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Call of the Dead Easter Eggs: Golden Rod Location and Hidden Song

If you are currently addicted to the new Call of the Dead zombies map on Call of Duty: Black Ops, there’s a high probability that you are currently trying to figure out how to solve Treyarch’s hidden easter egg in the map which reveals that the old players from previous maps are trapped inside a locked door.

If you’ve played the map, you’ll know what we are talking about as you’ll need to solve a series of clues that the old players give you from inside the door. If you stand outside the door and hit it with your knife, you’ll hear each familiar voices from Dempsey, Takeo, Nikolai and Richtofen.

After listening to what they have said, you’ll first need to locate a fuse. This is located near the PhD Flopper perk either on a desk or in a locker. Once you have it, return to the locked door and insert the fuse next to the door. After this, the room will now receive power and you’ll have to perform the next step, which is finding four red orb generators hidden throughout the map and destroy them.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll have to find bottles of Vodka for Nikolai and these are located in random places and it’s a task that requires one of your teammates. This is because once you’ve located the vodka, one will have to break the ice, and the teammate will have to catch the bottle of vodka below without it smashing. You’ll know when you’ve done it right, and if you’ve smashed it – there are a few bottles scattered, so don’t worry if you break it the first time.

After this, you’ll then be asked to find a golden rod for Richtofen, which is proving to be the most difficult task for gamers. We can tell you that the golden rod Richtofen is referring to is hidden near the start of the map, behind a wall in the cave. You’ll then need to shoot this wall with the upgraded V-R11, although we’ve heard it also works with an upgraded Ray Gun.

Unfortunately, that’s all we have at the moment as the complete mystery hasn’t been solved yet after the Golden Rod stage. If you have found any further hints to this Easter Egg or received any rewards for it, leave us a message below.

As for the Hidden Song, simply activate three meteorites hidden throughout the map (just like previous maps), and you’ll then get to listen to the “Not Ready to Die” track by Avenged Sevenfold.



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