Call of the Dead Easter Eggs: Golden Rod Location and Hidden Song

By Alan Ng - May 4, 2011

If you are currently addicted to the new Call of the Dead zombies map on Call of Duty: Black Ops, there’s a high probability that you are currently trying to figure out how to solve Treyarch’s hidden easter egg in the map which reveals that the old players from previous maps are trapped inside a locked door.

If you’ve played the map, you’ll know what we are talking about as you’ll need to solve a series of clues that the old players give you from inside the door. If you stand outside the door and hit it with your knife, you’ll hear each familiar voices from Dempsey, Takeo, Nikolai and Richtofen.

After listening to what they have said, you’ll first need to locate a fuse. This is located near the PhD Flopper perk either on a desk or in a locker. Once you have it, return to the locked door and insert the fuse next to the door. After this, the room will now receive power and you’ll have to perform the next step, which is finding four red orb generators hidden throughout the map and destroy them.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll have to find bottles of Vodka for Nikolai and these are located in random places and it’s a task that requires one of your teammates. This is because once you’ve located the vodka, one will have to break the ice, and the teammate will have to catch the bottle of vodka below without it smashing. You’ll know when you’ve done it right, and if you’ve smashed it – there are a few bottles scattered, so don’t worry if you break it the first time.

After this, you’ll then be asked to find a golden rod for Richtofen, which is proving to be the most difficult task for gamers. We can tell you that the golden rod Richtofen is referring to is hidden near the start of the map, behind a wall in the cave. You’ll then need to shoot this wall with the upgraded V-R11, although we’ve heard it also works with an upgraded Ray Gun.

Unfortunately, that’s all we have at the moment as the complete mystery hasn’t been solved yet after the Golden Rod stage. If you have found any further hints to this Easter Egg or received any rewards for it, leave us a message below.

As for the Hidden Song, simply activate three meteorites hidden throughout the map (just like previous maps), and you’ll then get to listen to the “Not Ready to Die” track by Avenged Sevenfold.

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  • nathan

    wow paradise I juat type it all up and it took 4 comments and u did it in 1 lol….ohh well I guess you didnt tell what order to do radios and fog horn which I said do fog horn before you do power house steering wheel and levers. but you said do it after and I think you might be right.

  • nathan

    after that you go to the power room and turn the wheel you will see one handle is taped and looks brown…turn it to the 5 oclock position . then go to the levers to the right and the 1st one you put down 1. then go to the 3rd lever and put down 3 times. there will be a light that appears in the center of the lighthouse now what you do is shoot a zombie with the VR-11 or humanizing gun and the human zombie will run into the light and as soon as he starts to float in the green light shoot him with a scavenger or a ray gun till hes dead…then when he gets to the top he drops down THE GOLDEN ROD !!!!!!!!!!! but what I want to know is what the f is the ice knife looking thing in the ice in the water at the beginning of the level where you spawn…..go all the way to the back of the lake on the leftin the ice you will see the knife outline and an arrow pointing to it.!!!! and if you shoot a zombie with the vr_11 the human zombie will run to it! its weird and some secret knowone knows yet!

  • nathan

    after that you go to the "UFO" LOOKING THINGS OR "vents" in this exact order hold x they make a horn sound. ( I hear this order may change from game to game, from what i hear u can hear the sound of horns on the boat and you have to match the sounds you hear on the boat on the horns or vents coming out of the ground) but try this order unless u hear horns on a boat but… 1st vent is outside in front of the light housenext to the water at the base of the cliff . 2nd vent is same place except next to the bottom of the lighthouse door kinda by ak74au near window at base of barrels. 3rd vent is bottom of the ice slide take a right after the corridor back in a cove. 4th and final vent is right next to the 3rd one your still at. well go to the island in the water at bottom of the slide and on the other side of the island you will see the vent….

  • Nathan

    okay the dial combo is 2746 then go to the radios start with the one under the power room ontop a locker. then goto the front of the boat where u unlock the door to the train cart well theres a radio in the train cart next to the barrels laying on its side hold x on that. the 3rd radio is in the small building behind the lighthouse where stamin up is its the radio on the barrels in the corner NOT the one under the garage door. anyway the 4th radio and final one is under the stairs on a locker in the room where the time machine is where nikoli and the crew are locked up.

