PlayStation Network Online Status Delayed? – Credit Cards Compromised

By Alan Ng - May 3, 2011

PS3 users around the world are praying that the PlayStation Network will be back up on Tuesday May 3rd as previous reports suggested, but it has been feared that the delay may last longer after Sony recently announced two new major bombshells.

In a surprising twist of events, Sony has now said that they have had to close down their Sony Online Entertainment servers, due to a new hack that has been discovered. They also labelled it an ‘intrusion’, but the worrying aspect of this, is that they didn’t announce it at the same time the normal PSN servers went offline, rather a week later.

This leads to suggestions that Sony may have a new problem, and this is backed up by a genuine Sony confirmation that credit card information has indeed been stolen. Remember previously, they were stating that information ‘may’, or ‘ we have no reason to believe’, so this is the real deal now. Here’s a statement from the company below:

”The information from the outdated database that may have been stolen includes approximately 12,700 non-U.S. credit or debit card numbers and expiration dates (but not credit card security codes), and about 10,700 direct debit records of certain customers in Austria, Germany, Netherlands and Spain.”

This passage of text has been taken from an official press release, which you can read in full over at Joystiq. They have since updated their article to inform everyone that this is not a new attack, and is part of the original attack on the PlayStation Network, but with new factors affecting the SOE servers specifically.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you optimistic that Sony will resume service on May 3rd, or not so much after this new press release by the company. 12,700 member’s card information is now in the hands of hackers – we really hope that you are not one of them.

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  • i dont know my name, okey

    hey,everyone that want xbox beacuse they cant wait ,relax. xbox isent safer, it is worse then psn, when the xbox live was hacked they dident do a bullshit do stop the hacker to steal money from pepol ,and by the way i know i sucks in english so dont be an asshole and write – hey you suck in english and get a life nolifer – and i know my name, its a joke

  • FrankinDeath1

    Check out the world gadget .com
    Report on sonys rocket scientist CEO he is big time under the crosshairs for this cluster@!%$
    He failed to act until it was to late and fumbled the ball His ass need to be fired!
    PSN is a good thing but New Leadership at Sony is needed!
    Best advisers gamers and Hackers who are security experts now.
    This is as bad as waiting for my new home to be built, 2 years after Hurricanne Katrina
    Open SONYS Eyes Scream complain more and more they should feel like dog crap!
    Its everyones money that has bought systems hadrware and online upgrades download and more.
    So you dudes that down the guys that are venting dont reply go play with your sisters dolls!
    Say your peace dudes and ladies complain thats what helps to vent!
    Peace to all fellow gamers who feel loss of trust by SONY!

  • bigboss

    I'm tired of waiting for it if they don't put it up within 2 days I'm trading it in for an xbox its 8 pm may 3rd still not up

  • mike

    how do you change ps3 password and sign in id?

    • dock

      When and if PSN comes back online just follow the prompts. They state you can only change your password on the system it was originally created on or by email verification. That should be fun as I never received an email from them after they said they sent out emails to all of their customers..

  • dock

    Here's my take. SONY is now reeling out of control. Millions of online users information compromised. Now 25 milion more customers information and credit card info stolen. Class action lawsuits filed. trying to rebuild servers, transfering information, changing the location of their servers and adding better security features. I'm wondering if this breech screwed them up so bad that all of our information is gone, just lost in cyber space. Delay after delay means something is very messed up.

  • damian king

    Sony you are a waste of time i think, you give a date for when it`ll be back online then you dont keep your promise, the way its going you will be bankrupt by xmas as nobody likes companies that lies to its clients and WE are your CLIENTS, you will not be getting a penny more out of me and if you dont get it sorted very soon then i will be bining all sony products i have as i have no respect or trust in your company anymore

  • sony blows

    This is total BS,I tired of sonys BS,if I could sell this POS I would but no one will buy a ps3 that you cannot play online. Sony you fu%$ing tards go fu$% yourselfs…oh wait you already have e times over.

  • FrankinDeath1

    Okay PSN still not up ! Scream yell complain you have the right too you spend the bucks gamers for TRUST!

  • dog

    The SOE content is totally separate from the PSN network. The breach on SOE evidently occurred simultaneously with the PSN hack. It just took them a little longer to discover the SOE hack. PSN can operate while SOE is down apparently. SO, PSN could be back theoretically while SOE is down.

  • RepublicKnight

    Hope PSNs back up soon, pretty boring without competetive online play. Got a week off work, so im hoping its back up. Not really fussed either way, can go out and enjoy the sun. LOL. Didnt realise how lame it actually would be without online play, been playing Final Fantasy XIII. Wicked game.

