Mass Effect 3: BioWare Confirms Release Date Delay

By Tina Chubb - May 4, 2011

Earlier on today we brought our readers some good news about the newly released screenshots for the much-anticipated Mass Effect 3 game. We have some rather disappointing news now however; as we’ve just learned that the upcoming action role-playing game has been delayed.

According to a recent article by Matt Furtado, BioWare has recently confirmed that the game – which will be available for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC – will not be releasing late 2011 like they originally promised, but it will now arrive sometime in the first quarter of 2012.

Casey Hudson, the Executive Producer of the Mass Effect video game series, has issued an official statement regarding the unfortunate delay. Casey said that the development team is focusing on making sure that the Mass Effect 3 game is the biggest, boldest and best title in the entire series.

Although it is disappointing for fans to hear that the launch has been delayed, it is kind of refreshing to know that the people behind the game are focused on making the title perfect and hope to go beyond everyone’s expectations. We’re pretty sure the Mass Effect 3 game will be worth the wait.

Are you disappointed that the game has been delayed until next year?

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  • ashfoxx

    I think it's still far too early in the year for anyone to decide if the game really needs the extra time for tweaking. November is still quite a ways off, you would think the delay announcement would have been issued by at least Fall.

    However, I already knew I had awhile to wait for my already pre-ordered copy, so my feelings haven't changed all too much considering the game is still on the far horizon. Plus, extra polish is always a good thing, much better than unwrapping a bug filled mess and having to wait on patches to make it playable.