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Resistance 3: Single-Player Demo Release – Buy Battle: LA Blu-Ray

We have some important news for those of you planning to get Resistance 3 on the PS3. You are probably aware that you will be able to get a sample of multiplayer via SOCOM 4 or PSN+, but now we have the first details on how you can be first to play the single-player mode.

It turns out that Sony will be giving gamers the chance to sample single-player mode in June, three months before the game’s offical release on September 6th. As confirmed below in a video courtesy of G4, you’ll need to purchase the Blu-Ray film Battle: LA which releases on June 14th.

The disc will include a 30 minute single-player demo of Resistance 3, and is separate from the multiplayer demo which you’ll get from copies of SOCOM 4 or if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber. You may think this is a pretty lame way for Sony to distribute this demo, but either way – there will still be a ton of interest from fans of the franchise who want an early sample of the game before everyone else.

The question is though, are you willing to fork out on the Blu-Ray just to get this 30 minute Resistance 3 teaser?



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