LG Optimus Pad Price in UK, Ridiculously Expensive

By Jamie Pert - May 4, 2011

We love reporting all of the news regarding Apple iPad 2 rivals and how they are going to succeed, we had high-hopes for the new LG Optimus Pad, however if the Carphone Warehouse’s price is anything to go by we can’t see this tablet shaking up the tablet market too much.

The price listed on the Carphone Warehouse website for a SIM-free Optimus Pad is £799 (here), to put this in some sort of context the iPad 2 starts at £399 and even for the 64GB model which offers 3G connectivity you pay just £659.00. Also using the XE.com’s currency converter shows that it equates to over $1300 (USD), you could get 2 x 16GB 3G iPad 2’s for that and still come away with some change.

Obviously the LG Optimus Pad is arguable better in some ways when compared to the iPad 2 (Full HD and 3D video recording compatibilities), but we have to remember that Apple is now an established tablet manufacturer with millions of happy customers behind them, therefore it is up to LG to make their tablet competitive in terms of pricing.

We really can’t see UK consumers choosing an £800 first-attempt tablet over the cheaper and more established Apple offering, but perhaps we are wrong. Please let us know what you think about this pricing in the comments section below.

Will you spend £799 on the LG Optimus Pad?

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  • Andy

    !I was/am interested in anything 3D and have been looking at the lg for a while but at these kind of prices i won't be looking at this for much longer. I think 3D is the future but companies need to understand that not everyone is of the same opinion so to get more people interested they need to be competitive with the price. I can get a 46 inch 3D Samsung tv for over £100 less than this tablet. Asus has got it right with their new transformer. Is reviewed to be better than the Xoom AND 200 quid cheaper! No surprise then that Asus has sold out and the Xoom is struggling… rant over with.

  • Jim

    No matter how much it cost if you want it , buy