Most Have Stamina For Droid Bionic Release Date

By Jamie Pert - May 2, 2011

We have heard quite a lot about the Motorola Droid Bionic getting its release date delayed lately, now we have some interesting feedback from our readers to tell you about regarding whether people will wait for the highly anticipated smartphone.

In our previous post we asked the question: “Are you still determined to get the Motorola Droid Bionic?”, over 1100 votes have now been cast and we can tell you that 74% of our readers who answered the poll said that there were still determined despite all of the setbacks.

The release date delays are said to be due to feedback received at CES 2011 earlier this year, since then we have seen its specs taken off the Motorola website and talk of a new form-factor, despite all of this there is still lots of interest.

Some people claim that they have given up waiting for the Droid Bionic, however only 10% of our readers said this, I guess its 4G LTE connectivity, 4.3inch display, dual-core processor and 8 megapixel camera are hard to overlook.

If Apple release the iPhone 5 in June it will really test those passionate fans of the Droid Bionic, will they give up or stay loyal? We will have to wait and see. Perhaps Motorola could announce a release date before Apple’s infamous June keynote.

What is it about the Droid Bionic which keeps you waiting?

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  • Dannyboy

    No one cares about iphone 5! People waiting for Droid Bionic are most likely hardened Android followers who know that high-end Android phones have at least a 1-year head start on the trendy Apple phone in terms of technology. No magical Apple gadget is going to come along and wisk anyone away from the Android camp. I'm not debating with myself weather to get iphone 5 or Droid Bionic. For me the choice is clear.

  • Eric

    I'm waiting for the Targa instead.

    • Aram Peers

      Motorola is taking the form factor and the features of the Targa and giving it the name Droid Bionic 

    • Aram Peers

      Motorola is taking the form factor and the features of the Targa and giving it the name Droid Bionic 

  • Cooly

    I'm hoping that the "good things come to those who wait" adage applies here..the waiting is painful, but I have no problem with them delaying to make improvements..the specs sound so wonderful that it would be a shame if it was done in by fatal flaws (antenna-gate, bad battery life, etc)

  • Don

    I'm waiting until the device is available. I've got a phone that works fine and I'm on a month to month with it until the Bionic is available. I am glad they are working on a new form factor because I found the current device somewhat boring and unimaginative. Motorola has probably addressed the battery issue which is clobbering the HTC Thunderbolt sales. All I can say is Motorola get the lead our! We want to buy the Bionic! 🙂

  • Ike

    I wonder how much of the delay is to blame on motorola? It could be Verizon's LTE is not ready for devices yet. It did go down last week for reasons yet to be explained. The motorola zoom is ready to run on LTE when it is ready from Verizon…..nothing has been said as to when yet from Verizon. All the other carriers get the phones first, ex. Atrix (bionics sister) on AT&T. I'm getting sick of Verizons delays and last to get good phones. They think cause they have better coverage that will keep customers. What will they do when AT&T gets approval to buy T mobile?

  • Mark

    What about Sprint's Evo 3D. Sounds like a great phone. If it's out before the Bionic…I'm buying it!

  • Adam

    I'm still rocking my Droid1. Nothing else interested me enough to make the switch.. until I saw the Bionic announced back in January. LTE+DualCore proc and Motorola's WebTop Linux-based OS built into the thing will keep me waiting. I found I really like Motorola's hardware and accessories. I use the Droid's multimedia dock at home: Easy desktop charger, and auto-flips the Droid into clock mode (so my phone is my alarm clock, with custom alarm tones). I just hope, if looking at the Atrix is an indication, that they have a simple desktop charger in addition to the desktop-psycho-media-interface (that had the USB ports for keyboard/mouse for the webtop OS). I just don't want to pay like $40 for a desktop charger, when I have no reason to have the other ports on my nightstand.

    Although, I did see the review of Samsung's Galaxy S2 and daaaamn did it look impressive (although the review I ready said it was inbound to T-Mobile in the US). Meh. Again, I await the Bionic.

    "Changing form factors" says to me they're going to take another phone and hang the bionic name on it, since the current one (rumored) to have quite a few issues.

    I have no problems waiting, so long as it's as tight as Motorola can make it when it finally does release.

  • Deuce

    Motorola is really just getting on my nerves with their delays on the Bionic. I'm so tempted to jump ship and switch over to apple but like Linda said previously, I have never admired the one size fits all concept that Apple has implemented into their products. Although, waiting for the Bionic has been an emotional ache on my soul. I have the ORIGINAL Droid which I bought the day it first came out and I paid the "no contract" price and I have been paying for that mistake ever since. So now I'm looking for redemption, you might say. I'm going to look into the Samsung Galaxy 3, The Droid 3, and keep an eye out for the LG Revolution as well. Alright… back to the wait..

  • Denis K

    There is not much of a choice at the moment for an LTE phone. I don't think iPhone 5 will have LTE, so it's really not a competitor. At least not for me, any phone I buy will need to have LTE connectivity. I don't care if it's Bionic or anything else, as long as the specs are as good or better and LTE is there.

  • rick

    My interest in the Bionic is solely on Nvidia's dual core Tegra AP with Verizon's 4G. Without either of those there's nothing of interest short of iPhone 5 via Verizon 4G….someday, or an Atrix like product via Verizon.

  • Sean

    Hope is why I'm waiting. I live in an area that has 4G. So far, I'm not impressed with the two phones, Thunderbolt and Charge, that are carried by verizon. I have no reason to get an awesome 3G phone. I'm hoping that by the end of summer, there will be some great 4G phones to choose from. I'm hoping that Bionic comes with 2.3, with the video chat integrated into 2.3.
    So, I'm waiting because there are no other phones that are for sale right now that I want! I'm waiting because I have no other choice!

  • jtrip

    I was waiting on the Droid Bionic but have recently caught word of the Samsung Galaxy s3. If the Bionic is a summer release then I'll wait a few more months too see what the s3 has to offer. If what I've read so far is true of the s3 then that will be my choice.

  • Linda

    I'm waiting for the Bionic. I have never liked the Apple's one size fits all idea with computers and I don't like it in a phone. I like to play and droid allows for more freedom in that department. I'm a photographer and I love the larger display area of the Bionic. Also, the HDMI out, will come in handy for displaying photo portfolios on the go. Repair of an iphone in my area is not close (70 miles away) Verizon can take care of many issues with there droid phones in house or arrange for a warranty replacement themselves.