Bulletstorm PC Patch Released: Full List of Changes

By Tina Chubb - May 3, 2011

If you own the PC version of People Can Fly and Epic Games’ popular first-person shooter game Bulletstorm and you’ve been experiencing any problems, you’ll be pleased to know that the developer has now released a PC patch. The patch contains a number of fixes, as well as a couple of interesting changes.

As Sehran over on the gamepur.com website recently reported, the most noticeable changes of all are that the game will now allow matchmaking for gamers that purchase the downloadable Anarchy maps, as well as players being able to exit the game from the title screen using the ESCAPE key.

The new update is said to contain a fix for the problem in which the experience gains bar would sometimes overlap its UI space following matches during XP Multiplier Events and a fix for the issue in which the game would crash while reloading checkpoint following a player’s death.

Players should no longer experience the issue where the MOTD would sometimes scroll too fast after game launch either. Players’ Quick Match lobbies should now recover correctly to display ‘Searching,’ when other players leave the lobby during a map vote tally.

You can read more on the new PC patch notes via the gamepur.com website. Have you been experiencing any issues with the PC version of Bulletstorm?

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