More differences between white iPhone 4 and black

By Jamie Pert - May 2, 2011

You may remember our previous post which revealed that the white iPhone 4 is thicker than the standard version, now thanks to a recent GSMArena post we can confirm that there are more significant differences.

The white iPhone 4 has been opened up and the photos show that there is a different camera lens and proximity sensor, Apple has never revealed this, therefore we guess that there are no significant changes brought by this, perhaps the proximity sensor had to be changed to cope with the different material used for the white casing.

We are not sure how in-depth the white iPhone 4 teardown went, therefore there may be more significant changes yet to be revealed, if we find out anything interesting we will be sure to keep you posted.

We would love to hear from you if you own both the white iPhone 4 and the original iPhone 4, have you noticed and subtle differences (excluding what we already know)? If so, let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Mike

    Just go for the white one. The new release would have new fixes and minor upgrades even though Apple didn't reveal.

  • J Jones

    I was about to purchase a white iphone4 only to be warned by a salesperson that due to the slight difference in size the white version can cause problems when purchasing cases to fit, for this reason I chose to stick with black, however I have to return my black iphone as it's speakers don't work as they should, upon returning the black I'm in two minds – should I risk choosing white as it does look nicer and I'm sure the case issue won't be too much of a problem … or will it ? decisions … decisions !!

    • albert

      it wont be a problem…they are the same size i compared my white to my mother's black iphone