Vodafone customers can pay for London Taxi fare by text

By Gary Johnson - May 3, 2011

Mobile phones continue to offer new features as they become more like a mini computer in our pockets. We can now do many different things via our handsets, and now a new feature from Vodafone will allow customers to pay for a London Taxi fare by text.

An article over at Guardian.co.uk is reporting that Vodafone is introducing a new scheme that allows for payment of a taxi fare with a simple text. This will be great for when you are out and suddenly need a Taxi ride home but have no cash on you.

Users have to send a text that contains the Taxi’s license number to a central code. The amount is then added to the users mobile phone account. The mobile carrier is also adding mobile chargers for a range of different handsets, to over 500 branded taxis. These include smartphones from the likes of BlackBerry and Apple.

Orange on Wednesday are to release a handset which claims to be the first to have a built-in biometric fingerprint reader, which is a further leap forward in mobile technology. The reader will be on the Motorola Atrix and allows for the unlocking of the handset with a simple swipe of the finger.

Do you like the idea of paying for a Taxi ride by text?

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