BlackBerry Bold 9900 / 9930: Processor Speed Unnecessary?

By Jamie Pert - May 4, 2011

You may remember a couple of days ago RIM wowed us with the technical specs for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and Bold 9930, since then we have seen a few hands-on videos etc but we are still wondering why such a fast processor has been used.

Obviously a 1.2GHz processor will help the new Bolds to perform better, but we just think that the clock speed is a little bit overkill for a device of this nature. In fact the only task we can in-vision these Bolds carrying out which will utilize this is 720p video capture and playback.

When we see smartphones which use the slate form-factor we can understand why such fast internal components have been used, they usually have massive displays, high resolutions which make it a great environment for people to play pretty demanding games on, we just don’t think the new Bolds will be able to do this.

The tech specs show that a 2.8-inch screen supporting a resolution of 640 x 480 has been used, the resolution is nice but we think the screen size is too small for the needs of demanding games and applications, unless people have ultra thin fingers.

I guess what we are trying to say is that the new Bolds form-factor does not suit its internal specifications, we just don’t know what developers will be able to throw at the Bold to really test out the capabilities whilst delivering a rich experience, do you? Imagine if RIM unveiled a touch only smartphone with exactly the same internal components, it would be far more appealing to today’s developers.

Do you think a 1.2GHz processor is overkill?

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  • A.L

    Think its kinda a waste. Since actually bb is more of a work phone.
    Its more worth it to make a new touch-based bb w/ such processor as u said.

  • mcvitty

    Why would a Blackberry user want to play demanding games:-)

  • BB Fan

    No I don't think that it is overkill. Do you have to be a game player to deserve decent hardware? How many people really play games on the 3.5" iPhone screen. I am buying a Phone/PIM if i wanted a game console I would buy a PS/3 or XBox.

  • Andrew Hoffman

    No I don't believe it is overkill a all and wish I had a speedy 1.2GHZ processor on my Torch 9800.