Iron Diamond SUV for Ladies: Male Drivers Stay Clear

By Alan Ng - May 2, 2011

We have a treat for our female readers now, as a new vehicle has emerged on to the scene, more specifically the 2011 Iron Diamond SUV for ladies. We have some pictures to show you of the model, as well as a list of features which make this perfect for female auto lovers.

It’s no secret that fasionable ladies also like to be spectacular in the auto department like men, and the Iron Diamond SUV will give women the perfect chance to arrive to events and meetings in style. For starters, the vehicle will be bulletproof, just in the occassions when you accidentally drive through the set of a hollywood action movie (yeah right!), and it will also feature eight built-in cameras with monitors to assist those having difficulty with parking.

This vehicle also includes 3 doors only, which is a security feature to protect women who like to put their handbag on the next seat – a usual highlight for would be thieves, but not with with the Iron Diamond SUV. More exciting perhaps, is the fact that ladies will be able to choose from as many as 10 skins for their Iron Diamond, with themes such as crocodile, snake, whale, chameleon, elephant and more.

You can view a full picture gallery of this ladies-only SUV over at AutoBlog. If you are a female reading this, let us know your thoughts on it – do you want to own one of these?

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  • D. Witherspoon


  • Dara

    An insult to all women!!

  • Cassy

    Please say this is a joke. HORRIBLE.

  • Andrea

    Why on earth would I want to own let alone drive what is essentially an armored car? It may be a little bit prettier but basically the same underneath. I really don't see this having any kind of staying power.

  • Jan

    OMG. If this was designed by a lady, she either has a large mustache or wears a burkah. In the real world, this sucks. UGLY isn't even the word. And can you say misogynist?

  • Michelle

    bulletproof, eight built-in cameras with monitors, 3 doors only, which is a security feature & choose from as many as 10 skins for their Iron Diamond, with themes such as crocodile, snake, whale, chameleon, elephant and more.

    I Don't Think The Lady That Needs ALL This Should Even Be Behind The Wheel Of ANY Car, Truck or SUV

  • Deborah

    This is a joke, right? It looks like a Hummer and probably cost about as much! Might work for a high-profile woman in a big town where she is scared of the guy next to her but not the average "lady".

    • Gianni

      Yes, I agree with you. A weak girl, feels herself protected and powerful behind this wheel and nobody can stop her when she decides to drive away…

  • Anonymous

    I'm actually offended that you would think any one who isn't a spoiled celebutant would want one.

  • James

    Epic Fail!!! No women are going to drive that. It looks like a military vehicle, and it is way too big. I'm a dude, and other than the "Iron Diamond" written in cursive on the third door, I would totally rock that truck!!!

  • Rindakota

    I like this suv. i would love to have one

  • DEB

    Honestly? Not really attractive…I think it will be more of a status symbol and short lived trend.

    • C.J.

      Agreed. I was noticing a potential for obstructed vision on the "blind spots". Attempting to look over your right shoulder to check for traffic when lane changing from the left to the right might pose a big problem. Not much window space to see what's going on on your right rear quarter panel area (is there a car there or a motorcyclist?).