PlayStation Network (PSN): Online Status – Japan is Live, Possible Dates for US, UK

By Alan Ng - May 2, 2011

We have some good news for those of you who are asking when will the psn will be back up, as it looks like Sony are now delivering on their promise to bring the PlayStation Network back online this week, as reports are suggesting that service has already resumed in Japan.

Sony hasn’t confirmed this yet, but there are already a collection of Twitter, and Facebook status updates saying that online play on the PS3 is now back to normal for Japanese gamers – head to this page to see for yourself.

Unfortunately though, we can’t say the same for US and other gamers around the world, as we can confirm that the service is still unavailable. However, according to previous Sony estimates, the service should be back online by tomorrow, May 3rd. This has been clarified in this article over at IGN.

It’s a shame Sony didn’t give us an official date, but maybe there’s still a few major problems that need to be fixed up during this week first. Obviously we’re hoping this isn’t the case though and the PSN does indeed come online again at some point tomorrow.

How many of you are predicting it will be back on May 3rd, and how many of you have heard otherwise? Are you dying to get back into Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat? Either way, we’ll soon know if it finally comes back online tomorrow.

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  • so i will have to change my codes? how can u change your codes?

  • kleurstyles

    wtf, why can japan have psn like ususal and the rest of the world not!!!? bullshit
    and 2 days went to a week, 2 weeks, may 5th, again 2 days and now may 31….what's next SONY, crap-developpers that can't even fix their own creation, no, they need 2 months, well thx. i bet a lot of my friends got a xbox or … so thank u SONY for the QUICK repair & lies

  • fedup

    why is nobody upset at not being told anything about restart date

  • AnxiousArdtard

    You guys really need to do some SIMPLE research before you claim and post ANYTHING. Clearly, a source or even basic research would have easily told you that the PSN was NOT working in Japan.

    Biggest FAIL ever.

    This site just lost a LOT of credibility.

  • richard

    if there was still problems regarding psn japanese gamers wouldnt be able to get online like the rest of us who agrees

  • 0ldZk00lG4M3Rz

    Oh yeah!! cant wait to get online and resume my PACMAN game… COD's for sissies.. DK 4 life man… (can't you feel the irony in my tone?)

  • Dave mc

    I have tried 20 times to access it nothing … Looks like Friday 2 pm

  • poop

    liers psn is no yet back??

  • Boots&LegsDJs

    Super Nintendo Live is coming before PSN,

    Does anybody actually have any knowledge as to what is going on?

    Sick of these kids saying it will be up tomorrow when sony has never said, 'Yes, the network will be back at 2.00pm on Thursday afternoon.'

  • PSN

    Damm i Really want to play online so bad.
    & To SUPER_MEXICAN_13 i played you before.
    nigga is raw as fuck lol (:

  • super_mexican_13

    Well I want to play online I heard that the trophies are going to erase PSN Im waiting WTF I have 60% in black ops of trophies and I read some stuff that it was going to come back on Sunday.. SUPER_MEXICAN_13 online ID add me.

    • romped.out.norte

      super rat 13. nice

  • sniperassasin282

    its almost 2 o'clock and still no online. just home for lunch. i got kz3, bc2 homefront, mag, and nfs and can't wait to play wheni get off. ia also have an x-box but cant bring myself to pay for online gaming

  • Middletownreppa

    Yea this middletownreppa im a ps3 freak im arguing wit my babii mom cursn her out all cuz she doesnt get the fact that I need my ps3 wit my smkn thats wat I do go to wrk get off smk a dutch then play some blk ops thats my life nd thats the way I wanna keep it so plzzzz man plzzz turn the internet bac on plus, so my ppls can stp talkn shit on me cuz he has an xbox…

  • Aaron

    I'm staying with sony playstation because I need to get my psp go up and running hopefully with my ten games from the promotion that is still running at the moment.It has been boring without my psp go because of the network down.

  • primote

    lairs still down

  • relyt19

    please someone tell me when the hell its coming back! im so sick of all these people acting like they know whats happening> does anyone know anything?

  • msksl

    fack sony ><

  • DanielGaming02

    Waiting to play MW2, sick of campaign, even though Special Ops is a great thing to do with two people.

  • Appie

    Well, I heard from one of my friends, that the psn was attacked again, a whille after it was set online..


