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Malware Attack: Mac Users and MacDefender 2011 Warning

We have some rather worrying news about some new malware software to inform you about now. This has caused quite an uproar, as this time it doesn’t affect Windows users, as it has been specifically designed to target Mac users much to our surprise.

The malware in question disguises itself as genuine antivirus software, and it goes by the name of MacDefender, according to PC World. It is located in various web pages that use search engine optimization and targets the user via popups that inform the user that their system is infected.

This is a worrying issue for Safari users, as once this occurs, Javascript will kick in and automatically download the MacDefender software, unless you have unchecked some options in your Safari settings.

The intended attempt by the software is to prize away your credit card information, while it also loads adult websites onto your browser if you are affected as well. If you think you may be affected, be sure to delete this software immediately from your computer and then perform a full system scan using a trusted antivirus program.

Have you seen or experienced the MacDefender malware whilst browsing on your Mac? We’ll update you on this situation when we get fresh details.



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