PSN Japan is Not Back Online, Contrary to Rumors

By Jamie Pert - May 3, 2011

Yesterday we posted an article which suggested that the PlayStation Network was back online in Japan, however a recent article posted on GamersMint suggests that Sony has in fact seemingly confirmed that the PSN is not back up.

GamesMint asked the Senior PR manager of Sony UK (Jonathan Fargher) if the PSN service had been restored in Japan, Jonathan said that this was not true, which completely apposes what we were led to believe in our previous post.

Jonathan then went on to say that Sony will begin a phased roll out of the PSN (region by region) over the coming week, nothing else was said on the matter, therefore we will have to keep you posted as we hear more.

There is no guarantees that GamersMint’s article is genuine, but they are usually spot on with their news so we trust them, also we have seen no evidence showing any Japanese gamers playing their PS3‘s online since posting the news yesterday, therefore we are a little skeptical.

Perhaps you know someone living in Japan who can confirm this. if so let us know in the comments section below, we would love to hear extra confirmation of this.

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  • francisco

    that is not a phone number,that is a error code…i just reported you as purposely misleading and deceitful

  • niggga

    working in japan

  • thugdout

    i play online evryday 4 hrs im a bum with no job that lives off the proceeds of crime with my shiny new bmw outside my house like they say what goes around comes around lol now im the victim of crime lol

    • ashfoxx

      …your silly…


    jesus christ i wish everybody would just go buy there xbox and stop talking about it. cause sony really doesnt care if you go out and buy a S**TBOX 360 as you apparently already own a ps3. also to everyone who thinks 360's servers are better they've never played on LIVE A) they NEVER maintain them B) there are numerous and i mean NUMEROUS dead lobbies, modded lobbies, and a shitload of children who shouldnt have access to the game they are playing… so PLEASE go get yourself a 360 that way i dont have to worry about you whiners playing on the PSN and getting mad cause you suck and rage-quitting.

    also ive heard nothing about giving away the new BO map packs as treyach had nothing to do with this. whoever said that earlier is full of xbox shit

  • joshp_lfc

    X box was off for 2 weeks aswell. The new x box does everything the playstation has done for ages, it will never be as good and the controllers are terrible.

    Playstation should do a server like xbox and make it £30 a year, it would be super fast, stop people abusing and cheating.

    • ashfoxx

      I agree with this, except for one point. 360 controllers > PS3 controllers. PS3 pwns 360 for everything else tho.

  • dave

    its been a long two weeks, but to be honest i dont care. im staying loyal to sony.
    i hate microsoft, who was also offline for two weeks afew years ago at xmas.

  • adam

    Yea, this seriously is the worst everybody. Im buying a 360, and so should everyone else. They are giving away free gameplay thats already free if the network even comes back. I dont understand that. I like playstation, but its dead and i guess we have no other choice for online gameplay except 360 because its now the best ps3 is the rest.

    • sup

      theres always pc gaming which is the best and everything else is simply the rest..

      • ashfoxx

        It's only been 2 weeks. You act like it's never coming back.

  • hello

    it is now up in japan wwooooohhhhooooo!!!!!

  • jamie

    this is not true psn is not on in japan as it would be all over the intwernet that it was this isnt just a little petty situation its massive and if something cam on belive me the would will shake with the raw,s of joy lol 😀

  • david

    why do people lie like that it makes no sense if its back up in japan its back up there is no point in lying about it. but im sick of waiting at the end of the day we pay good money to buy these ps3 games expecting to play online if they have got it fixed why carnt they just put it on are they slow in the head or something? if its not bad tomorrow im not giving another penny to Sony in any of there items and ill just buy an x box 360 if they dont care it doesn't bother me because at the end of the day there loosing out not me.

    • crapbox sux

      lmao your losing out just by having an xbox i got 1 right in front of me i use it a coaster as thats all its good for that and if you wanna play BS hacked lobbies..

      ps it is NOT back on in japan

    • mike

      um do you not remember when xbox got hacked in 08 and it took 4weeks to get it back online

      • ashfoxx

        Yeah I remember, I barely missed it. Man, playing LAN Halo was so awesome.

  • sony = full of it

    so yeah… i was talking to a couple of friends from japan, and screw what sony says it's not back on…

    • Anon

      Sony didn't say it was, it was a rumor started on the web by a troll.

  • daniel

    PSN is up and running in Japan

  • adamsw-_-1

    PNS is giving stuff away for free. PNS PLUS and the new map pack for Black Ops. so dont worry about free stuff. worry about when the shit is coming back on line. honestly give this guy a break. he was told by the people from PNS that it would be up. than found another guy in the compony telling us this is a lie shit still down. so blame the compony not the guy. smart one's.

  • kcuf ynos

    this is stupid, and ignorant and whatever else you can think of. I would love to sell a client something and when they call to say it isn't working i would then just say " were making every attempt to fix the probem, visit my website" i'd be out of buisness.

  • andrere thomas

    i wanna play call of duty and mk already.. i wanna get the extra stuff for the new mk game.

  • jay

    lol another week same old same old sony

  • Ron

    it isnt up in Japan, i just checked their website. They are saying on there that some services will be up today in Japan. No specifics as to when exactly. Why is it that some people are able to leave comments on the playstation blogs? I have tried and it says I have to be logged in and when I try to log in, just says the same old maintenance screen. How are others logged in if the network is down???

  • Bash82

    lol at JapanLiver!

    +1 Josh

  • Case

    Maybe it’s time you did some proper journalism.

  • bob

    If you look on the playstation network application on facebook, you can check what trophys are popular being synced to the network, only japan has trophies on the app

  • Cod Mad

    I Need It On I Can't Survive Although It's Amazing What Them Americans Can Do When PSN Is Down

    • philythe crazy

      calld skate boarding

  • Josh

    Haha, But psn needs to come back on soon!

  • JapanLiver

    Gem that is utter and complete rubbish and you know it. PSN is not online in Japan – I'm looking at my screen now and the maintenance message has not changed or disappeared… same old same old. But why would you believe me? Its not like I live in Japan or anything -_- *sarcasm

  • foo

    If it was up in Japan, wouldn't the Japanese PlayStation website say so?

  • Seb

    Needs to work in USA to many damn rumors….. not sure when it will be up. I hope that they give us free stuff! In other news all of there servers are down even for games such as Ever Quest, Starwars…ect

  • KJB

    Maybe you shouldn't report based on forums.