    • Gazza

      i have been told this to but there are sighns of it on the web can any one help with matter

  • rick


  • Anika

    I´m waiting too. hope psn goes online, soon 🙂

  • Gaskilla

    Glad I have an xbox too. Demon's souls is my #1 game on PS3 and it's just not any fun without seeing those phantom players run past you and die. Sony's network has never impressed me. The interface is way to busy, feels clunky. Xbox is cleaner, much faster, updates take seconds compared to 30 and 40 minutes for ps3. Not to mention that most popular games make it to the xbox long before the ps3. I love my ps3, mostly because of the exclusive releases, but if I had to choose between my xbox and my ps3, XBOX every time.

  • Rush

    Honestly I really don't mind waiting any longer for it to come back up. When Playstation Network went down, it gave people a chance to do other things. It wasn't such a big deal that it went down, but some people are thinking it's the end of their life just because that happened. I've been dying to play Mortal Kombat online some more since I got all the offline trophies for it. Well hopefully it'll be back up tomorrow anyway, so I'll just wait patiently like a good boy. 🙂

  • cosimo

    when sony doesnt make the psn online in the next time i swich to xbox and i make my ps3 broken

  • Cuzzy10

    Played heavenly sword finally completed it during downtime

  • Cuzzy10

    Downtime made me finally complete heavenly sword. Great launch game now playing it on hell mode. Miss cod though. Crysis is ball so's kz bbc2 okay

  • danny maynard

    been playing homefront,done that,kane n lynch,done c2,troy,fallout now im getting bored its the 3rd still no psn sony ya a let down,


    im moving to japan (too bad i cant read or speak japaneese 🙁 :3)

  • bahaha

    well i just tryed goin on in aus but it still doesnt work :/

  • roberto galvan

    is it may 3 or may 4th diffrent stories going around, we want free pack to for balck opps, we earn it after this shut down

  • MWsRAGE_5

    come on you noobs, its all about resistance fall of man and mag, or what? yall cant aim and need 3 hits to kill??

  • tunz

    Socom 4 tomm cant wait

  • imagirl

    i like black ops

  • anxious_115

    Japan always gets everything first in the technological world : /

    • AnxiousArdtard

      Uhh..yeah, no shit sherlock! Sony is a Japanese company… What did u expect, ardtard?

  • HUPTgaming

    "Osama Bin Laden" shouldn't have entered his real Emal address into PSN, unfortunately things didn't end up too well for him. R.I.P

  • Kenneth Russell

    man they need to F****** hurry up



  • Dave

    finally going to be able to go and murder some of those whiners in so COD Black Ops………it will be funny to see all the whinney crap on here and then hear all u whine on there lol…..See Ya out there signed Bourgeon1

  • Jbomb

    mw2 here I come!

  • XboxIsBetterThanPS3

    "Adolf Hitler was confirmed dead on May 1, 1945. May 1, 2011 Osama Bin Laden was confirmed dead."

  • panson808

    i heard it was wednesday

  • PsnForLife

    i hope hes not lying but if its true then thank you for posting it

  • Edward Elric

    Just so people know, you can still use Netflix with PSN down. Keep trying to sign in while Netflix loads in the background and it will let you in after a minute or less. 🙂

  • Da iRiSH MeNTaLiiST

    Crysis 2. Killzone 3 AND Homefront O.O cant wait

  • wanna kill some noobs in CoD and continue my streak in SvR11 hope its back tonight…

  • bangbang196

    socom 4 here i come coop baby BANGBANG196

  • cyrus the virus



    I'm ok with it. The down time didn't affect me as I played Call of Duty Classic offline and got me a Shiny Platinum Trophy. no big deal. I already have PS+ so hopefully the FREE Downloads are cool. Either way, i'll be loyal to SONY. Not being able to play online multiplayer isn't the 'End of the World' as it is to some people (whiners). Those type of people should get their heads checked.

    • D…

      Right I mean since you're handling the outage ok, everyone else should too right? How dare I moan and complain about something that sucks. I'm seriously going to get my head checked because, you're right, complaining and whining are certainly not normal traits of a human being- 🙂

      all in good fun homie

    • branden

      i hear u on that 1

    • StraYBullet55

      haha i have the platinum…its the end of the world to me because i go to college and its finals week and i dont have a test or work for two more days hahah. and dont think im some fat fuck ethier…but i can whine if i want ahaha

  • yousuckcock

    Crysis 2 is were it's at 😉

  • RGrins

    Bad Compamy 2 baby

    • natasha

      I play bad company 2 on hardcore, if you do add me Miss_Tasha_1992 and VoLcOm_NATASHA Rank 50 on my Miss Tasha Acc 🙂

  • DarthDiggler

    Man no one cites any effing sources now. Thanks for that PR (dick wads)

    There is your source.

