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Jailbroken iPhone Apps: Backup With xBackup for Cydia

For those of you who run jailbroken iPhone apps, then you will know that when Apple releases a firmware update, all apps are lost. However, there is a way for you to backup in Cydia now, and that is with xBackup. Now you will never have to fear a new version of an iOS jailbreak again.

This will be a delight for those with a jailbroken iOS device, as Apple has been a bit relentless over the past few months with these updates. There have been other apps in the past, but none of them make it as easy as xBackup, as you can backup and restore all of you apps.

The reason why the app is so simple is because there are just three buttons to remember Backup, (Help), and Restore. iPhone Download Blog explans that the help button is ideal for those who do not want to use iTunes, as it gives you the file path to all of your backups.

This app works a lot like iTunes before an update, just select backup and wait for the device to sync. Once you have re-jailbroken your iPhone and other iOS devices then instead of having to go all though the hassle of downloading all of your apps etc, just hit restore and you are done.

Could this be the easiest way to backup and restore your jailbroken iOS device?



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