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Lots More Mass Effect 3 Screens Show Up on Russian Website

A few days ago we posted an article which showed you the first-ever Mass Effect 3 screenshots, now we have even more screens to show you which recently showed up on a Russian website called (click on the link to see them all).

There are 8 screens in total and we have embedded two of the best at the end of this post, like the last screens we showed you the graphics look great and the lighting effects are very realistic. Lots of the screens show Commander Shepherd battling it out against the Reapers, have you spotted anything significant in the screens?

On the Russian website there is a huge amount of text, we translated it using Google Translate and it didn’t make a huge amount of sense, so rather than get things wrong we will reveal more when we hear more from an English source, all we could make out is that changes have been made to the combat system.

Check out the screens for yourself below, do you think that the jump in graphics is greatly significant when compared to Mass Effect 2?


  • ashfoxx

    I recognize Capt. Anderson's photo from the issue of GameInformer. I think the second photo might have been in that issue as well. As for the jump in graphics, maybe i'm just blind but it actually looks worse to me. The lighting effects look great but I can nearly literally count some of the polygons used in these photos, especially on Anderson's hat and clothes. Looks like he took them from a last gen Xbox game.

    I'm on a proxy right now so I couldn't see the rest of the pics. Still, can't wait for ME:3!


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