PlayStation Network Status: PS3 Price Drop Hopes

By Peter Chubb - May 3, 2011

Yesterday we assumed that the PlayStation Network status had changed from down to up in Japan, but it now seems is if those rumors were false. It has been two weeks now, and Sony had either get PSN up, or offer something to try and lure in new customers. The only way they can do this is with a PS3 price drop.

This does not help the millions of users who already have a PlayStation 3 and are signed up to PSN, but Sony believes that they have done enough to keep them happy. Having said that, they need to have the service up either today or tomorrow if they have any hope of maintaining their loyalty. However, news that 25 million more users have been hacked will make things a little more difficult.

Currently there are more PSN users still prepared to stick with the PS3, but some have already jumped ship and changed over to the Xbox 360 – something that Microsoft will love. Sony needs an influx of fresh users, so reducing the price of the console has to be the only way to do this.

However, we have recently learned that Toys R US are selling a 160GB version for $299, with this you will receive a PSN Card and a $50 bonus. We wonder if we will see more offers like this, this could be the first of many? How much longer do you think you can wait for PSN to go live?

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  • Anonymous

    Well,PlayStation Network is slow getting recovered beyond the country. Sony’s PlayStation Network provides PlayStation 3 users with downloadable games, movies and TV shows.

    Playstation 3 slim

  • Willee

    It's not just Sony that is losing customers.
    What about Netflix and other services that depend on the Sony network to work.
    Will they reimburse their customers for paid services that are not available because of Sony?
    I am seriously thinking of Apple TV to get away from depending on Sony for other content.

  • Cast

    I will never leave Sony no matter what, i hate xbox, at least i dont pay to play online. Im just hoping that sony can get the psn back soon. I hate when ppl bitch about sony, is not all their fault, of course they could had a much better security system to prevent this attack, but this will make them do it.

  • kaotik


  • Entertained

    This is pretty funny reading these! Do you all think Sony is reading this crap? And does anyone really think other PS users reading this stuff give a crap about your opinion either? Get a life people. My favorite is the guy who thinks Sony should pay everyone $100. Lol. I believe with combo of 95,000,000 profiles compromised, that's $9.5 billion? Haaaaa. Yes, we should also all go out and buy Xbox's too cause we're mad……..waaaah! Lmao

  • luuk barbatruk

    holland nederland ps3 playstation network is back online thnx sonyyyyyyy 5-5-2011 14:00

  • damn

    for the ones complaining, man yall sound like a bunch of bitches lol its been only two weeks, most of you are making it seem like 2 fucking years….for the ones saying they're gonna switch, man if you think sony really gives a shit then you seriously need to get a life cuz they dont care. they have a shitload of ppl just waiting for the network to come back up to worry about some little bitch saying "oh im switching to xbox cuz its taking too long." they're probly just reading those kinds of msgs and telling you to just fuck off lol. unless you seriously got your information stolen or something cuz of the hack, then just shut the fuck up

  • motownzfinezt 313

    im in 4 the long 1 cause i have a job and life 2 i refuse to pay for smthing thats been free to me since day one the wait isn't hurting me at all just have my shit protected thats all i ask

  • shutup

    Okay… Just because they gave a date of when they would get it up doesn't mean that is when they are going to get it up.. It will take TIME! Just get over it!! It isn't that easy of a thing to do! Atleast they are trying!!!

  • UKS2000

    To cut the fat off the issue, Sony are fighting a war in essence, against an individual or group of individuals that seem intent of screwing with a lot of folks that just want to enjoy gaming. If you were fighting a war, would you just swap sides if your side was losing? Once a PS users always a PS user! Microsoft already screw enough money out of me for their software without the need to go empty my pockets for a Xbox..

  • tony

    if you are planning on buying a 360 just to play cod black ops or any other cod game then you must love the lag time live has on there network it suck and thay can't lie about the lag it recks the game play thats why i went to ps3 it's 10 time better network little o no lag time.

  • ImDaBaws

    this is not affecting the people that dont already have a ps3, so why are they not getting anything out of this, when people will now be able to buy one for $150 cheaper, the people that have stuck with ps3 should be finding something in there playstation wallets when they log on if you ask me

  • jason

    I posted comment yesterday saying psn would not be up this week.Every time sony give us a date something else is revealed just before.Just a smoke screen SONY give us dates now and stick to them.Or start losing the loyal fan base.We want dates now [WE HAVE TO TURN THE POWER ON FIRST]

  • DCistheBest!!

    I Guess No One Watches The NBA Playoffs Huh? Pathetic! SMDH…It's Gonna Be Up Soon, No Worries! lol OnLine Gaming Is Addictive! They're Pouring Their Hearts Out On Here And Every Other Website! lol…

  • GayStation3

    This is crap because I just bought mine 1 week before this happened so truth is I should get any special that anyone new should. Truth is I have a 30 day return and I could return mine if I wanted to but I've tried to be loyal and stick it out and it looks like they lied once again.

