COD Black Ops: Call of The Dead Zombies – Your Highest Level?

By Alan Ng - May 4, 2011

As Call of Duty fans on the Xbox 360 will be well aware, the latest map pack Escalation is now available to download, adding four new multiplayer maps as well as a brand new zombie map called Call of the Dead.

We have a feeling that most of you will have gone straight into the Call of the Dead mode, so we want to know your impressions of the new zombie map, just a day after release. Have you already figured out the best way to the power switch and the first weapon box location?

As with previous zombie maps on Black Ops, it seems as if Treyarch increase the difficulty on each one, but there is always a few solid tactics which will ensure that you always get to the later rounds providing you have a good team and decent communication skills.

With this in mind, we want to know what level you have managed to reach so far? Have you managed to get past level 20, or are you still figuring out how to stop George Romero chasing you with his electric hammer? We’ll be amazed if some of you have got past level 30 already, so leave us a comment if you think you’ve cracked the map already.

On a side note, head to our guide here which tells you how to kill George Romero and unlock a secret achievement.

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  • xxKROW 425xx

    37 rounds with out going down and no glichting running trains in the spawn area while taking care of Gorge using Mustang and sally,upgraded Law, and upgraded M16

  • awesome1976

    Round 57 very easy with Mustang and Sally/Hyena Infra-Dead (Solo)

    Simply circuit the bottom of the lighthouse and when you feel as though the entire horde is all gathered up, shoot them with scavenger. Use MnS when you feel as though you wont be able to run past the zombies in the way.. or your cornered.

    Btw the best way to kill George, for all you poor scrubs wasting scavenger ammo on him, is via knife.
    Thats right folks, knife George to death. And no not with your starter knife, the Sickle is preferred, and costs none of your ammo that becomes priceless in the later rounds. If you have the Ballistic Knife, upgrade it and get the sickle, you can slaughter george with this method. Any time i get the Ballistic Knife, i get all 7 perks to go with it, and dont forget the lovely Wunderwaffe ^^.

    P.S George has 400,000 or so HP per player P; so its easiest to kill him on solo although i have killed him a few times in 4 player(with the other 3 people dead so they could watch)

  • M'sta kill'a

    Shut up cuz I'm 47 solo! All legit! I killed George 4 times… The scavenger upgraded works, but the v-r11 works the best…

    • K1NGkilljoy

      vr-11 dosent kill him…..>.> so did u KILL him 4 times and got a free perk or did u just make him go away for a bit, cuz u dont sound legit , just pretty ignorant right now.

  • alex harman

    i kill'd romero at level 5 and i got to 21 then kill'd him 2 times now then i got to level 37 then kill'd him 3times the i die at 48

  • drgreenthumb

    I kill'd Romero at lvl 6 finding best way to start killing him is whit Scavenger then just nuke him down and got to lvl 16.

  • Devin

    Got to round 27!! with 2 people! no glitches or anything just plain legit! Gotta love the Ray Gun Scavenger Combo
    Also You can kill George, Just hella hard to do it, Scavenger besr weapon to do it with

  • Devin

    Got to round 27!! with 2 people! no glitches or anything just plain legit! Gotta love the Ray Gun Scavenger Combo__Also You can kill George, Just hella hard to do it, Scavenger besr weapon to do it with

  • weed

    how do you get him off the map??

  • weed

    how do you get him off the map??

  • hihi


    • Josh S

      You should all check out my gameplay, getting to level 28 on Solo, beat that mother f***ing bi***es!

      • Oscar A

        I got to level 31 so shut up

      • Oscar A

        I got up to round 31 so shut up

  • Nick D

    BTW Dead shot is instantkill if u shoot a zombie in the head on any level.

    • Jordan

      it isn't one shot kill with deadshot it just makes it easier and quicker to kill cus it aims at head dumbass

  • Nick D

    you beat George by getting the perk Dead Shot *NEW* and upgraded the scavenger sniper rifle and shoot him in the head.

    • K1NGkilljoy

      or just keep restarting the game till the box is one door away from you, rack up points and get wonder weapons, to just unload on him, it works ^_^ thats how i got it. all of scavenger a few grenades and then a ray gun . but buying a dead shot daquiri just sounds like a waste, to buy all thoose doors and then 1500 for the perk, meh i can do it my way and have him gone buy round 4 if im lucky, or the box will completly fuck me over and give me pistols

  • Anthony

    I got to lvl 20 by doing a circle in the bottom floor of the lighthouse.

  • karma

    n-e 1 know where the golden rod is ?

    • fultonsoccer7

      yeah i just got this the other day. Have you done the steop leading up to this?

      If you havent look on youtube

      If so:
      Team: Get the V-R11 gun that turns zombies into humans. In the lighthouse at the bottom there is that green beam going up to the top?
      Make a few crawlers (throw grenades slightly behing zombies so all they can do is crawl)
      Have your team get some raw guns : Pack-a-punch rayguns, scavengers, etc. Everyone go to the steps on the lighthouse.
      The person with the V-R11 lead the crawler as close to the green light at the bottom as possible. Then shoot him with the V-R11 and change funs.
      He will change into a human and walk to the green ray and start floating up.
      You and your team must kill the human before he leaves the lighthouse and gets to the spaceship where the green beam leaves.
      When he dies he will be floading on his back.
      After he is head, a golden rod will appear at the bottom of the green beam where he entered it. Take it and give it to the closed iron door (person behind it)..
      You have just “sent your team to paradise.”
      It can be done solo.
      Youtube for help or email me:

  • cody

    you can get george out of the map its easy we did it on the 3rd try was really obvious got to round 16

  • chuckgreenman

    hey idiots. its called Daiquiri. I got to level 22 on my first try… ya'll some bitches..

  • black ops

    the death shot daguri must have something to do with headshots if you look at the emblem

  • samkatex

    aim assist like modern warfare 2 locks onto their heads 🙂

  • frank

    What does the new perk do?

    • Jake

      when you aim down ur sight, it goes straight for their head

  • Cheekychic

    Up to level 15 atm and still going 😀

  • to get him out the map i meant George

  • ive got to round 10 so far, but the sad hackers are getting to those levels using Zipline ‘Glithes’, and to get him outside the map and there is allready a barrier glicth!

    i play legit and i hate how people just want to hack the zombies to get 1 on the zombies leaderboard to get all the credit for hacking!

    why cant they play the game how its meant to be played -_-