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Restored PSN Services Plan, Compensation And Updates

The PlayStation Network has now been down for 11 days but Sony has held a conference, and some time this week we could see restored PSN services. The plan is to also offer compensation and updates by region, as well as taking steps to insure that such a security breach would never happen again.

Sony has set themselves a plan that they hope to stick to, these include restoring the PlayStation Network, access to Music Unlimited, as well as your account so that you can then change your password. Also PlayStation Home will be back up, as will all chat functionality.

Sony knows that mistakes were made, which is why they have now appointed a new Chief Information Security Officer, whose job it will be to implement new security measures, and to make certain that such a breach never happens again. The company knows that users of PSN were not happy that the service has been down for days, and the fact that their personal information, and maybe even credit card details were stolen, but at least they are prepared to compensate us.

PlayStation 3 users who did not move over to Xbox and stayed loyal to Sony’s PS3 console will be able to benefit from a “Welcome Back Program”, where you will have 30 days of free access to PlayStation Plus and Qriocity. That is not all, Sony will also be giving you some free downloads from the PSN Store – what this is we do not know.

We have to hope that nothing will be done with the data that had been stolen, but we cannot guarantee this, so we ask that you remain vigilant. Maybe this was all for a good reason, as we will now get a better PlayStation Network service from it, one that is more secure? More details from the Sony conference can be found on the PlayStation Blog.

Are you happy with what Sony has offered to its PSN users?



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