    I'm sure they can open part of the server for online playing and close the marketplace while they repair it.


  • Teufel Hunden

    Can you image the time to rebuild a network from ground up? Can you image the stress those people are under?
    Do you understand the liability when your information and credit cards numbers are stolen while it store in Sony's network? what if it happens again because they rushed out a PATCH IN 2 weeks?

    Let's stop complaining and give them more time to fix this right, Sony has millions and millions of dollars tight up to PS3 and millions of users, they won't forget about the money you'll spent on them in the feature.

    So, let start bitching about hackers who ruin it for everyone, because they want something for nothing, want to sell your personal information, want to steal your credit card number so they can purchase a blow up doll and ship to your mother's house, so she can realize how creepy you can be.

    Any way, I hope PSN will be back up soon.

  • badbubba

    Maybe instead of providing $50 PSN cards for new customers, maybe they should offer the current customers something for the wait. I would break out the Xbox 360 to play online, but why waste the $50. for the xbox network when the hardware never works foe more then two months at a time. Either way we are offline. 🙁

  • Capt. Kickyourass

    I have a PSN+ account and play DC Universe Online.. So far I have heard nothing about how Sony will make up for this except 30 free days of PSN+.. Really Sony?? I'm about 1 day from selling my system and games and going back to PC gaming. This has been the biggest failure of any company I have ever bought a product from. Either you fix PSN by the end of May 4th like you said or you will lose me and many other customers… That means MILLIONS lost you fools. Get you shit in gear and fix this problem already!!!!!!

  • Dylan

    Heh… I'm disappointed in Sony, I understand it must suck to get hacked but it doesn't matter, I feel Sony (like the rest of the world) should pay for their mistakes, not make it a marketing opportunity . I've heard rumors that Sony is giving a free month membership to psn pro or something like that. But really whats that going to do if everybody has it. This almost seems to me like its a kind of retaliation on the hacker group that did this. Get hacked, fix it, comment to world that they're fixing security, and do that for as long as it takes to get a little bit more recognition and use this to hurt the hacker community for doing this. If people think that hackers have stolen there credit card info wouldn't you be mad at them, the answer is yes. So i believe Sony knowing this trying to darken the light world we know as hacking. If you were a developer of a video game console, you wouldn't want hackers, so wouldn't developers be glad they hacked PSN, it sways the opinion of people. Sony is smart and i sujest we play smarter by not giving into their propaganda. Dont be mad at the hacker community they pricked a hole in the skin of Sony and right before the wound healed Sony tore open again and said this is what hackers did to me… don't be foolish.

  • REB

    The way to force change at this company is for a large number of the 77 million users to boycott all Sony products. Make them pay for their arrogance.

  • TomC

    Two weeks down is absolutely unacceptable for a company as large and with as many resources as Sony. I truly hope they take a HUGE hit for their lackluster response and performance in NOT getting the network back up and running more expeditiously.

  • Dekram

    Ya im one of the users that bought this on the suggestion of a friend and he already sold his for 150 bucks and got an xbox… Im not far behind this thing has been more trouble than it was worth. I really wish i could get on the PSN forums or blog cause i would be raising hell there for sure. For those of you that say to be patient…Why should I when there is a perfectly good alternative for me sitting there. Like the other poster i would sell it and get an xbox but noone will buy this POS right now…. I did a check on craigslist here locally there are 45 posted in the the last week…..

    I think alot of the disconnect simply comes because this is a japanesse company and they would rather save face and instead really piss people off down the road…Ive imported 100's of container loads of stuff from China and this is the same BS they would pull….I thought with Sony being a large company it would be different ……. Guess not…

  • bully

    i agree, a $50 card, why dont you just take 50 bucks off the price since the networks down anyway, what are you going to buy with it, nothing! i did switch over from xbox to ps just bc i was getting tired of the red light flashing time to time, but now i regret it! how can such a major corp be hacked? everything should of been encrypted, or someone was just to lazy to do it? sony needs to fire their pr reps, horrible job! i dont think ill buy a ps4 if its ever made? this is pathetic!

  • Flibberdoodle

    Lmao well fuck here i was hoping id get to play tomorrow x]
    i allready had n Xbox before ps3 and i never used (waste of money =/)
    but i still dont plan on buying any xbox games
    cmon ps3 you better give some more perks!

  • lippy

    sony should credit the existing ps3 owners 100 dollars to buy a game or two at there own choice for the lack of security problems they caused the 70 some million users!!! You want loyalty, give us a BREAK!!!!

    • Komodo Dragon

      I was thinking that too! Then
      I crunched the numbers and i don't think that will ever happen, 77 million accounts at just one game is 4.5 billion in sales, two games 10 billion…Never gonna happen, just think if we all sued Sony in a class action and Won, we'd all get like $13 bucks each, just not worth it.

