Call of the Dead Zombies Secrets: How to Kill George Romero

By Alan Ng - May 4, 2011

Yesterday we gave you a mini tutorial on how to ‘stop’ George Romero temporarily when playing the new Call of the Dead zombie map on Call of Duty: Black Ops, but now we have details and video evidence on how you can actually kill him and stop him coming back for a while.

This method is totally different to the ones we mentioned yesterday, and if you manage to take him down, you’ll actually be rewarded by Treyarch with some generous goodies.

From what we can see, players will need to have the Scavenger sniper rifle menu, and will need to once again lure him into the water outside of the building (Although it does work with other weapons). Once you have him there, you need to shoot a metal plate with the scavenger and have it explode next to Romero to slow him down. Once you’ve done this, keep blasting away at him until he moves closer to you.

Repeat the process over and over again and you’ll soon take him down. Once you have done it, he will retreat back into the water, and you’ll be rewarded with a new perk, a death machine powerup and also the ‘Quiet on the Set’ Achievement! Not too bad at all.

We’ve heard that he does still come back, but it won’t be straight away. We’re also hearing whispers that you can take him down more easily with an pack-a-punched V-R11 weapon, but doing so won’t get you the powerups and achievement. We’ve included two videos below both showing how to kill Romero, skip to 3.25 in the longer video to get to the action.

If you have taken down Romero, let us know how you did it, and if the steps mentioned above is the best way to do it, or if you’ve found a quicker way to kill him and still get the stuff. Look forward to more Call of the Dead secrets soon.

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  • shady

    call of duty black ops 2 who knows about Samuel being a zombie and eating one.
    and who is Samantha father is it maxis or tank Dempsey i think it might be
    tank Dempsey because James c burns told us in the bus trailer who does she sound like
    she loved killing zombies and who is she like from black ops 1 and she was like dempsy plus i think there also has been two videos about this. the original zombies killer are stuck on moon and they destroyed the earth that’s when i thought tank Dempsey and his crew found radio to the last survivors to find shelter in nuke town to becareful about the missiles coming to destroy the world then watch the ending of dlc nuketown on black ops 2 when you die.NEW WEAPONS. now i think there is reason why there is new weapons im not sure why but maybe you can find out about that. SAMEUL if you see the die rise cutscene you richtofen is talking to him sameul is a very important charecter now what we saw richtofen saying mend the rift sameul says no then he said if you don’t do this i will tell your crew about your dirty secret about eating a zombie

  • shady

    check out uberhaxornova on youtube

  • Marcus

    I knifed him with the sickle. It takes awhile tho. About 250 hits. About 85 stabs per his health level. Sometimes Samantha steals the perks and puts them in another pool.

  • Crumpet_47

    I’ve killed George about 6 times now. Alot of scavenger, ray gun and death machines! He drops a random perk bottle and a death machine! HOWEVER the past 2 times I killed him he didn’t drop anything and I herd that evil laugh that u hear when u get the bear out the random weapon box! And I didn’t use vr11 on him! Alot of time and ammo wasted!

    • PredatorDrone97

      Ive recently killed george using the VR-11 Lazurus. I ended up using every shot on him, while my teammates were using a PAPed Scavenger and a few LMS’s. We managed to take him down, but we didnt get an achievement. or the perk because of the vrll. If you want to practice, i would suggest empting mag after mag of VRLLs until he goes down, and try to use less VR11 shots each game. Ive managed to do this and almost get the achievment

  • yjg

    you all stil have suggestions that do not work, shut up read the article that tells you how to do it and stop with the myth shit.

  • colton

    i got the commando and galil from the random box, and just kept reloading the mp5 when i got a chance. the only other thing that really helped me was the fact that i got 2 death machines,

  • XReapingChaosX

    Upgraded ballistics knife and keep knife him in or out of water. after a few minutes if u also have the sickle u can knife him to death

  • bris

    I killed george using the scavenger (upgraded) my mates used 2 upgraded ray guns . After the ray guns where empty they uses there mustang and sally’s . As i said before i used the upgraded scavenger . And we killed him with all of our ammo . The ray guns where empty and the mustang &sally’s where empty also . My scavenger had only 5 ammo left . So its hard to kill him

  • JadenHD

    Do NOT use the Vr11 and shoot him with any gun you have. you will know when hes starting to die when his spotlight changes color. first is blue=max health. blinking yellow and blue= half dead. and when slowly blinkin yellow= low health. after that keep shooting. MAKE SURE TO MAKE CRAWLERS AND HAVE A LOAD
    ps it is a b**** to kill him
    GTs:JadenHD & Th34Gott3nTruth

  • bob

    what are the dials in the lighthouse for? its like a rubix cube

  • Jolly

    I've killed George without any upgraded guns on solo. You just have to shoot him a LOT. Also, if you complete the easter egg and get the Wonderwaffe first, once you kill George you will be rewarded the Wonderwaffe again. Hope this helps.

