Another take on improving iPhone 5 and iOS 5

By Peter Chubb - May 3, 2011

We recently learned that Apple could be launching two iPhone models in the fall of 2011. We do hope this to be true, but we thought we needed another take on how Apple is improving the iPhone and iOS 5. Two main features of the former is a larger screen and more powerful processor, while the later will see improvements for gaming, syncing and more.

As a consumer we all wish what we would like to see updated on the iPhone and the latest iOS, but most of them never happen; but what if you were in charge? Today’s iPhone has been having a little fun, so wanted to see what they would offer, without going to over the top. We recently learned that the iPhone 5 could come with a metal back, and not Glass, but will this happen?

A 4-inch screen is far too large, but Apple going with a 3.7-inch screen would be just about right – although we would hardly notice the difference. There have been suggestions that there will no longer be a home button, but this was also thought to be the case with the iPad 2 as well. The home button will stay, but maybe it will have a slight redesign.

One of the most needed features is the speaker, the iPhone only has one and it is not very loud. Now how awesome would it be to have stereo speakers? The design of the iPhone 4 is sleek and sexy, but some people seem to miss the curve from the previous model, so maybe a sort of hybrid is needed?

What about iOS 5? The first thing that it needs to be able to do is offer AirPrint support for other Wi-Fi printers, as well as tweaks to improve battery performance. Also there needs to be an improvement made that you have received a text, with an icon staying in a corner informing you that there is still a message waiting to be read.

However, the biggest feature needed is Cloud integration. This one does not seem as far-fetched, and could actually happen. There are so many other things that we can hope for with the fifth-generation iPhone and iOS 5, but what is at the top of your list?

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  • John

    How about solar cells in the back instead of glass or metal, my calculator has had them for decades. Put it down upside down and let the light recharge or supplement the battery. No more having converations tethered to a wall outlet or computer by a little white cable. Mind you airport wall outlets are a common meeting ground for iphone users, a bit like the water cooler. We would have to find somewhere else to get together.

  • Ira Eisenstein


  • Jody

    No.. I disagree wholeheartedly! We need a BIGGER screen.. I swear I am going with droid if Iphone does not come with 4.0 screen or larger.. 4.3 preferably. Why have all this cool technology on the phone but can't SEE it!

    • coste

      its your problem if you are blind :)) 3.7 is just perfect .. buy an ipad if you want a tablet 😉 those 4.3 inch screens are far to big ..

  • ladodger16

    GFeature needed to compete is 4g lte

    • Mike

      What did you say????

  • DrDave

    Main feature needed: the option to integrate alternative keyboards, including options like ShapeWriter. The standard keyboard just doesn't do it.