  • john doe

    i finished it u get the wunderwaffe from der reise

  • michael

    is their accualy a summerien thats comes up

  • Paradise

    Zombie Horder, you lie. You don't even have the achievement. I just checked your gamertag on xbox. Idiot. This doesn't work. You're supposed to do the dials set to 2-7-4-6, then the radios in a certain order, then the boat's steering wheel & levers, and lastly the foghorns in an order to get the "green light" to appear. Then shoot a crawler near the lighthouse with an upgraded VR11, and he'll go up in the green light, and kill him before he reaches the top with an upgraded Ray Gun or Scavenger Gun. The golden rod will slide down the green light to the bottom level of the lighthouse. You're welcome.

  • Patrick

    okay for the entire easter egg: steps 1-8 solved for co-op zombies and all the steps for solo as well go to NGTzombies's channel on youtube

  • andy04306

    fail i know where it is

  • Zombie44

    is this for the achievment when it says send them to paradise

  • Braden

    Did coop to point of golden rod did wheel no submarine appeared in game right now need help please.

    • Rambo21k

      the submaine is only in single player the two easter eggs are completely different thats y there is2 different achievements for it

  • ColeMasterFlex

    Black Ops: Escalation is awesome so far! A few minutes ago I came across a blog that's giving out the Escalation DLC for free! I thought it was a scam until I saw the DLC code laying in my e-mail inbox. 😀

    I'm not sure if there's any codes left, but if you want to give it a shot, here's the site:


    the tones after you get the golden rod are the sound tones for the dials in the lighthouse

  • Brock

    Hello. my name is Brock i would like some walk throughs for this easter egg. me and my friends are huge zombie fans. so if u could invite me2 a party or send me a messgae via-gamer tag Skully56 it would be apprecated:) and if u just want 2 play zombies with me nd 2 other also send a message via-gamertag. and ik how to get to the Death machine part on ascension so if ud like to know also messgae me. thanks. Once again Skully56

    p.s. ik how 2 calm george down when he gets mad message me if ud like 2 know.

  • Alex D.

    What are the combination lock like turn knobs on each floor of the lighthouse do? Does any1 know the code?

    • Whiteboy

      its Y = 2 O=7 B=4 P=6 the tricky thing is that you have to do a weird combination because each knob turns another nob. but i know for a fact that that is the correct code

  • josh

    Rhere is twoo little saucer things ive found. U click x on it and it makes a blow horn sound fron the boat. Oneby the box by the slide and another by the lighthouse water. Two different tones. Any idea what it does?

    • Mikey_D_Clown

      There are accually four of them, there are two more in the area where the ice slide takes you. I still don't know what they do tho.

  • Buckscrodem28

    Alright me and my friends were just trying to figure it out and we have a theory that no one else has that has nothing to do with the whole map. if you are at the begining and look to the left where you spawn there is a picture on the wall in the water it looks kinda like a gun close up but far back it looks just like a mummy or a king that is barried. maybe his staff is the golden rod but it looks alot like it comment if you see this or know anything about it.

    • Peachrings123

      ive seen it before. didnt know what it was for

  • DeathWishWilson

    I'm playing on solo. I found the fuse, destroyed generators, and proceeded to turn the ships steering wheel to 5:00 and the first lever 1 click the the third, 3 clicks(the 3 levers next to the wheel at the top of the ship next to the power) the orbs then link to the light house…this is where im stuck. I've used the V-R11 to shoot a zombie and he runs to the bottom of the lighthouse where the light begins and is sucked to the top…did this with around 5 zombies so far. Anyways after looking, the light goes out to a submarine which is "GOLDEN" so maybe its completely different on co-op but im thinkin the sub is the golden object on solo. FYI- have progressed in co-op to the point inwhich he asked us to find the golden rod and the green orbs didnt appear, so i understand its alil different( also the vodka part) but has anyone any tips for the solo attempt?

  • i kinow it

    ok u have to have scavenger sniper and the vr 11 alright so make a crawler where the green light is from the light house and then when the human is getting sucked up shot it with the scavenger sniper and then u get golden rod and vunderwaffe

  • Dylwee

    We killed George took a lot of ammo and pap ray guns

  • DrunkenMemphian

    There's also something with the combination locks in the light house but idk what it is

    • kog syntax

      the combonations are scattered across the map in pieces of paper with corresponding colors


      xbox 360 gamertag
      kog syntax

    • michael

      this game is grtting retarted no body can find thats stupid thing i dont get y they made it that hard

      but does anny body know what those brecases do and the coms in the light house message me back