  • Mayhemp

    balistic knife pack-a-punched with sickle circle george win everytime have 7 perks

  • Jared

    you can kill George with almost anything I am fairly sure. My friends sat there shooting at him with ray guns while I was just knifing him and we are pretty sure he almost died but we got overrun by zombies so never found out. I am about 99% sure that you can tell when his health is getting low by looking at his light it will begin to look different and once you are close to killing him it will go very dim. We got it to dim until we finally all died but it took about 6 rounds of all out blasting him. Hope this helps and correct me if I'm wrong.

    • dfsdfv

      im almost sure, i dont know, kinda, shut up, either it worked or didnt, none of this half ass BS

    • swag

      lets see if your right

  • michael


  • Thane kilet

    I think by goodies they mean the drops you get for killing him I.e max ammo, death MPacine, free perk etc ?

  • Call Of The Dead

    I killed him by using the scavneger so send the goodies to xX0wNzzXx
    btw in my gt its not a O its a zero

  • Anders

    Oh sorry, at the end; knife the "fuse" not the door… 😛 – And when you find the fuse in step 1 take it back to the door and set the fuse into the door panel to the right from the door.

    Sorry for my English spelling, hope you can read it… 🙂

  • Anders

    In Solo: The easter egg is this (Remember to knife the door where they are held between every step to get them to talk to you):

    Step 1: Get the fuse in the room just above the room where the old characters is held, it should be either on the table or the locker in that room.

    Step 2: Find 4 red-glowing generators throughout the map and destroy them. Destroy them with your grenades, normal or semtex grenades, it doesn´t matter ( its easier with semtex though ). You have to hit them precisely at the red glow, maybe a few times.

    Step 3: In the room where you turn on the power there is a ship wheel; turn that wheel 2 times to the right. And just to the right of the ship wheel there are three handles; push the left handle down 1 time, and push the right handle down 3 times. Then the lighthouse should shoot out green light instead of its normal light.

    Step 4: For this you need a VR-11 rifle and a zombie. 😉 Get to the bottom inside the lighthouse, you see a green light beaming up in the middle. shoot a zombie with the VR-11 to turn him human. He will run into the green beam and beam up ( oh, and remember to kill him while he is beaming up or its not gonna work). When you did that, a "golden rod" will fall down the green beam, take that to the door where the old characters are held and put it into the tube beside the door, knife the door and there you have it! 😀


  • adam

    the 3 thin gs for music to start
    1 at the start by some barells
    2 under the clock
    3 on the ship
    you can hear the sound of the pieces of rock from kino when near them!

  • PrestonC

    yeah the vr-11 pack a punched does it…i just killed him…or made him chill out for a few rounds but i just blasted him again and made him go back in the water you get it pack a punched go to the little island with quick revive wait until he gets into the water and blast him a couple times and hell slowly walk in the lake

  • Gaige

    I found the door down stairs that dempsy and the scientist are stuck in if you listen he says u need a fuse go upstairs and the fuse is laying on the desk pick it up and put it in the door then they ask u to destroy some force field boxes I'm not quite sure what he means but I found in the room where the staminup is there are two boxes that explode and also in the room with the ice slide in one of the windows where the zombiez come out at there is another one to blow up I haven't found anymore can anyone help? Also I found two of the rocks one makes it seem like its the clock but the rock is actually underneath then I found one on the power boat in the dinning room but I can't find anymore can someone help point out where the other one is?

    • Dillon

      the 2nd objective from Dr Richtofen is to blow up the red generators theres 1 in front of the door were there traped. the 2nd on is in the far back where the stamin up machine is, 3rd one is in the broken gap between the to parts of the ship, 4th one is out in the water towords the back of the ship (if your on the ship and see the first gun you can buy-i think pm63 then its stright forword and of to the right.), then Morse code from a green light shows up and you have to decode it. i have already decoded it (Left Slow,Right Full, 2 Right) it invovles the controls on the ship. then you must have V-R11 and Scavenger Rifle to shoot a zombie/human into green light, and wyll its in the light shoot it with the scavenger rifle. a golden key will show up at the bottom of the light house and jut give it to richtofen.

  • Max

    ok here is the thing
    1. If you kill george, he will come back
    2. killing him with the VR11 upgraded doenst get you the achievement
    3. new perk is called deadshot daquiri (pronounced dack-a-re) doesnt give instant headshots, it just gives a much smaller cross hair
    4. the paradise acheivement can be obtained through certain steps to 'release' the old zombie crew. just type in stand in acheivement on youtube. also if you do end up releaseing them in coop mode, another acheivement up your sleve 🙂 upon release of the old crew you are awarded a wunderwaffle dg2 (unupgradeable) and have as much time as you want to use it, untill all the ammo is used up so have fun
    5. the flinger is timed so with accuracy you can fling george accross map 🙂
    6. call of the dead is extremely hard solo so grab some mates and have some fun

  • shayne

    Oh and a few tips also, a good camping spot if you get stuck turning on the power is literally that whole top floor, its pretty good and you can jump to the flipper if you get overrun, and the top of the lighthouse, it has only 2 windows to cover and a staircase, and if you get overrun, you can zipline onto the boat.