  • Chris Untneker

    haha you fucking idiots. Xbox is way fucking better hence you pay for it. Name anything short of a fucking walk in the park you get for free thats anything good.. Yep I had too pay 50 bucks a year but tonite after work im going staright home and playing the new cod black ops maps on 5-3-2011 wich is today. Oh and buy the way even if your shitty playstation free online unsafe market was on you still wouldnt recieve the maps for another month and a half…

  • Thevoiceofreason

    If you think that buying a Shitbox360, and paying for the network access will solve all your problems you really need to get out and live a little. Just because you're paying for your network access doesn't mean you are better protected. I completely ruled out the Xbox because of Microsoft's insistence on screwing me out of more money, after all, we're paying for the broadband service via one provider – why should you pay again!?
    World Of Warcraft has been hacked many times, and you have to pay for that access. If a network exists it will be hacked, no matter what level of hacking activity is used, be that simply overloading the server or deliberately trying to gain access to information for maliscious means. Let's not forget the Stepto hack on Xbox live.
    If you really are that fickle that you'd switch sides, you really should be questioning why you all bought PS3's in favour of the Xbox in the first place.

  • relapze_zdetour

    ok psn better be up when i get home from skool or im going to get an xbox

    • Anon

      This is your father. Quit b*tchin and play with your friends. I'm not buying you an Xbox just because you want to throw a fit.

      Or at least mow the backyard first.

  • XIL

    Well, it is good to know that this company is "bullshitting" their customers and lying to us.
    If they want to make things easy on themselves they should just tell us the truth.
    I know this is a great disappointment and will scar Sony for years to come. I fear that players will stop playing on PlayStation all together and cause a decline in game play.

    Well, they get what they deserve. They were naive, they were fools– now they are out million upon millions of dollars & they are offering a 29.95$ value to an approximate 70 million users. This will drive Sony off the leader boards for the best game console. (Sure offline games have amazing quality)

    Thinking about getting a Xbox… or I will quit online gaming for good.

  • mr.important

    How or why are you guy so mad with sony for something that's FREE. Online play is free with the PS so stop crying and show alittle restraint. Go outside play alittle sports and free yourselves and when it is back on jump on it. You never know it could be even better than ever now

  • SergeiSnipes

    It is very interesting. Personally I give Kudos to whoever exposed the flaws in Sony's security system. I almost think it was an inside job. That being said I cannot remember whether or not my credit card info was saved on the playstation. If it was a number that has been stolen and used it will cause me a lot of stress. I'm sure their will be plenty of lawsuits over this matter. I just hope I'm not forced to take legal action.

    And most of you that say you will buy an Xbox. Go ahead, you're probably the 10 year old kids who game all day and all night.

  • b.jamison

    psn cant even post updates for us. the official site sayin the same s*** they posted 2 days ago, cmon this is jus retarded and after the first hack by gholtz or whatever his name is.. why didnt they upgeade security then???? are they as smart as people say they r???? im so p'd off i cant c straight and as soon as i take this ps3 outside and smash into a million pieces… it will come bac up lol!!!!

  • Matthew Stevens


    • Pat5467

      It might be delayed but there is no official source saying so. At the press release, on may 1st, it was told it would take a week to come back gradually. So it might come back, if not delayed because of soe problems, during the week of may 9th.

  • Pat5467

    This is not a second attack at soe. It's related to the first attack on the psn network. They just found out that evidences might lead to think that, whoever perfomed this might, have also taken informations on the soe network as well. That is why it is shutted down atm.

    By the way I'm a huge fan of Playstation and all of what have happened so far have not change my mind about sony at all. I give them all my trust. And I wouldn't hesitate to buy from them at all. They are the best in their industry and the best ppl are working to give life to what we are so addicted of.

    I love playstation.

  • jonnythegunner

    Look, you're right about it. It is sad that some kids just play about 4-8 hours per day. It's really sad and bad for their health and social life. BUT there are people like me that play like 2 hours per week because I like videogames and I think this industry is an art, like music and cinema. So, don't generalize, because in one hand we have people that are addicted to this kind of "life", loners who spend all day playing and llive in their world. But, in another hand we have people who like all the process of creating, art. I just play like 1-2 hours per week, sometimes a little more (online for example). But you're right in some points. This was just an accident, I hope that Sony solved it.

