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Sony pressured as 25 million more hacked

Earlier today we told you that the PlayStation Network may not come back online when it was first hoped, due to the fact Sony had to shut down their servers for its Online Entertainment service. Now we have news that Sony is being pressured as 25 million more hacked users are affected.

Reuters are reporting that Sony CEO Howard Stringer has been coming under fire because of his leadership of the consumer electronics giant. Another 25 million accounts have been hacked in another security breech.

Also receiving some criticism is the likely replacement for Stringer, Kazuo Hirai, who until March had been in charge of the development of Sony’s network businesses before being promoted to number two executive deputy president.

These latest developments came just one day after the company had announced plans to prevent similar attacks happening again on its PlayStation Network. Investors have said that Stringer had made a mess of the security crisis, and hasn’t helped the company as it tries to keep up with its rivals.

This second attack happened before the much publicized security attack on the PlayStation network, and resulted in information from 24.6 million PC gamers accounts being compromised. It has also led to Sony closing down its games on Facebook.

Do you think the problems Sony are facing will ever end?


  • Asmerom

    Implying those 25 million weren't PSN users.

  • kylemac73

    hope not i want a game of pes2011 online. They will get it sorted we will just have to wait but they shouldn't keep giving us dates and getting our hopes up. Needs to be backonline by the weekend at the latest.


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