Reasons Droid Bionic received a later release date

By Gary Johnson - May 3, 2011

We first told you that the Motorola Droid Bionic was being delayed last month, and at the time Motorola said they were going to make several improvements to the handset to enhance the user’s experience. Today we have an article looking at the reasons Droid Bionic received a later release date.

Chuong Nguyen over at GottaBeMobile is reporting that Motorola has recently confirmed they would be bringing the Laptop Dock accessory to more of its smartphones. They have also said that the Droid Bionic will have a new form factor when it is released.

This could mean that the two comments are related, and the Droid Bionic could also be getting the Laptop Dock once the Webtop OS has been ported to the device. There have already been rumors earlier in the year that the Atrix 4G would not be the only handset to have the option of the Laptop Dock, and this has been confirmed by the comment from Motorola.

The feature is supposed to be coming to more devices during the second half of this year according to Motorola. The company may be trying to slim down and shorten the handset to make use of the same Laptop Dock that the Atrix 4G uses.

The delay with the handset hasn’t put off a lot of potential buyers of the device, as we recently run a poll asking our readers if they still wanted the Bionic. Most of you are still planning on getting the device when it is eventually released.

Do you like the idea of the Laptop Dock making its way onto the Droid Bionic?

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  • eacomm

    I need a new phone on the vs 4g net now. I was hoping the bionic would be available already. I'll wait a couple morrmonths with hopes that this new phone has great improvement on the volume, battery life as compared to the droidx.

  • richard

    If I had not been on AT&T for 15 years just to watch their service really unravel in 2005, is owuld have the atrix now. I could not care less for the docking station, I just need 4G to allow for european travel connectivity and a big screen.
    So Charge or Bionic? whichever arrives first wins with me.

  • Cooly

    This is music to my I won't have to be jealous looking at the atrix commercial on TV.

  • dubyadumdum

    Most of the people who still want this phone obviously have tons of extra cash lying around. I need a new phone now. Mine keeps locking up and shutting off. I'm getting the Thunderbolt in the next month unless something better comes along, and neither the Revolution, nor Charge look to be better. And if the Bionic does come out after that, say late August, so what? It's a phone. It can only do so much. My real treat will be getting the Asus Eee Transformer 🙂

  • Gregory W.

    i think it defeats the purpose, what if you already have a laptop computer? now i have a phone that has the capability of being a laptop and can't! i just don't see the need for the docking station, if the "ATRIX" already has this feature then let that phone be the phone for whoever wants that luxury. i'd prefer more gb's, ram, and a better pixal camera and then on top of all that you have to seperately purchase the laptop dock at a much higher price.

  • Rob Davis

    I would absolutely use the lapdock. I have a WiFi iPad which I love using because there is no boot time. As an IT tech I also use a laptop quite often. The Bionic with the lapdock would eliminate the for my laptop and the iPad (my wife is happy because she will inherit it).

    My AT&T contract is up and I am patiently waiting (or at least trying to) for the Bionic so I can get off of AT&T's crappy network.

  • theOne

    Just another article full of the same crap. How about finding some new information instead of relaying the same rumors and speculations that have been floating around for months. … worthless

  • Eddie

    Love the laptop dock but what about the 3D camera. If it doesn't have this then it still will be missing features that other new phones will have available later this year. The phone will then be like the commercial where it is outdated before it is out the box…

  • diggler

    I have been waiting to upgrade my phone (G1 Google) for well over a year now. After reading blogs, watching for updates, listening to people tout the latest greatest, I have come to the conclusion that the perfect phone will NEVER come to pass. No matter what the processor, memory, OS, LTE, 4G,5G,hulu, or anything else a phone has, half of you out there will find a reason to bash it. Why is it NONE of these phone manufacturers are listening to you "self touted " experts and coming out with a phone that has EVERYTHING you want on it. Is it really that difficult? I can't count how many leaked superphones have never even made it to market. Now it's NVIDIA Tegra quad core by the end of the year? Yeah right. If you spent your life waiting for the best, you would never buy anything. Just find what fits your needs, and a reasonable carrier, and be happy with what you've got until you can afford something else a few years later.

  • Don

    I am keeping a very close eye on the Bionic saga. I have scoured the web on release dates, technical info, pros, cons, opinions and videos. I enjoy your site but I will never follow the action on Facebook or Twitter. I find both of these social networks to be utter trash. Why the world is so focused on these sites is beyond me. I detest both vehemently. Aside from that little rant I look forward to upcoming news from you on the Motorola Bionic.

  • Phil C

    I had an ancient Storm II that I was waiting to trade in for the Bionic, but finally gave up and got a VZ iPhone 4 instead. By the time I can get a new phone all the bugs will be out of the 4 LTE network and I will probably get an iPhone 6.

  • RJf

    I would much rather it have gingerbread than have a laptop dock, and I liked its previous features!
    I also hope it has a better platform than motoblur, one that looks cool like Sense.

