Chery QQ Price: Cheapest For Brasil

The Tata Nano is still the cheapest car to buy in not only India, but the world. However, other countries are trying to come up with an alterative, but none have come close. Take the Chery QQ Price from Brasil, this is the cheapest in Brazil, but it still costs a shocking 22,990 reals, or US$14,590.

Having the cheapest car in Brazil seems to be a constant battle that many manufacturers are competing for, and Chery Automobile took the crown from the Fiat Uno Mille Economy, which costs 23,220 reals. There are two other competing models, then GM Celta and the Effa M100; all are close in price to each other, so it will all come down to which is best.

The Chery QQ was unveiled back in October 2010 and is aimed at the middle class; they hope to be able to shift 12,000 units in 2011. The company has high hopes for this model, but we cannot grantee that things will go to plan, not when you are competing with the might of General Motors.

Currently you will be hard pushed to see a Chinese vehicle on the streets of Brazil, but Chery Brasil has a huge ad campaign planned. They hope that once the public starts to see the QQ on the streets, then it will be a snowball effect, and more people will keep buying. This is all nice in theory, but the car has to be good to drive first. For a complete review visit The Truth About Cars.

Are you convinced that the Chery QQ will be popular in Brazil?



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