    • b.jamison


  • Such is life. These things happen all the time and major banks will only really tell you if it happens to be your account. Can't really fault them as it's something that's bound to happen given the big numbers they all play with.

  • mike

    Lol at all the ps3 fanboys saying that xbox sucks, xbl hasnt been down for 2 weeks and lost peoples personal data.

    • ashfoxx

      uh, yes it has. Back in 08' yah n00b.

  • common sense

    Sony its simple… you give a date when things will be sorted and keep it, otherwise you will pi** all your consumers off more, and will run the risk of making your company totaly screwd, with no more ppl buying your stuff and what will be even more worse is we'll be stuck with the sh*t box for online stuff, you state in you ps3 adverts that the ps3 only does "everything" well i guess that includes annoy you, pi** you off, uses crap security, etc, the one and only thing that it doesn't do is keep the ppl who own them in the know of whats really going on, and when things really will be sorted, and seeing as it doesn't do that means "it only does everything" is false advertising. Sort it out sony

  • -G- GAMER

    They better comprise with allot of credit or else i'm also going to buy an xbox. Screw you guys that's saying yeah go get a life. I got a life a girlfriend money and im happy. But if i come home late at night and if i wanna play a f8ucking multiplayer game i want to play a fucking multiplayer game. I payed big buck for all the 80 games i got and all those extra crap shit like downloads and ps move. You know i always was a big supporter of ps3 but if this takes too long srew ps3, because on xbox you get live pionts wich you can exhange for free games. what do you get for a trophys…….. ? Shit !!. ps3 could atleast put the multiplayer servers online, so we wouldn't get pissed off this much. I hate xbox but if this going too last for long then im switching.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ashfoxx

      wtf are you talking about??? Your 'Gamer Score' and 'Xbox Live Points' have NOTHING to do with each other. You cannot exchange them for 'free games'. Hope your hot, because your girlfriend sure ain't diggin you for your brain.

  • The Truth

    @Scott Winter let me guess you get all your shit from the news, right? Listen I've been on 4chan the home of "Anonymous" and literally all of them are way too lazy and dumb to pull something like this off, not to mention they have already said they were not responsible for what happened to sony, very few people there actually know how to "hack" the only thing most of them know how to do is DDOS which just overloads servers it has nothing to do with stealing info. A lot of the people who you see on the news and the people who get reported on are technically part of anonymous but only because they go on 4chan and on 4chan someone who is a guest will have their name as anonymous, but they are just individuals working on their own. This includes the scientology hacks, the hacks, the mastercard and visa hacks, and the sony hacks and most of those are just DDOS so how about you open your eyes as well.

    I am not affiliated with "Anonymous" I've just been going to 4chan for 6 years and actually know what the hell they do there.

  • jason

    SONY give us a date and stick 2 it you gave us 1 last week then 1 for today cannot see psn back on this week lies lies lies starting 2 get pissed off had playstations since lauch of console spent thousands on your products LAST CHANCE

    • b.jamison

      u r so damn right!!! all the money we spend and cant get a correct response, waiting and reading updates all day, all week, then u hear that japan is live????? yea ok!!!!

  • Xbox 360

    Looks like I'm going to stay on Xbox for good now.

  • scott winter

    You are just another icrap sheep, bahhahahahahahahahah, please go graze somewhere else icrap sheep! You must not check the stock markets as others have and noticed a pattern in all of this icrap bs and microsoft cyber war. Keep talking trash about microsoft or icrap you just keep putting money of some of our pockets! Thank you icrap sheep!

  • scott winter

    The supposed group that is allegedly doing this claimed they are protecting our rights and at the same time they are attempting to steal credit card numbers in hopes they will be able to turn those numbers over to organized crime where they are being paid to do this and not for our rights but for their own greed in an attempt to cash in on this bs. GET REAL PEOPLE YOU ARE BLIND WAKE UP!

  • Fustrated

    I have all 3 systems PS3, X box 360, and the WII. I will say for those of you that were PS3 players before the network went down will be sorry if you buy and Xbox just to play on line. This system is the pitts. You have to pay to play no matter what you want to do. The controllers are crap, Do you self a favor take the 500 dollars that you are going to spend on the "X" and send it to me, because you will just be throwing your money out the window. Have owned PS3 for 4 years and love it, XBox 1 year and have played it less the 15 times. Oh Yes I do have a full time 45 hour a week job a wife and 5 kids just so you know that I am not living in my parents basement

  • lew

    SONY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sick of checking daily and seeing all these lies when it will be on,psn will be back up its the 3rd and still not here so what the hell are you saying this bs really?? and not even giving a date is it going to be up in 2012 wtf are you's doing 2weeks nearly….getting pi*ss*d more it drags on really am cant even use what we own.GET IT SORTED!!!!!!