  • lippy

    i say when this f-ing network finally gets back up and running we all don't bother using it for two extra weeks so they lose out on all the money!!! What good does any offers to new buyers do for the ones that already own it???????????? BS is what that is!!! They should be losing as much as we are, especially if the people that already have ps3 don't get a BREAK!! F-ING BS!!

  • U.s. Marine

    I dont care, i spent so much time On an xbox 360 modded an original xbox, after halo reach im done with 360, i bought a ps3 ill be upgrading the hdd soon im not going back to 360's my nephew can have it, shyt happens yea im mad the the same day i bought my own ps3 psn went down but i cant wait for it to come back up its the anticipation, just gotta put my psn account from gf ps3 to mine n crysis stomp biyches again lol xXBeastyMeXx

  • Paul

    You still can get trophies on the singleplayer part of the game.. What the fuck is wrong with everyone, its been 2 weeks for christ sake.. you act like its been a fkin fortnight (lame joke) , i don't know why everyone needs multiplayer its only multiplayer for fks sake

  • 7h324nd0m1

    Just as a general response to everyone. Security breaches are a very hard thing to overcome. It takes lots of time and patience making sure that servers are secure. I applaud Sony for taking their time in spite of many people's constant b1tching. Also, unless you have a larger understanding for securing servers, don't complain about it, as it is a very complex thing. And no matter what you say, Sony could not have known something at this level would have happened.

    I will happily hold on to my ps3. I still love it. The only things that I will say, this couldn't have come at a worse time for so many big game releases these last few weeks, and I wish that people would stop saying that Sony has posted a day for the server to come up. False rumors end up pissing more people off. Good day everyone.

  • vegas6996

    I got the letter from Sony today in email saying my information was in the "group" that was compromised" but the cc info was on a different server that wasn't…. Welll ok… Sad part is what I use the PS3 for requires the PSn, netflix and hulu. i'm not running out to get another console because of the outage, the outage just gives me the time to pursue other gaming formats, pc, xbox and wii. if one of those grabs my attention back from PS3 land hen so be it. I used to only game on the PC until my 60" lcd and PS3 pulled me away but hey my new video card in the PC is hdmi, so here comes some PC titles.

  • Tweek141

    I really figured they would at least have something new on their website. Maybe their PR crew had to help the developers get the network back up or something. I, like more people, am not thinking at all about going and buying another system but we deserve better than this. Give us some sort of an update.

  • felixzamora

    well i have a xbox,wii and the ps3 so it all good but i can still log on to netflix on my ps3 so its cool.

  • Jrebel617

    This just gives eveyone somthing to bi-ch about. So just go outside and get some sun you gamers

  • sadpeople

    U people r sad its been two weeks not two years, go and get a life. Plus gaybox is sh*t turst me i hav one.

  • wes7569

    i can still have fun with no network and its still way better than the freeze60. i will never cross over but a bonus from sony would be nice when the network is restored

  • sadpeople

    Its been two weeks not two years, go and get a life, plys gaybox itms sh*t trust me i hav one..

  • Phoenix 0n Fire

    This website is a pile of shit, just keep spewing out rumors rather than waiting for the facts. And LOL to the today or tommorow part, yes there is really NO HOPE of keeping loyalty if it's not up by then!!!!! everyones going to sell arnt they… what a load of shit you publish…makes me laugh 😀

  • sadpeople

    U people are sad its been two weeks not two years. Go and get a life, gaybox is crap trust me i hav one.. and still dont play it.


    i know that it wasnt sonys fault but im so pissed rightnow i rly woulnt mind switching my ps3 for an xbox 360 as long as i get the same game but in xbox 360 version, i picked the ps3 because of gt5 a year ago and that was a rly bad mistake bacause i had never even heard of cod and now i prefer cod to gt5 and i think cod would be smoother on xbox tthan ps3…. im not gna switch console cus i cnt be bothered but if anyone offered to give me thier xbox 3600 slim for my ps3 slim i would also im rly worried about my dads credit cardd details :S

    • soopervillain

      i aint got a xbox360 slim (never heard of it) but i have a regular 360 that id make a trade 4 ur ps3 slim if thats what u wanna do? ill even throw in the 70$(50$ used) wireless internet thingy u plug in the back & about 3 or 4 controllers… e-mail me if u want….

  • Jason

    Unless you just now figured of what your thumbs can do we already have a ps3. why would we go out and buy another one. Why don’t you work something out with COD and give us the new maps for free. Just a thought!

  • FaNoFSoNy

    ummm no toys r us is NOT giving such a deal as you say. get your facts straight guys.

