iPhone 5 Rumors: Beauty, brawn, brains and mini-me

By Peter Chubb - May 2, 2011

We still cannot not be certain when Apple will announce to the world the release of the iPhone 5, it still could be at WWDC 2011 or even in September, so we thought we would look at all the latest iPhone 5 rumors. Beauty, brawn, brains and mini-me seems to be the topic of discussion when it comes to the much-anticipated handset, but what does it mean?

This time last year we already knew what the iPhone 4 looked like, due to one being left in a bar, but this year we do not have that, so most of what we know has been down to speculation and rumor. Most rumors suggest that the 5th-generation model will be very similar to the current iPhone, but with a few tweaks here and there.

Leaked images of the handset in question has already been doing the rounds, and some current owners are upset that it looks very similar to the one they already have. Having said that, you have to remember that the iPhone 4 has some great features, so you could not expect Apple to do another complete overhaul.

CNET UK has learned that Apple will do away with the glass back and use aluminum instead, which will hopefully offer some strength to the iPhone 5. The reason for this is the fact that some devices were cracking. The new model could also come with a larger screen, which to some is a much-needed feature – lets hope that it does not spoil its clarity?

iOS 5 would be the mobile operating system this time round, but again this is just speculation. We would assume that Apple would increase the storage capacity on the new model, as well as upgrade key hardware components, such as an A5 processor used in the iPad 2, as well as more RAM. NFC is another feature that seems to be big at the moment, so it would be stupid for Apple to leave this one out.

One final thing, and one rumor that has been doing the rounds for the past couple of years now, a smaller iPhone. We have high hopes that an iPhone Nano will finally be launched, but will it be in 2011?

What iPhone 5 rumors do you believe so far?

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  • Will

    The iphone rumors i believe are that they get the parts to build iphones from a company who pay their workers 65p an hour and force them to sign contracts which "forbids the workers to commit suicide".Stand up Foxconn ,and Apple for pushing human rights back into the 17th century,but if thats what it takes to get these products out on time a guess the fanboys deserve it.