Thicker Apple iPhone 5 in 2011, would you be happy?

By Jamie Pert - May 1, 2011

Recently we heard how the white iPhone 4 was thicker than the black model by 0.2mm, this is because the white casing originally caused issues for the device’s internal sensors etc therefore a different material had to be used, which got us thinking will the iPhone 5 be thicker?

Usually Apple’s new products are slimmer, lighter and more sleek than the last therefore it would be surprising to see the iPhone 5 arrive and be thicker than the iPhone 4, but with competing high-end smartphones really pushing the boundaries of mobile technology will Apple be able to release a new iPhone with better specs than the last whilst keeping a small form-factor.

To be honest with you we think that the next iPhone will be marginally thinner than the last, we have seen this when we look at the iPad and iPad 2, therefore we know that Apple can squeeze all of the Apple A5 power into a skinny casing, but imagine if they couldn’t do this with the iPhone 5.

As Apple make such a big deal about their products being slimmer, faster and lighter than the last it would be a huge shock to see an overweight-looking iPhone 5 hit the shelves, but would that put you off? Or would you understand that to make it better than the last it had to be thicker? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • maldav

    Like Anupam I would be ecstatic to see manufacturers stop playing the "svelt" game and concentrate on making a great device absolutely wonderful by perfecting features and performance, especially in Apples iPhone case by vastly improving battery life by increasing the whole devices size back to iPhone 3G size. I fail to understand why I have to put up with lousy ("s41t") battery performance in every generation of ever thinner devices when retaining the (quite acceptable) original size with a vastly increased battery capacity would be far and away most preferable.

  • Anupam

    i dont mind a phone's thickness upto 1.5cm (10.50mm)
    provided it has features make it worth to roam around with. my experience, slimmer the body the more heat is produced, so i expect companies to stop playing the thickness game and concentrate on the features!

  • Ster

    It won't be thicker

  • pete

    Yes they will be able to make it thinner… the iphone 4 could a thinner than it is… the iphone 5 will be larger so they can get more in and make it thinner.