, users have had to deal with sluggish download speeds and frustration ever since – until now that is.

The update is now available, and aside from HSUPA support, it also adds some other worthwhile features, such as better quality quality on the Skype application, improved WiFi connectivity, measures to prevent screen from freezing, email improvements and overall better call quality, as reported from Phonedog. All in all, it looks like an update which Atrix users are going to very happy about.

However, we’re now concerned about what data speeds you’re actually getting in your area. Have things drastically improved as a result of the HSUPA support, or are you still experiencing slow data speeds whilst browsing or downloading?



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