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PlayStation Network (PSN): Online Status – Japan is Live, Possible Dates for US, UK

We have some good news for those of you who are asking when will the psn will be back up, as it looks like Sony are now delivering on their promise to bring the PlayStation Network back online this week, as reports are suggesting that service has already resumed in Japan.

Sony hasn’t confirmed this yet, but there are already a collection of Twitter, and Facebook status updates saying that online play on the PS3 is now back to normal for Japanese gamers – head to this page to see for yourself.

Unfortunately though, we can’t say the same for US and other gamers around the world, as we can confirm that the service is still unavailable. However, according to previous Sony estimates, the service should be back online by tomorrow, May 3rd. This has been clarified in this article over at IGN.

It’s a shame Sony didn’t give us an official date, but maybe there’s still a few major problems that need to be fixed up during this week first. Obviously we’re hoping this isn’t the case though and the PSN does indeed come online again at some point tomorrow.

How many of you are predicting it will be back on May 3rd, and how many of you have heard otherwise? Are you dying to get back into Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat? Either way, we’ll soon know if it finally comes back online tomorrow.



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