    It is kind of ironic that the "end of waiting phone" has made us wait so long………

    • Carbon

      RJf's last comment made me LOL, he's right. And along with what others have said. Any little bit of information is better than nothing, granite they don't tell there employees to much of anything, but Big Red is really F-in up, Moto is at least acting like it cares by making statements every 2 weeks or so. There just messing up everywhere, ex. Hey everyone hows your Droid Charge? Thats considering if you JUST got it today, since its release was pressed back from April 28th…

  • Bill

    I agree, this wait is killing me. My old phone is not getting better with age and I need to switch soon.

    That being said, I think the idea of the phone becoming the central piece of technology for all is a brilliant long term strategy. It's always been a matter of time before everything consolidates to the phone because it's the only piece of technology that is essential for all of us to have at all times. That is why cameras, mp3 players and eventually our computers will all be consolidated into the phone. It will be one to two years before everyone owns a phone as there one piece of technology and then accessorizes it with various screens and keyboards for use as a TV, desktop, laptop, projector, etc.

    So while I agree that the phones are a little slow at this point and the laptop accessory is a little pricey, it is the first iteration of this technology.

  • Mike B

    Ditto. I want the phone with the features. A dock for my laptop might be nice for entering data etc. but I would not buy a separate docking station. I don't see the need to double the price of the phone which I may replace in a year anyway.

  • Jasper

    I don't understand how a survey of less than 1,000 people gives you the opinion that "Most of you" are planning to wait. Ive read hundreds of posts where people have jumped to a different phone or even a different carrier all together because of the Fiasco over the Droid Bionic Launch. I blame this on Verizon as much as Moto, atleast Moto has made a couple statements. This was Verizon's flag ship LTE device and they havent announced Anything.

    The Few of us who are waiting are growing smaller by the week. Information is golden in this day and age, if you want to keep the people content with waiting feed them a little bit of information. Specs would be grand, Images would be Grand, Anything is better than nothing… This is just getting rediculous. Ive never in 12 years thought about switching to another provider as much as I have this past month.

    • Cooly

      I think the author meant most of the people that took the survey, not the general population at large.

    • JmS

      Actually, if polled correctly, you can get very accurate results on a population as a whole by polling just over 1000 people.

  • Jay Cutler

    What does docking mean? Could someone do me a kindness and explain? I feel like it has to do with connecting it to your laptop…

  • KlaudiA

    I feel the same way as you, Paul. I thought I really wanted the iPhone, not so much now. I'm holding off on the Thunderbolt and trying to wait for the Bionic, but it's so hard every time I walk past a Verizon store!

  • Paul

    What's with the Atrix commercial that demonstrates how difficult it'll be to get past TSA with your Atrix and docking station? Stupid, stupid advertisement! Maybe it's a cool feature but to show it in the context of being held up at the airport? Ridiculous! But I digress. Personally, I think the "laptop dock" is a gimmick. People have been gravitating away from laptops for years. First to netbooks, now towards tablets and even more than that, their cell phones. People want smaller, easier to use devices for simpler tasks and if I can have both without carrying around some stripped down cloud computing version of a netbook every where I go, then all the better. I was looking forward to the Droid Bionic back in January. Then February. Then iPhone 4 was almost here (on Verizon). I'd LOVE to consolidate devices by getting an iPhone 4 and ditching my iPod Touch but somehow, I'm still holding off for the Droid Bionic. And now possibly 3rd quarter '11? The only reason I haven't purchased a Thunderbolt is because of the questionable battery life and soon-to-be-released Droid Bionic. But I'm not going to wait forever. Release date SOON or I'll end up purchasing a different phone. That's my take on this.

    • benjamin

      EXACTLY WHAT PAUL SAYS! I've always had the same opinion about phones REPLACING laptops and being pocket portable computers. I would love the dockingg station, but only to keep at home or on long trips. Not to travel with, running errands. Seems more like a step backwards. Release the damn phone now and release a comatible docking station later, or a tethering wire. But I'm on the verge of going with another device altogether. Maybe even another company if Verizon doesn't stop blowing up my phone with 5 calls and 5 texts per day from various #'s for being FOUR DAYS LATE ON MY BILL and I've been with them for 5 YEARS and ALWAYS PAID IT, even if a week late. IT GOT PAID! Jeez.

  • illogical

    In addition to Geikamir's comments, I think the laptop dock needs the boosted stats to be more viable. From previous reviews I've read about the Atrix docked as a laptop, it is too slow to perform reasonably. I love the idea but am not sure phones are quite ready. Give it a year and I'm sold on the idea.

  • Geikamir

    I'd prefer a phone with incredible specs over a dock ability. It winds up just resulting in a poor netbook that's more expensive. I'd be more interested if the dock could be bought for much cheaper and/or the phone got a boost in stats (12MP camera, 1Gig+ Ram, 1.2+ CPU, and/or Quad Core). But if I had to choose, would definitely go with the stats.