When Will PSN Be Back Up? Security Offers Insight

By Peter Chubb - May 2, 2011

Yesterday Sony held a press conference to offer an update to the ongoing issue with the PlayStation Network. Now users have been asking when will PSN be back up? Thankfully security offers insight into what changes we can expect, which we will see once the service returns

Some users will see PSN return to them this week, as of yet we still do not know what countries or states will go live first, but we are certain that those users will let us know. We have to ask ourselves why it has taken Sony so long to bring the PlayStation network back up? Just remember that Sony were not happy that someone hacked their system, and are now taking measures to make sure that it does not happen again.

Some of the new security measures that Sony is to implement includes making us change our passwords, we do not have a choice on this one. More details on these measures can be found here. Looking back at what our readers have been saying, they were not happy about having to cancel their credit cards and replace them for new ones.

This was done because we assumed that out card details had been stolen, Sony maintains that this part of our information was encrypted. However, they have said that they would be prepared to cover the cost for canceling these cards.

You can track the progress of when PSN will be up by visiting PlayStation Blogs in either Europe or the US.

When do you believe PSN will be up?

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  • PS3rules

    were in canada eh we need r PSN!!!!


    Ok, I love the AC seiries and I am about to finish number 1 ( note that i played ac 2 1st then AC BROtherhood) its so weird that your master betrays you and i had to go to bed after that… Until psn is back up "resquiecha De Paci" [rest in peace]…. 🙂 😮 :-[] IF PSN IN IS UP IN A BOUT A WEEK THEN SONY FTW [for the win] OK Xbox ring of death thing thats so weird. Oh and tho whatch some cool vids go to tube8.com and whach awesome homemade vids!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!¡!!!!¡

  • nerd-killer0001

    its may 11th and its still down………3 weeks without psn is really boring! i hope it comes back soon

  • Copperblack

    Still down in norway.

  • matthew robb

    still down the int he uk

    • CODWAW

      Dont worry its back up in the Uk but unforchinitlee not in the usa… ;(:::::::: that was a cry face!!!

  • MissLeigh'96

    This is getting pathetic now. Ok, so the hacker is a legend who managed to put half of the population into turmoil, but itsn't it getting a little old now? Jus' sayin', 'cause i recently got suspended from XBL for 3 months, and now this. I'm going insane, I need my fix of CoD! I admit, it was kinda cool at first that they managed to do it, although its not hard, but now its just plain annoying. BRING BACK PSN!!…Jus' saying…


    Do you guys agree that the xbox ring of death thing is just a plane wierd thing and on xbox you have to pay to go live!!!


    NEVER ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Rusty

    Still down here in canada!!!

  • Jacksiawsome

    I just want it on screw balck ops i want my mw2…sick og playing campain

  • unknown

    its still down in minneapolis too

  • sony why you dont talk about psn in lebanon
    when psn will be back in lebanon

  • sony thank you for all your hard work please make the psn back

  • unknowen

    i dont get how its back in england cos its hooked up to every user so u lied xD

  • Frank

    Still down in Denmark too…. SH!T

  • Frank

    It´s stil down here in Denmark…..

  • pimp

    is it really up????? im in skool. nd if it is im out dis bitch

  • Frank

    Here in Denmark it´s still down… Fuc…. sh.t

  • Trent

    Its finally up thank god now we just need to get black ops esculation

    • titux

      ur lucky its not up in my region

  • Trent

    It is suppost to be up on friday may 6th i did the research and made a phone call they said it will be up in some parts of the us but only a few things will be avalible like the store wont be up till the end of the month

  • cjj

    im ready now lets play already

  • bobo

    Hope they don't use this as excuse to charge us for something………………..



    • OoOoOo


  • Zonnic-_BALLA

    i think i need a life because im flipping out, mad.

  • joe

    dang may 4th and not a fu**ing thing! go to hell and rot sony! or get psn back up today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i already thought xbox was slightly better then ps3 but after this week im going to get rid of my ps3 and get a 360.

  • rossi

    so bin laden is dead, its funny what americans can do when psn is down lol

  • Raginghard


    • blahblahblah

      oooooops….. didnt realize caps was on

    • really PSN

      x box also has internet right now lol im pissed

    • paul

      yeah you need to research the differences between xbox and ps3, not just a blue ray buddy, and if you think any of what you said is true then your a moron, your addicted like a junky to a crack pipe….

  • joe

    well its may 4th and still nothin.. gettin annoyed now

  • ExtremeHell

    IT'S NOT UP YET $(q*%&(*q^%(*

  • XxmarioxX

    ur all fags

  • antsayboy

    psn back up in france woopee

  • .17hmr

    Hurry on with northern Ireland plzzzzzz…… Thanks

  • John sturzenegger

    Look at what America can do with the playstation network being down for a week kill Osama bin laden go america get off the couch and take care of @$)(

    • COD

      It mite be back up. 20 years later…. Hey its working

  • Bring psn back!

    come on sony bring cod back to the uk!!!!