  • DeadBluebird

    I'm just waiting to play Black Ops. I've got to start training for the MLG Pro Circuit again.

  • somebody

    Head to what page to see for ourselves? How about check your facts instead of reporting crap, morons

  • Don Otter

    black ops i need black ops

    • MIKE

      i need mine Black Opps TOO

    • branden

      black opps sucks butthole mw2

  • Kevin

    Socom 4, my gun is dusty. (That's what she said) R.I.P Michael Scott



  • Scott

    Looking forward to playing some killzone 3 and shift 2 online

  • Bryan


  • jeter skeet is gay


  • Peter Lothsen

    This website sucks !

  • Maurice

    the break has been good…found myself playing some rachet and clank…lol

    • perry gomez

      lol me too also playing the bots on local split screen

  • WindSorceress32

    I can't wait to get back into the network. 😀 I NEED to get Mileena's classic outfit on Mortal Kombat!

    • Logan

      trade you

    • Gryffin19

      Complete challenge tower #300 for one costume, buy the other in Krypt. Don't need PSN for those

  • Wood

    I'm with you jeter.

  • edoggie

    yes its def DUTY TIME!!! EDOGGIE is ready

  • connor edwrads

    come we need it to be on-line or player are saying there going back on x box so plz put ps3 back on-line

    • Man I love ps3 nd dnt wanna go to xbox bt its lookn more nd more like I am I need ps3 in my life im at my crib cursn my babii mom out evry day cuz I b havn a attitude nd she dnt get it I need blck ops to have fun nd smk nd play I need it so turn it oonnnn….plzzzz

    • NoName

      yeah, definitely been playing xbox for the last few weeks. had a look at the new maps and call of the dead is pretty sweet.

  • carloseben

    BFBC2 is where it's at!

    • matt

      so right carloseben

    • Dan G.

      waiting for Battlefield 3 now

    • itzjeremy

      nobdoy plays that anymore. it would be fun if anybody did but… all the servers had went into maintenance forever. well at least on the ps3. and i hope for playstationn network to come back online too.

      • JoBlo

        CoD is a mediocre FPS franchise Battlefield is where its at. And BFBC2 was and still is amazing, BF3 should put the nail in CoDs coffin

  • jeter skeet is gay

    CoD was made for little kids & FPS nOObs

    • Fook uu

      Man cod is 17 and up. Not for kids u dead weight

      • mutmuch-wif

        dead weight for sure!!

        • HAHAHA

          And what was your momma made FOR !?!?!?

  • parkway89

    yewwww cant wait for cod, get crackin' sony, im having withdrawals for cod



    • branden

      4 SURE

  • sdv

    mw2 is better imo! love it

    • Dan G.

      i've got to disagree. Black ops is better…MW2 is outdated and people have hacked the crap out of it.

      • MoSTRroO

        Even World at War is better then B.O.

        • Dan G.

          that's fine. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion

  • rob

    I think it be up today,

  • jeter skeet

    Waiting to play cod mw2 and black ops

    • prof dickweed

      waiting to use my netflix that i pay a monthly fee for! VERY UNHAPPY about having to login to psn to use netflix.

      • Surinity

        you can still use using it..all you have to do is everytime it say log on..logg on it will tell you u cant then press square or circle..and there you go

    • PrincessPeach

      me too. I'm itching to kill some zombies.

      • branden

        haha lol

    • david

      yo me 2 add on psn daktariakamr808 i ply mw2 and mk

      • branden

        cant wait mann

      • Ryumoau

        Add me on psn: Ryumoau

    • Klutch

      cod mw2.. x-Kingz-x-Klutch .. hardcore search

    • osn

      add me fastcar786 SND hardecorew everything

      • titi

        add me too!! for Black ops! Psn: XxdatfaggyluvsyaxX
        i like it hardcore specialy for Search and Destroy<3

    • shapeol

      doesn't everybody? 🙂