Expectations of AT&T and Samsung event, Galaxy S2?

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is probably one of the most sought after Android handsets at the moment. We have already had a review of the handset, and it came out pretty well. A special press event has been announced for this coming Thursday, but what are the expectations of the AT&T and Samsung event, could it be the Galaxy S2?

Sascha Segan from PCMag Mobile is reporting that the companies are remaining tight lipped about what will be announced at the event on Thursday. The Galaxy S2 has recently been released in Europe so it could be coming to AT&T customers. AT&T have announced another Samsung handset back in January the Infuse 4G.

With the Galaxy S2 Samsung will be hoping to build on the success on the original Galaxy handset, which saw massive sales figures around the world. We reported to you recently that the S2 has seen battery life of the handset improved. This was a major problem for some owners of the original Galaxy, and Samsung has made attempts to address the issue.

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