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LazyTown BooClips: Free iPad app to aid children’s reading

Help those kids learning to read and have fun by using LazyTown BooClips a free iPad app to aid children with their reading.

This interactive story app brought to you by Castle Builders is a wonderful way of using the iPad for more than just games. LazyTown BooClips is a welcome addition to the popular LazyTown brand viewed by over 500 million children in more than a hundred different countries worldwide.

Join Sportacus and others in learning to read stories with this fun educational app. Using music and songs from the LazyTown television programmes you can view features such as a dynamic page flip, magnifying glass, voiceover recording, sign language translation, bookmark, 3D animation, and lots more.

A word-for-word story narration helps progress vocabulary and the voiceover recording will enable your voice to tell the stories even if you are out. Using help from professional teachers, psychologists, consultants, linguistics and consultants, this app is available to get the best possible start for your child.

Join in and sing with Stephanie or train up with Sportacus. LazyTown BooClips is a free fun learning app to get children motivated with reading. For more information on availability visit the App Store.



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