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iPhone 6 and iPad 3: A6 Chip by Intel?

With all the ongoing drama between Apple and Samsung there could be a chance that the iPhone 6 and iPad 3 will have the A6 chip by Intel. It is still early days, as the iPad 2 has only just launched, and we still await the iPhone 5 – which might be June or September.

Samsung has made the chip for the iPhone and iPad since the start, but things could be about to come to an end. 9 to 5 Mac has been talking to an analyst, who believes that a partnership with Intel and Apple will do very well, as they already have a good working relationship with the Intel chips inside their iMac and Mac range.

Samsung is a huge threat to both companies, so if Intel were to provide the A6 chip, then this could deal a huge blow to the Korean consumer electronics maker. This is not a clear cut deal at the moment, as 9 to 5 Mac points out that Intel “isn’t in the foundry business.” However, there is a first time for everything, and could be a good thing for Intel, as the iPhone and iPad is the number one selling smartphone and tablet device on the market.

Personally, we believe that Apple will part ways with Samsung after the A5, and will look for someone entirely different for their chips. Who this is we have no way of knowing, but there are a few in the running. Who do you think will make the A6 chip for Apple?



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