  • blahblahblah

    I keep hearing this day and that day blah blah blah blah! Ive had to replace cc and deal with all this crap…. now I dont get to play much at all… maybe an hour a day if I am lucky but damnit! that is how I like to relax and Im getting sick of checking my ps3 to see if its up or not. Im just wondering how many people have gotten pissed and made videos of smashing ps3's …..
    Dear Sony,

  • Avatar

    ffs come on lolz iv had 2 weeks of solid studyin gettin a bit antsy 2 get back for some mortal kombat lol cant complain 2 much as bin bashing dragon age 2 ( fantastic) as well as having got 4 more platinums =) on prince of persia dead space extraction and dead space 2 and my long awaited final fantasy 13 platinum =) huraay 4 me

  • eve

    My house is clean, my yard is picked up, my family's had dinner 13 days in a row. Time to get back to normal.
    Bring on the games!!

  • Dvorak Sarjinskyii

    i just got my first ps3 3 days afo, and i have an xbox360 and i am eager to play online, but the PSN has disappointed me by being too weak to not combat a bunch of teenage hackers!

  • desmond

    Yea it has done me some good. I am rdy to game tho lol

  • RATdannylad

    I bet Osama bin laden wished he never left his address on the playstation network hahaha

  • Alex

    gah i don't think its up here in the uk yet i hope it is later today. i figured it would be today as it was back in japan yesterday apparently.

  • guest

    come to the uk sony!

  • Cheeto

    Bin laden is not dead..they r bullshiting anachy all the way baby. And psn fuck u I'm going histerical and I have a life aahhrrrggg!!!!!.

  • kevin

    when is psn back in canada?

  • Hamburger

    Its been a good break, but now im all basketballed out and sunburnt, time for Blops Sony Cmon now lol

  • david

    in usa?


    I'm ok with it. The down time didn't affect me as I played Call of Duty Classic offline and got me a Shiny Platinum Trophy (#50). no big deal. I already have PS+ so hopefully the FREE Downloads are cool. Either way, i'll be loyal to SONY. Not being able to play online multiplayer isn't the 'End of the World' as it is to some people (whiners). Those type of people should get their heads checked.

  • sony rules

    You cant blame sony for this, then tryed there best to save as menny peoples data as posabel, i hope it is back up soon, sonys email to me said it should be back up midweek, so that could be tuesday, wednesday or thersday, but i have a feeling it should be back tomo, but i cant guarantee it. hope you injoy psn when its back up.

  • Colin

    About time!!!! It's back up in uk!!!

    • Nicole

      is it really?

  • Dude i just want psn back up….i also have an xbox 360..but i cant play battlefield bad company 2…with my friends on ps3…that really sucks its like going 2 rehab for that game…hope they get it fixed by this weekend..

  • *•.HeadHunter.•*

    When if finally does come on, there's gonna be so many people trying to play that there will be a system overload and it will crash again!! Haha

  • Tom*

    First thing you're gonna do when it comes back up?

    Black Ops for me! 🙂

  • Xbox sucks

    A 2 week break from video games is just what we all needed. Maybe this will have broken some of the holds video games have on us.

  • Richie

    I believe it's later on today or early tomorrow morning it will be back online

  • steved

    yeah….you know they would fix it for them first


    🙁 i miss bc2 anyone who's down to play with me when PSN returns?! Lol

    • Daniel

      sure im down for a bit of bad company 2 lol, add Xx-Raptor-A4-xX when psn is back, i play uc2 alot to and killzone 3. psn will be back any minute now in Europe, a friend in Spain got psn up now so it should be back soon.

    • freshfrank

      Me too, i`m having BC2 withdraw-ell systems going cold-turkey does`t suit me lol.

    • ya…im down for palying some bc2 with you…my gamertag is recongold…you can send me a friend request when psn is back up and running…pce 🙂

    • ivan

      im down add merkmasta12

    • xrambox55

      add me when its back my name is xrambox55 and maybe we can play black ops also,

      • CODWAW


    • CODWAW

      I like BBC TOO!!!!

    • Silver

      add Stormshire

    • envyknyte4

      i will

    • Tyler


  • ???

    psn back up in china, japan and parts of america come on sony uk today please 🙂

  • a guy

    lol xbox was down for 17 days in 07



  • lee

    im angry because im on my school easter holidays and for the whole holidays ive had no PSN which pi**es me off because this is what I love doing the most chilin with mates on PSN

  • mike

    i hope its by may7th my bday oh yea.

