COD Black Ops: Call of The Dead Zombies – How to Stop George Romero

By Alan Ng - May 3, 2011

As we informed you earlier, the Escalation Map Pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops is now available to download for the Xbox 360. Most of you will be playing the new Call of the Dead zombie map, and we have some details on how you can stop George Romero from troubling you.

After watching the fabulous cinematic introduction to the new characters and environment, you’ll once again find yourself all alone and the first objective will be how to get that power switch on to get the game moving.

However, Treyarch has really shaken things up this time, as you’ll have to contend with a zombified (or human) George Romero walking around the map the whole time, armed with what can only be described as a large electric hammer which he isn’t afraid to use.

Basically, he’ll start off in human form and start walking slow, but if you or any of your teammates shoot him, you’ll have to deal with the zombie version of Romero who will start running towards you and will aim to take you down. A few hits from him and it’s game over so you really don’t want that to happen. From what we can tell at the moment (we may be wrong), there are two ways to sort him out.

The first is with the V-R11 weapon which will turn him into his human form again, and the other way is to simply have him chase you into the water outside of the building. Both methods will then slow him down, and you’ll be able to deal with him much more easier. One mistake from your teammates though, will set him off again so you’ll have to be spot on with the mic communications to get to the higher levels.

It’s a really neat idea by Treyarch, and it’s a fresh problem that you’re going to have to deal with aside from the standard zombies. Let us know if you have found any other method to take down George Romero, or if you actually manage to kill him! – What happens? We’ve included a video below showing the process to stop him.

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  • Reecebennett1993

    Wot a load of crap wots da objective

  • black op master

    to kill george:
    step 1: get vr11 pack a punch and shoot him at the light house or water(will return)
    step 2: get magnum.347 shoot on his head and vr 11 will kill him and will return after 6 stages(guaranteed)

  • Get romero in the water, then use the sickle to kill him. Takes 250 hits aperson as he gains health per person in the game.

  • Rust89

    My two friends and I got George to stop chassing us at the bottom of the ice slide dont know how but we could use the slide still and all he wouldnt move just stood there the whole time but couldnt talk to the trapped people tho either

    • you use the vr11 to do that its a glitch my friend taught me

    • you use the vr11 to do that its a glitch my friend taught me

  • Waffle of Fear

    The easiest way to kill him is to get an insta-kill and double points and den buy Olympia, get him in water and keep headshoting him, you also get 7000 points, a death machine and random perk, after about 30 shots(u may have 2 buy extra ammo) he will eventually drown and if u go onto land u will get an achievement, getting a crawler may also help u

  • GonannyGo

    Best strat is running the circle and then defending just like many of the other maps made it to round 14 without the power or perks by myself

  • zach

    you dont need and upgraded v-r11 u just got shoot him alot

  • zach

    i ave killed him with the v-rll and a shit ton of upgraded ray ammo and some upgraded hk lol it take a while and alot of ammo but he comes back to life in like 2 rounds, i have killed him 2 times in 1 game but died befor i could see if he comes back to life again, but i would imagin that he does.

  • Helper

    Just letting you know, the flinger will launch George, but it won’t kill him. He will fly over to the light house. He won’t get angry either.

  • getatmehbrah

    the 4 nobs in the light house are used to put in a code to open the door as u move 1 nob the others will change so it all math based when it comes getting the code in the code will be used to open the huge metal door along with 1 power core and the breaking of the lights second you can kill george with almost any gun he is a worthless kill unless you want the achivement me and my friends used 4 pack-a-punched ray guns and blasted the shit out of him until he died all he did was give us 1 random perk and a death machine but seeing as how he did it at the end of the round and had no ammo left if was a waster of time and just left us to die if u want help with unlocking the door playing the song od slaying george messege A LAMP POST on xbox il see what we can do

    • michael

      how do u get the goldaon rod

  • Jock

    is there anyway to save the original nazi zombies characters i ran by a door and heard them hittting on it asking if any 1 was their and if you could help them

  • david

    dose anyone know what to do with the knobs in the light house ?