  • sonysuuks

    Sony is BS,just put my flushed turd up on craigslist…prob never be able to sell it cause you can’t really use it.they don’t make games anymore for offline play….it takes about an hour or 2 to beat any game offline anymore. Sony you f ing losers,buy this worthless hunk of sh:t back from me!

    • joemamma

      Dude, get your head out of your vagina. There are plenty of offline games to play so quit being such a whiney biatch. (Assassins Creed Brotherhood, Dead Space 2, Fallout: New Vegas) Your probably one of those camping homos on COD anyways. The PSN is better off without you.

  • cLIT_dorkhead

    I have been a fan since the first ps to where I have 2 ps3s right now but I can't wait much longer for this BS so I am very close trading both of them for xbox 360s. I don't care if there are giving $50 psn cards when you get a new ps3 because I already own mine so what good does that do me!!!

    • deadjames

      Why would you buy two ps3's, then trade them for two xbox's? You just sound like an ignorant consumer to me

    • deadjames

      Also you get 30 days of playstation plus free, when psn is back online, that's what good already having a ps3 does you, even though sony doesn't owe us jack shit especially not spoiled crybabies like you.

    • sieski

      go ahead, clear off to eggsbox. Enjoy the cheats and hacks playing on there. Dont let the door HIT YOU on the way out

  • Fiona

    PSN or no PSN i still looove my PS3 ^________^

  • mymanck98

    I hope psn will be back on today or tmrw!

  • angry at ps3

    May 4th was promised. looks like you guys aint holding up to that? and your talking how you want to regain the trust of playstation users. lieing about the date playstation is going to be back online isnt gaining no trust what so ever!!!

    • deadjames

      It's still the 3rd dumbass learn to count, and nothing was promised it was an estimation; don't take things so literally just because you have no patience.

    • sieski

      they aren't lieing, it will be a gradual re-introduction of services and by region by region by region. This isn't a simple tighten a screw type job GROW UP and STFU about stuff you clearly know NOTHING about

  • bummer

    After only 2 weeks no……but longer than 2 weeks and i'm seriously considering ditching Sony..though not for gayBOX

  • blorg

    Anyone who spends hundreds of dollars to changes consoles over a 2 week outage has my sympathy – because that's just sad.

    • Spike Spiegel

      Sad = unexplained network outage, confessing it was hackers, and 2 weeks later still not having the network restored.

      I’m not dumping my PS3 or buying an Xbox but I can understand why someone might.

      • Sieski

        No Sony are fixing it correctly, no quick fix patch like Microsoft would do. If Microsoft valued its customers it would take its network down for a week or 2 and stop cheats being able to play. 2 weeks for a hopefully good and proper fix and not a rush jib bodge = PRICELESS

      • Altheion

        I'd rather have sony take down the psn for 2 weeks and fix the security issues rather than listening to all the children whining and putting it up online 1 week ago just to have the very same thing happen yet again after 1 hour of online time.
        Might be less retarded to actually make sure that the issue cannot happen again rather than not giving a crap and letting it happen once more.

        But that's my opinion.

    • ash

      true that bro they're just too much impatiente

    • Leigh-Anne

      Well said! lol. I admit I'm frustrated with the rumours and, just want to know the dates when things will be back to normal and up to scratch again. I think we've still got atleast another 2weeks to go yet, this waiting is obviously frustrating PSN users and Sony is trying to keep existing customers hanging on a piece of string. "Sometime before the 4th may" Well you have about 50minues and, O! what a surpirise! Nothing.

    • Dirt_track33

      I am simply tired of the run around, BE OPEN and HONEST with the 77 million users. one day it open in Japan and the next day it will be on by the weekend and bullcrap bullcrap bullcrap. Be straight up is the best way to keep the users happy!

    • jimneycricket

      well i got xbox ,wii and the ps3 so its all good but i can still log on to my net flix on the ps3 so thats pretty cool

    • daryl

      Schedule service restart

      Phased out according to the schedule below for each region "PlayStation Network" service will resume.
      For specific dates, we will guide you turn at this site.

      In the case of the latest intelligence の ご (Today)
      Enable password change "PlayStation 3" System Software Update ver.3.61 (soon)
      * At this point, "PlayStation Network" is not yet available.
      “PlayStation Network”サービス一部再開 (近日中)
      Liable for the service will be resumed ※ " will resume soon "PlayStation Network" service / feature "please see.
      Getting signed – will need to change your password.
      – Change the password by performing the procedure, "PlayStation Network" are some of the services can use.
      "PSP" "PlayStation Portable" With regard to the password change, "PlayStation 3" I will guide you through the timing made it possible to change the password.
      “PlayStation Network” サービス 全面再開 (5月中) VIA Playstation Japan

    • colonal sanders

      thats the smartest thing I have ever heard thank you your so right whoever spends hundreds of dollars to switch consoles because playstation network is down for a couple of weeks is a fucking dumb shit…