Droid Charge Review Summary, High Price for Plasticy Phone

By Jamie Pert - May 3, 2011

Recently Engadget reviewed the Samsung Droid Charge, in our article we will summarize some of the main points raised, however for full details check out the in depth review for yourself here.

Engadget were very happy with the Droid Charge in terms of battery life, its display and its light weight design, however they say that the price is inexcusable as $299.99 for a single-core smartphone with a platsicy design is just too much. This makes it more expensive other Verizon offerings such as the the Droid Incredible 2 and HTC Thunderbolt.

Despite its cost Engadget score the Droid Charge 8/10, they seemed impressed by the camera’s still photographs and its video capture, however for the price you would expect to get 1080p video capture, but the single-core processor does not really allow this.

In Engadget’s tests the 4G connectivity allowed for speeds of up to 15.1Mbps down and 3.9Mbps up, also as there is built-in hotspot functionality you can share these impressive speeds with up to 10 devices. We can also reveal that GPS functionality was pretty accurate.

The 1GHz processor was no slouch and never seemed to bottleneck the overall user experience, obviously benchmark results will suffer, but this does not mean a lot in terms of real-world performance, the good news is that by choosing the 1GHz chip it allows for over a day of battery life, Engadget charged it up at 9am and didn’t need to plug it back in until 9pm the next day, during this time Engadget used the Droid Charge for “typical use”.

As you can see the Droid Charge never really failed at anything, however its price is just too high, remember to check out Engadget’s full review for yourself to find out fully detailed information, the link can be found via the post’s first paragraph.

Will you buy the Samsung Droid Charge?

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  • Anthony

    The price is high, but my thoughts are this. The TB is 249.00 but I have to pay 50.00 for the extended battery. If this is really true that a 18 hour charge is common, compared to the 3 hour charge for the TB, isn't the price worth it. I really have high hops for the battery.