iPad 2 Jailbreak – Release Date Update – Geohot Accepts Challenge

By Alan Ng - May 3, 2011

Geohot may have well and truly left the PS3 development scene after his adventures in court with Sony, but we’re now hearing about something just as exciting with regards to one of Apple’s prized assets which he is now interested in.

Remember the iPad 2? For those of you who have one, you’ll already be aware that it has yet to be jailbroken by any members of the iPhone Dev Team or other community members. Well now it has been reported by RedmondPie that Geohot has accepted a challenge to jailbreak the device before P0sixninja – a member of the Chronic Dev-Team which you may remember released the GreenPois0n jailbreak for the iPhone.

Below are a few tweets from P0Sixninja confirming Geohot’s acceptance to jailbreak the iPad 2:

” @p0sixninja: I challenged geohot to dump the iPad2 bootrom before me. Maybe having a worthy opponent will motivate me to work harder =P

@p0sixninja: he accepted, he said he didn’t have an iPad yet but he’s getting one really soon”

No word from Geohot himself on his official blog, but don’t be surprised if we suddenly see Apple’s newest tablet unlocked in the weeks to come. Also, don’t forget it’s all legal now after his exploits on the iPhone. He has to find something to keep himself entertained after all – what an ideal way for him to get back into the headlines.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you happy that Geohot is now going to attempt to jailbreak the iPad 2?

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  • van0014

     GeoHot still has potential. So he might not be able to afford an iPad. Neither can i. This is irrelevant. He has the skill to jailbreak the A5 chip and that is all he needs. Your quite negative towards him, and ill  bet thats because you have a playstation. Either way, he just made a mistake. And you cant learn without making mistakes. So thats no reason to not like him.

    Ill bet you wont say things like that if the iPhone 4s is jailbreakable with Limera1n.

  • Robert

    I think it's all talk, how can a guy without an iPad jailbreak? He's better chance of breaking an Atari 2600 joypad. Anybody for a game of indie pole or bricks? Aye brick more like. I am fed up with this story. Poison you have no threat at all, this guy can't even afford an iPad.