Sony’s Free Stuff: Mixed Reactions

By Peter Chubb - May 3, 2011

Sony has been doing all they can to keep PSN users happy, such as free downloadable content and one months access to their Plus service; but there seems to be mixed reactions to Sony’s free stuff. PlayStation Network users had hoped to be back up and running today, but there has been a recent turn of events, which you can read in more detail in a recent post.

Some users are very happy with what Sony has offered them, with 30 days of free subscription to PlayStation Plus. Those who are already signed up will get an increase to a “premium” membership level, Users are also pleased that Sony will pay credit card bills if they decide to cancel and change their credit cards.

Many users have said that they are not angry with Sony, and are pleased that the service will come back – not sure when – bigger and stronger. However, there are those who are not as happy, some saying that PSN should stay down until they can build a much better service. It is believed by many that rushing to get the service back online is a mistake.

There has to be some truth in that; the PlayStation Network took Sony years to develop, how can they rebuild it in just two weeks? One thing we do know, those of you with a PSN account will not be blinded by the fact that they got some free stuff from Sony, if they have not done a good job with the updated service, they and hackers will let them know.

Are you happy with the free stuff, or could Sony have done more?

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  • Glen Bulb

    I doubt Sony did it on the cheap, unless you mean relatively cheap? Any network or computer can be cracked by a persistant, dedicated cracker, regardless of the security in place. Sony have apologised for this and attempted to compensate their users and I am sure after such a big media circus over this that they will endeavour to have a more secure network in the future.

    It was a moderate pain in the arse to have PSN down for a couple of weeks, however, if you were severely affected by not playing online maybe people need to get out a bit more.

  • Bert The Happy Fish

    They lost a lot of money because of doing things on the cheap and not properly. Would you say the same if all your money was stolen from the bank because they were too tightfisted to keep is secure and just shoved it in a shoe box out the back (Bonus points if anyone else is old enough to spot the TV reference).


    There's not much gamers can do except wait until SONY is certain the PSN is stable. otherwise a rushed PSN could be weak and inferior and hacked again and gamers would just have to wait more, if another incident like this happened. I'm not mad as i can live without online multiplayer gaming. I'm working on Call of Duty classic and only levels away from getting this tough Platinum. Trophies still unlock. Calm down folks, it's not the end of the world.

  • Swinbob

    How Could You Ask For More? They Are Doing All They Possibly Can, Even Without The Free Stuff, They Lost A Hell Of Alot Of Money!