When PSN Online, Milking The Free PS3 Downloads

By Gary Johnson - May 1, 2011

The PlayStation Network has been unavailable to PS3 owners for best part of two weeks now, but earlier today we told you about the Sony press conference held about the matter. They announced the service will be back online in the coming days, and also some freebies for users. When PSN is online, will you be milking the free PS3 downloads?

Sony announced that the PSN service will begin to be restored by region shortly with enhanced security. The company also announced a ‘Welcome Back’ program which is to thank its loyal customers for their patience during the downtime.

Customers will offered some PlayStation content to download free of charge, with more details to follow on a regional bases. There will also be free access for 30 days to the PlayStation Plus service for existing PSN users. Current members of the PlayStation Plus service will also receive 30 days free of charge.

We are wondering if the appreciation program announced by Sony will be enough for some users. Also will they make the most of the free access time? Take part in our poll below and tell us what you make of the freebies being offered by Sony.

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  • Karl

    I think someone needs to learn how to speak English. But it is an announcement that sony will bring PSN back online 1-7th of may. and i trust them.

  • PSN <3

    Im very gald that Im hearing this small info…but still upset that I didnt plzy for 2 weeks ..and Im not apatient girl !! And I just neeed the psn to comeback without any excuse w ettha b3d mara 9akoww bechufoon !! W ana 7dy mt39ba …I just need psn to come back …and Im sure its coming tmw ..wednesday ! 😐 We ll just have to waiit ..And Im sure they will bring it up when I will have my exams !!! ON MAY 20 :@ HOPE IT COMES TMW ..:(

  • Jason

    So is the 30 days going to start when we as players can get back online or when The PS store does? If its when we get online, i heard the store will be like another 2 weeks, so we end up with only 2 weeks.

  • ali


  • Guest

    hopefully everyone will learn from this incident and use prepaid cards or gift cards instead (like me),

  • Dill

    Y'all just need to shut up and be patient. Psn got hacked and that is that. It will be back when it gets back. Go outside and play something. All y'all 360 fan boys just need to leave cause I ain't never going 360. Microsoft has got hacked plenty more time than this.

  • lazarus137666

    Who doesnt know that there are big bad hackers in the world? If u put ur info i.e. Credit card #, ssn, email, etc… Online there's a chance for someone to get it. Thats y they make pre-paid credit cards and psn cards. Seems pointless to me to get mad at scea. Get mad at the damn hackers if anyone. Sony isnt responsible to give us anything really. As far as complaining about what they do give… No way they can please everyone, so put down ur sense of entitlement and enjoy the freebies as much as possible. I for one will just be glad to be able to get back to owning people. The freebies r just icing on the cake.

  • Nally84

    How about free Escalation Map packs for Call of Duty. PSN better be running fast as when that comes out!!

  • Simom

    Sorry but until we all know where the stolen information as gone, Sony will not be able to repay the most fundamental part of our lives, Privacy !!!! , none of the 77million customers can really feel safe or appeased until Sony find the culprits who stole our private data and possible more if they use it.
    Those of you who believe this is some sort of revenge for the Holtz affair and find it funny should think twice, What if your details have been stolen by some sort of Fraud ring who like to clone Identities to steel money and steal your money!!! or your life. Good luck in getting your life back because it will be hell for many years to come, or worse?

    PS I will still be raping PSN of all its free offers even though I would have had the free offers anyway as a continued subscriber to PSN + Which means the free 30days will not be noticed unless I get credited 30days worth of cash to my account?????

  • ALAN


    • Benedict


  • Dave

    I have both but use the ps3 the most because it is a better console + the controller is actually user friendly.! The online is the same for both the xbox and ps3 but the ps3 is free.! It not Sony fault and they have done a good job of fixing the problem.!

  • bizarro

    Quit your bitching.
    We all know it sony's fault they know about this for about 3-4 days be for saying anying.

  • controlik

    so go to xbox then sony did a good job in fixing this problem thanks sony!

  • simon

    not good enough, i am allready a ps+ acount holder, i'm not going to see any benifit from this, total waste of my time even reading this.. not happy, if i was on xbox, i would probebly get about 3 years free subscription for this service being down this lenth of time.. its only down an hour and the get 10 credits put in ther account!! i feal like i've had my leg lifted, if you know what i mean!!

    • A-T

      yeah you get a month extra free.. plus the free crap not including the discounts you already have… Not to mention they are considering replacing credit cards at their cost if you feel your credit card has been compromised. And considering that in the TOS they said that the FREE service comes "As is" I would consider yourself lucky Maddog and everyone that you are getting anything at all.

    • Crowsy

      Xbob was done for 11 days some time ago and they were refunded for the missed days. Don't know where you got this 3 years from.

      • A-T

        He thinks that every server except sony's is safe from intrusion even though the FBI, pay pal and a few other banks have been hacked in recent years. and hes just a spoiled 16 year old, (or at least acts like it) expecting everything in this world to be handed out to them. ITS FREEEEEEEE. nobody said you had to spend your money just to get demo's early, and get discounts.. 😛 seriously.. go to xbox guaranteed microsoft is one of the most hacked companies in the world.. (their OS is at least) Just be glad they were honest with you and even shut down the service.. and making sure its secure. oh btw.. Word is that xbox was hacked recently, banned accounts were unbanned(for a short time). Either that or someone messed up at microd*ck and as far as I know, nobody over there has said a word about this incident… Protected? lolllllll ever think that you can have a bank account, or doing anything electronically nowadays or even EXSIST! and you think that your safe from fraud or things not going according to "plan"

    • Blan

      No you wouldn't.. Xbox of all systems would not give out 3 free years. After all, the system was not even down for a month. Just take the reward, be glad you able to get back online, and suck up your dignity.

  • Maddog

    This is the least that they can do. Shame on you sony.

    • Blan

      Listen. it wasn't Sony's fault at all. If you want to blane the hack issue, blame the PSN manager who failed to report to sony about the issue in time!

      • A-T

        Kazuo Hirai has explained why the "issue" took so long to report.

  • Moe

    I can't wait for Play Station to be "up and running"! Thanks for this info.