    • b.jamison

      switchin over f*** psn im done! yea jus might only b one player, but keep lying and watch ur customer level drop!!!!!

  • frimmage

    Anyone wishing to get rid of thier PS3 can give them to me if they want

  • Dmac

    It will be up today
    And I have had an xbox before it broke and they suck

    • jason

      It will be a tuesday it was supposed 2 be last tuesday then today this friday coming sony will release a statement saying Thanks 4 your understanding we are doing all we can 2 repair the psn hope 2 be back 2normal by tuesday

  • Nohands

    Hope its back on today its got a brother fiendin !!!

  • FrankinDeath1

    Not up soon im selling PS3 or taking a sledge hammer to it and getting a Crapy XBOX just to prove a point
    NOW thats Power BOY! LOL

  • Jack

    Not up by tomorrow smashing ps3 Sony fails at everything they make!

    • ashfoxx

      Better cover your *** when your daddy beats you for smashing your PS3 you spoiled child.

  • ricky

    you lot are fucking idiots going on like your going to buy an xbox. go and buy 1 then u sad low lifes. sony are doin all they can and they cant put the customers under more risk. u lot go on as if ps3 been off for bout 2 months its been 2 weeks. get a life u weirdos

    • damian king

      everyone has the right to complain numbnuts,for some of us its the only way of passing time ( i`m disabled so playing online games relieves the bordom ), if i pay for a service like i have with sony and dont get it let i will complain and if it is`nt sorted by the time they say it will be then i will be getting a Xbox and then sony can got to hell as i wont be spending money for something that you cant get, sony admitted its data base was outdate, for the supposively biggest game corperation in the world they should have the latest secruity for their data base, why did`nt they? cos they are too greedy in taking everyones money!! and ricky, you are lucky i dont know ya cos i would put you on ya silly littel arse, ya bloody muppet

    • sexton81

      i agree….this is getting outta hand…i mean i love my ps3 and xbox 360 and enjoying playing online more than you will know….but dont some people ever do anything but complain about something that they are working on to better the network for you the customer and giving you free online play aint enough either….some of you guys are crazy…go do something else….get a life…man!

    • Lisa

      Sony doing all they can……………………?.This should of never happened.

  • Anonymous

    is tomorrow is not online i will wait until tomorrow,and tomorrow till post-tomorrow xD

    ps3 rulez!!

  • Bill

    cmonnnnnnnnnnnn mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • James

    If the PSN is not up tommorow, I will buy Xbox 🙂

    • bigman

      me too!

    • James

      thats nice dear =)

    • SACATTACK420


  • Ryan

    I love the PlayStation brand but my patience is wearing incredibly thin now. I can live without online multiplayer, but I want to get my Mass Effect 2 DLC. If EA weren't such greedy SOBs trying to dip their hand in the pre owned market, the DLC probably would have come on the disc. But that's another story…

  • David

    How could Sony let all of this happen and not tell the users when it happened. The PSN better be up by tomorrow.

  • Lee

    If it's NON-US…bring that shit back up for us then.

  • Mister

    fuck sake

  • PSN gamer


  • abanbsj


  • Pat5467

    I’m sure the psn restoration process will be delayed because of the new trace of illegal and unauthorized intrusions into the soe network.

    • roman gabriel

      My Bad bro, i dont mean to jump on your comment…First off, if they say its not a NEW ATTACK . Then the restoration shouldn't have to be delayed. I mean even if it was a new one, Isn't that why the network has been down, doing a security upgrade. Second, if Sony was smart they would try to run an independent server for online gaming to the area's that didn' t show hacking. Obviously, there know the areas that have not been breached. That way they still make money and dont lose customer's. Third, if you have ever put your info on a computer and that computer has search the web. Your info has been out there since then. you just haven't notice.. I just want to play online, getter done

      • Pat5467

        I meant traces/evidences; not a new attack. I don't work at sony so I can't tell if they did good job or not nor if they've taken the right decisions. I'm not in a position to comment on those things because I lack knowledge about it and won't talk like I pretend I know more than sony does atm.

      • Josh

        What it sounds like to me is it's the same attack, but they found more damage. Therefore they have to take time away from restoration of the Playstation Network? I agree, I just want to play online too, but I do not want this to happen again