    • CODWAW

      Cool mines on feb. 29

      • COCO

        shut upp CODWAW! you're commenting way to much on this

  • dosh bag

    i subscribe 2 whiteboy on utube nd he sed it wud b bak up on may 3 rd



    • danny

      What ;[

    • matt

      This is a lie…Easy to tell if the UK servers are up from eu.playstation.com

    • Moron Spotter

      Wow…you're so amusing…ha ha ha well done…

  • Tanmay

    so will psn be back tonight in england? im not sure of anythingg, i got a ps3 the wednesday it crashed, haa, oh well- – i hope it comes back tonight

  • damo

    everyone will be raging on cod lol. i think its gunna be fun.

  • Abbie

    How do u no its up in japan Jack

    • CODWAW

      Do you like ac brotherhood, Abbie?

  • volkan

    The playstion peoples are just looking for the guy that hacked the psn… cause playstion cant find the problem that the guy hacked! so it can take 2 more weeks guys.
    I know this information because mine uncel is working at the dutch playstation company!

  • jack

    yeah psn is back in japan

    • Shivina

      Japan is down still i have 4 PSN accounts which r all down

      • slaton

        it could be up…if u dont have a japanese IP address it wont log u in also they have a new firmware out for every body…yes we can go to the store but we are still using usa servers….u can have every country in the psn as accounts and still u r usin usa servers…cause u cant login doesnt mean its not up in those countries

    • Charlie

      is this true? that means it cant be too long for the other regions right?

    • pimp

      effin japs

      • CODWAW

        Dont say that thats rasist!!!!!

    • CODWAW

      Its not i have a friend in japan and his is off to

    • CODWAW

      Its not i have a friend in japan and his is off to

  • Redwan

    Please let It Come back tomorrow. it better be back

    • CODWAW

      I no dude.

  • Trav

    I also heard 3rd of may (so tomorrow), but we can only wait and see.

    • Redwan

      Yep we can

    • paul

      yeah, they also said 1 to 2 days down two weeks ago…. and then it was "early this week"…. then it was by the end of the week…. sorry but Im losing trust in what sony has to say anymore…. but hey we can hope for the best I guess… Im just glad I didnt get rid of my xbox…

    • CODWAW

      My online names seltyrack you up for some AC BROTHERHOOD, Trav?

  • joe

    Its today or tomorrow, and everybody saying oh i wish i kept my xbox or they sold there ps3 because of this are pathetic… xbox live went down for 14 days last year, if you cant find sumet to do for a week or 2 witout ya ps3 you need a life

    • john

      why the hell do you even come on this forum just to run your yap dude some people have great interest in playing games dude dont mean they dont have a life just cause they play games fag

    • shawn

      its not the ps3 im worried about its my information that might be stolen

    • ben

      yh but when xbox went down they fixed it made it better and compansated gold members what do we get from sony i know its a free software but come on ps3 is more expensive they include psn membership for life in the cost of the console this was stated when the ps3 1st came out the ps3 is much better than the 360 and this is also why sony are not aloud to charge for this service as it was a contract with customers to say it is in the total cost


    Is it today but i heard its wednesday

  • BiLLy-92-RaMSaY

    hopefully today i keep hearing that its going to be may 3rd but it does not say that on sony's website so i think that, that is a load of shit .

  • guest

    Why cant sony give a date

    • JackFCDPS

      Because if unforseen circumstances arise in the coming days, then Sony can have a 'fallback' strategy in which they can say "we never specified when PSN would be back online". In other words, covering their a*ses!

  • Bill

    I hope so.

  • Youtube.com/Nummb3rs



  • SkinnyBin

    today ffs i just got my 1st ps3!

  • j-kid

    duno i just want it on know please bring it on

  • paul

    wish it would hurry getting fed up now should of not got rid of my xbox 360 2 weeks ago

    • ben

      i did the exact same mate got rid of the 360 as all the lads said ps3 so got one 4 days later psn down no call of duty :@

    • Jack

      i do then exact same thing except i brought mine sunday thinking sony would have resolved the problem, but i guess japan have bigger problems at the moment

  • Dhaval

    I think may the 3rd

    • hayd8

      My mate said is monday 2nd of may

    • HibsBoy82

      is that for britain tho m8 as av heard its goona be different time's fur different countries

    • sal

      i hope man

    • jc199710

      i hope it comes on may 3 i cant wait to play cod black ops if you have black ops write back and tell me you id and i willl tell you mine.one more thing where are you from i am from canada.i will add you is that alll right

    • no hen

    • bob

      well its now may 7th i really want it up before may 17th or i will not get the new fallout dlc