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When Will PSN Be Back Up? Security Offers Insight

Yesterday Sony held a press conference to offer an update to the ongoing issue with the PlayStation Network. Now users have been asking when will PSN be back up? Thankfully security offers insight into what changes we can expect, which we will see once the service returns

Some users will see PSN return to them this week, as of yet we still do not know what countries or states will go live first, but we are certain that those users will let us know. We have to ask ourselves why it has taken Sony so long to bring the PlayStation network back up? Just remember that Sony were not happy that someone hacked their system, and are now taking measures to make sure that it does not happen again.

Some of the new security measures that Sony is to implement includes making us change our passwords, we do not have a choice on this one. More details on these measures can be found here. Looking back at what our readers have been saying, they were not happy about having to cancel their credit cards and replace them for new ones.

This was done because we assumed that out card details had been stolen, Sony maintains that this part of our information was encrypted. However, they have said that they would be prepared to cover the cost for canceling these cards.

You can track the progress of when PSN will be up by visiting PlayStation Blogs in either Europe or the US.

When do you believe PSN will be up?



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