  • shayne

    I found out a lot about this map today, yes you can shoot george with the vr11 gun and make him leave but instead of what some people do, you only have to shoot him in the head once with the upgraded one and he will godown into the water that he spawns in. Also as said in a couple comments above this, you can kill him completely with the ray gun upgraded, the scavenger upgraded and the Vr-11 upgraded, it takes a lot, but he does go away for good. I also noticed the 4 locks in the lighthouse, one on each floor, when you hold x on one, it changes the combo by one and the sound emitted by it gets amplified to a higher pitch. I am not sure but I believe there may be some color coded hints around the map because some of the locks have different colors on them. I also think you might need 4 players, every person at there own lock and hitting the buttons all at once, outside the lighthouse, where the thing on the boat flings you too, there is a staircase, and sometimes when you follow it all the way down, you hear the voices of the players from the other zombies maps and there trapped inside a door, if you listen long enough, they givr you directions on how to get them out, something to do with the generator looking thing outside the door and there is another generator thing I found outside the back window of the little building where staminup is. I didn't listen to what they said cus george was on the way and my friends were not interested in it, but there's also a clock on a desk in that room that I activated by accedent so I'm guessing if you find them all, then that's the song, I tried looking around for more clues but couldn't find anymore.

    • Alan Ng

      Thanks for the tips Shayne.

    • Gsghost 666

      the clock and two rocks make the song happen

      • Foxtrot202

        actually there is another rock under the clock. you just happend to hit it when looking at the clock

  • zack

    i never get very far i always get pinned up or run out of ammo. any tips

  • Tony

    yea i notice them to i dont know what they do you mite need four players to use them simutanisly and has any one found the meteor pieces the song kills!!!! and what does the new perk do i think i now but im not 100% percent sure. if anyone finds anything new in the zombie map let me noww im still exploring and trying to find new things.

    • Jorge

      The "Dead Head" perk makes you aim straight for the face it isnt that bad if you think about it it means more points and easier kills so dont be dissing on it

  • Surf360

    We actually destroyed him for good.
    We used a pack-a-punched VR11, pack-a-punched Scavanger (hyena red-dead, i think), its Awesome!!), abd a pack a punch ray gun. Layed waste to him with 3+ sets and he ran back into his ice cave dropping max ammo.

  • Andrew

    Yeah, me and my friendws used the VR11 on him, he has a red glow to him, and walks back into the area he spawns in. It also seems like the storm dies out too, but we didnt last long enought to really fin out

  • Steve

    I notice there is 4 horn you can activate and each on makes a different pitch noise. They are all near the light house. I haven't figured them out but was wondering if anyone else knew about them.

    • COd

      It is an easter egg…if you have heard…the four original zombie characters are trapped in a room next to PHD Flopper, to free them you need to complete a number of tasks, once this is done you will be rewarded the Wonderwaffe DG2 like a death machine but with no time limit……google it to find out more

  • justin

    The PAP is spawned where ever the lighthouse stops spinning and where ever it stops, it points straight to the PAP =) GL

  • kickdustkid

    but the first spawn for PAP is in river? isnt it?

    and wheres paradise mentioned in the acievement. apparently the flipper takes you there?

    • Tom

      The flipper takes you accross the map, there is no 'paradise'

      • bob

        there is a paradise, but the flipper dosnt take u there. If you go through a complicated processes you will unlock the closed zipline and go there

  • sottona

    great vid cheers for the help. jus didnt understand wot to do with george.

  • Makeahoeskeet4me

    Can you kill him like that in multi player mode?

    • Chris

      yes you can.

  • Frenchtoastdude

    I've heard that you can kill him with a Pack-a-Punched V-R11, you take him to the lake with the quick revive and the Pack-a-Punch machine, then he must get inside the water, when he is inside, shoot him, he'll become human and drawn in the lake.
    Other theory is that after shooting him he'll become frozen into the iceberg again.

    • Will

      I have done the V-R11 pack a punch, if you get him in the lake he does go away but you don't get any perks or achievements for doing this, if your not going for the achievement and you don't need a power up i recommend using the V-R11 because it is quicker than killing him if you need him gone.

    • Michael Oltman

      it doesnt kill him makes him go away for 1-2 rounds i ve done it

  • Supposedly you use this weapon vr11 or something and it tums hims into human form…then he helps you?I think that's what I've heard you can't kill him and if you should him you have to get him into water kuickly or he'll attack you and kill you.

    • Chris

      The VR11 will calm him down when you shoot him if hes raging. Also if you hit him with it in the water and shoot him a ton her will submerge for a few minutes, but no perk or achievement is given.

    • HEN RA09

      dude if u shoot him with the pap vr11 he will go in to the water for 1-3 rounds its kinda nice but then hes back later and it seems u just have to repeat tht process takes like 1 or 2 shots to temporarily make him go away

    • Chad

      your a dumbass, don't put stuff on here that you've just heard and not seen or done, everything you said is completely wrong, you can kill him when he's in the water with regular guns, not the vr-11, you just shoot him in the water it takes a long time though