  • ryan

    to kill george romero you need to upgrade the V-R11 shoot him with it when he's in the water. He respawns at the end of the round tho so killing him is kinda useless =/

  • bob


  • adam


    Take him down by pack a punch v-r11. Shoot him while he's in the water and he drowns. If he comes back just repeat.

    Hope this helps.

    Gamertag – warfizzle

    • Helper

      you won’t get the achievement/trophy or the death machine and free perk if you use the V-R11 on him.

  • adam

    confrmed…. take him down by pack a punching v-r11 and shooting him while hes in the water and he drowns. comes back next round and just repeat.

    hope this helps. gamertag – warfizzle

  • david

    The gun you can get out of the random box that turns zombies into a human in a suit dose not work on George!
    The man in the suit will run away and some zombies will run after him.

    And the water theory dose not work, if you kill a zombie in the water it will freeze thats about it you can not kill George that way!

    BTW near the light house there is a room and if you have turned the power on you will hear the voices on the other side of a metal door saying " get me out of hear, help! " the voices are the Greman, the Russian and the American, in that room there is a small clock, press (X) and it will make a noise, im not sure what it dose but it must be something, pluss under the power room if you look at the light on the roof to the right it will make the same noise.

    If you go in the power room there are 3 handels, 2 of them move im not sure why but the do if you press (X)

    hope any of this helps 🙂

    • Crititcal

      It's the stone under the clock if you find the other 2 you have the new song

      • Helper

        The song tokens are in the start (rock), under the power room (hold “x” while looking at the roof) and the clock by the main easter egg.

  • david

    There are 4 things out side the light house 2 are at the bottom and the other 2 you have to go down the ice slide, they look like littel lights, if you hold ( X ) they will make a loud noise im sure you will have to do something with them but i havent found out what yet.
    and on evey floor of the light house there are switches that go from 0-9 and they make a noise aswell, the higher number the higher the noise, i think you might have to get them all the same then all 4 player press (X) on the small light things out side at the same time or something like that. So make a crawler and have a play with them and let me know how it gose

  • Chris

    Have you tried this water theory? It sounds possible…

    • wendy

      we are trying it. no luck

  • Camper

    They added him to combat camping. 🙁 hopefully they either take him out or don't put him in the next one

  • Heavsaint

    If you have him walk in the water long enough he will freeze then you merely shoot him until he shatters

    • guest

      i call bs

      • dylan

        is it true ???

  • dman478

    its not a hammer if you look closely its a broken light that they use on set

  • jamo

    shiiitttt no help, we already knew that. you have to find "paradise" just look at the acheivements, so far weve found the fuze, destroyed all of the nodes(glowing red things) , now we need either vodka or explosives of some kind, weve tried using georges hammer by enraging him whacking the door, throwing grenades at it and all the other shit. umm yeah hope that helped, btw the fuse is on the story jsut above the vault, we dont know if there is any other numbers or use for the "safe codes" on the various levels

    • Curtis

      how do you destroy the red flares and where is the other suff like the fuse

  • Jon

    Apparently from what I've been told you can take him down in SOLO mode by the usual method of taking down OP'd characters; Quick Revive. Blow yourself up in a position where George can only walk one way down and is clear to shoot at, and blast him with the pistols.
    Again, I've only been told this, I haven't tried it myself.

    • ColeMasterFlex

      Black Ops: Escalation is awesome so far! A few minutes ago I came across a blog that's giving out the Escalation DLC for free! I thought it was a scam until I saw the DLC code laying in my e-mail inbox. 😀

      I'm not sure if there's any codes left, but if you want to give it a shot, here's the site:

    • kayla&luke

      dont do it, me and my bf had the gun that shoots grenandes and he used good headshot aim with the commndo and rpk and nothing!!!!!! scary dude, we just aqvoid him and so far got to round 10. HARD BUT FUN 🙂
      also when u play solo and ur reviving, the zombies all run away so he wont be around long enough for u to shoot him til he dies. idk try it, its just a gtame lool