Apple’s Eye on PC Market With New iMac in 2011

By Tina Chubb - May 3, 2011

It looks like Apple has its eye on the PC market this year, following the recent announcement of the new iMac in 2011. Although desktop PCs play a smaller role on the market than notebooks, the updated iMac all-in-one PC is expected to push Mac sales even higher this year.

As Neil Hughes over on the website recently noted, Apple saw a 23.7% sequential growth following the iMac refresh last year. Analyst Maynard Um expects a similar increase in sales this year once the newly updated iMac line hits the market.

Tuesday’s iMac update announcement has come at a crucial time for the all-in-on desktop PC, according to a previous article. Desktops Macs have unfortunately fallen from over 50 percent of Apple’s Mac shipments in 2006, to only 26% in the 2nd fiscal quarter of 2011.

However, Mac desktop PC sales have also seen a boost when the company issues a refresh on its flagship Mac product, the iMac. As announced on Tuesday, the new quad-core iMacs come with the new Thunderbolt high-speed input / output port and Sandy Bridge processors.

Are you thinking of buying a new all-in-one PC? If so, would you consider the new quad-core iMac?

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