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Realistic fishing game for iPad and iPhone, Big Fishing

Pretend you are sailing round the Maldives just relaxing doing a spot of fishing. The new Big Fishing game available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch will give you the opportunity to do just that, with this realistic fishing game.

Try visiting some our blue planets best fishing areas like Florida, Cape Town, Maldives, New Zealand and Dokdo Island. These five locations boast 56 varied types of fish in areas based on the real maps. Take your hobby to some of the best fishing areas with the Big Fishing app brought to you by Thumbstar Games.

Gain points by using various fishing skills and techniques and upgrade from six different categories. The realistic movements are part of a brilliant 2D simulation, this helps bring the app to life with that big fish you catch that rocks your vessel

The Big Fishing application uses the details of actual fishing rod handling, real fish and their movements. For more on this visit the Apple Store.



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