  • Jay Jay

    i've tried all these rumors goin around and NOTHING WORKS but if u play solo, once u get the fuse, and destroy the generators, i messed around with the levers and wheel at the top of the ship and a green light appeared from the sea which went into the lighthouse :s i've been told then when u use the vr-11 and shoot at the point in the sea the GOLDEN ROD appears at the bottom of the light house. The lever combination is Left lever once Right lever two or three times and the wheel has 2 be at the point where the dark tape is pointin towards 5 o'clock (bottom right) when there in the right place it wont allow u 2 move them. I hope this helps 🙂

  • u. r. retards

    U guys are all idiots. R u all twelve? Shoot George… not the boss u fucking retard with the upgraded vr. About fifty shots does trick. This game is the worst. No upgraded knife or grenades to help down friends. If ur dumb enough to listen to eight dif ways to get gold rod ur an idiot. Like guy that says behind wall in cave. Is it to hard to say right or left side?

    • Chris

      Sickle is on the wall opposite Speed Cola and Semtex is on the back of the boat above Jugganog. be happy and stop moaning

    • adam

      upgrade the vr bring him into the water and shoot him once. makes life a little less B****y

    • tone

      the upgraded knife does help your friends you stupid ass

  • ollywesto
  • Drew Jones

    People are saying that you need to shoot the VR-11 in the cave, i have heard, and done it plenty of times, nothing happened. AND i believe that Zombie Horder is definitely bluffing about figuring it out.

  • chrisjph

    which part of the wall is it. in the middle of the cave?, end?

  • dead1egs

    Dose anyone know how to kill the boss could u send me the anser to my gamertag or give me help on the map thanks. Gamertag- dead1egs

    • purplesushi1020

      get the upgraded vr-11 or what ever its called and then shoot him with it and he should run to the water then shoot him with everything u got

      • whiteboy

        or you can blast the shit out of him w/ the upgraded scavenger and the upgraded ray gun, you know he's getting weak because his electricity around him dies down then his blue light turns yellow, then when he does die he comes back the next round at full strength

  • dead1egs

    is there anyway to kill the boss

    • TotalClub 305

      vr11 upgraded shoot him in da water. but he comes bak every round

  • Billy crystal

    Your golden rod step is not holding true with the ray gun. We also tried the human gun PAP nd couldn't find the infamous golden rod. We shot everything in "the cave" with both guns and nothing so far.

    • adam

      yea that ray gun wall blast is stupid. aftter you have found the vodka go into the power room turn the wheel to the right twice.. move left and there is three levers, pull the first once and the last(all the way on the right) three times. a light should shine through the light house. hit a zombie with the humanizer(new weapon) when he turns into a human he runs towards that light. kill him just before he gets to it, he'll float up and then drop the golden rod. bring it to the boys, put it in, wait for dialouge. it will say you've blown the fuse. where you put in the battery just knife it and enjoy your wonderwaffe.

    • michael

      what wall in the cave whats it look like


    in the lighthouse, on each floor there is a dia with 0- 9 and a colour, these colours are linked to the fuse box outside the door where you hear dempsey etc, need to know what teh code is

    • KoG Syntax

      the codes are scattered across the map
      there are pieces of the numbers along with the code #

      Yellow = 2
      Orange =7

      KoG Syntax
      xbox 360 gamertag

  • Sid

    Theres a vid on youtube, you get the Wunderwaffe at the end, but no tutorial yet. Btw u dont get a room full of weapons thats just dumb.

    • eddie

      some1 post it on utube

    • Guest

      link???? come on…….if you havnt seen it yourself…….dont be stupid and give in to the nonesense

    • Rambo21k

      the wunderwaffe is only single player

  • Tyler

    what do u mean back in to the water?

  • HJK


  • wayne

    easter eggs are gay

    • nick

      your gay.

  • tyler

    its in the water near the quick revive:) just to help:)

    • steven

      where by quick revive??

  • chris

    trolls.. false, ive tried

  • Vanille

    Upgraded ray gun does not work D:

  • Maybe????.???,!

    THE golden rod is located at THE place where George walks back in THE water

    • granfa bill

      bad being a mongral init

  • Zombie Horder (TM)

    i found it omg its amazing!!!!!!!!! its a room with machetes, pitchfork, dual shotties message me at MG Rambush thats my gamer tag if you wanna find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Eric Colston

      where u find the gold rod

    • bfred5

      hahahahaha moises ur soo funny hahahahahah!!!!!!

    • okay

      add me and show me please my gamertag is NG Sickness53

      • MarkMark778

        its fake and its been confirmed IT IS NOT REAL!

    • purplesushi1020


    • guest

      where is ALL THAT STUFF