Restored PSN Services Plan, Compensation And Updates

By Peter Chubb - May 1, 2011

The PlayStation Network has now been down for 11 days but Sony has held a conference, and some time this week we could see restored PSN services. The plan is to also offer compensation and updates by region, as well as taking steps to insure that such a security breach would never happen again.

Sony has set themselves a plan that they hope to stick to, these include restoring the PlayStation Network, access to Music Unlimited, as well as your account so that you can then change your password. Also PlayStation Home will be back up, as will all chat functionality.

Sony knows that mistakes were made, which is why they have now appointed a new Chief Information Security Officer, whose job it will be to implement new security measures, and to make certain that such a breach never happens again. The company knows that users of PSN were not happy that the service has been down for days, and the fact that their personal information, and maybe even credit card details were stolen, but at least they are prepared to compensate us.

PlayStation 3 users who did not move over to Xbox and stayed loyal to Sony’s PS3 console will be able to benefit from a “Welcome Back Program”, where you will have 30 days of free access to PlayStation Plus and Qriocity. That is not all, Sony will also be giving you some free downloads from the PSN Store – what this is we do not know.

We have to hope that nothing will be done with the data that had been stolen, but we cannot guarantee this, so we ask that you remain vigilant. Maybe this was all for a good reason, as we will now get a better PlayStation Network service from it, one that is more secure? More details from the Sony conference can be found on the PlayStation Blog.

Are you happy with what Sony has offered to its PSN users?

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  • qwerty

    Sony has even said in the agreement you all agreed that it has the right to keep services offline so you must be happy for getting anything as a compensation. People who want to sue Sony don't have any chance for getting money (at least not in some european countries, USA I don't know) or they will have to prove that Sony didn't use all of his capabilities to prevent this.

  • mat

    just wondering if we will get to choose the game we want for free its is it their decision

  • richyrich18

    patrick if you read different blogs you'll see that people on the other side of the world have been hit with the credit card info and if you want to keep your compensation that will be given via playstation plus all you have to do is choose one of two subscribtions. Personally i think sony have done there best about the psn outage. I know if some other current posts regarding psn i have been slightly harsh but now that i sit back and think about what sony have done about the psn outage they have done all in there power to fix it all and from what i have been reading its all payed off and personally i think in one way its done us good and sony/playstation have added extra defences to safe guard future hacks/problems.

  • patrick

    woopty effin do, playstatoin plus for 30 days, even tho any free stuff you get from playstation plus all gets taken away after that 30 days, so sony's little compensation is freakin retarted and all the sony idiots are all like yay playstation plus for 30 days and sony's not even losing anything after they let people hack your credit card info and everything, so yippe for a whole 30 days to play whatever you download

  • jonboy

    my anger is directed at those lame ass hackers who target innocent people. didnt we just get rid of a certain someone who also targeted innocent people?. also i would like to be able to access my netflix without loggin into psn, like i used to be able to. but the wait is worth it for a more secure system. so please hurry sony, I NEED MY MW2 FiX!

  • taylor

    I so think we should get free map packs on black ops 🙂 Or at least a credit for psn store to use for whatever we choose.

  • dino

    i think they need to give us the new maps for blacks ops. 😀


    I'm ok with it. The down time didn't affect me as I played Call of Duty Classic offline and got me a Shiny Platinum Trophy. no big deal. I already have PS+ so hopefully the FREE Downloads are cool. Either way, i'll be loyal to SONY. Not being able to play online multiplayer isn't the 'End of the World' as it is to some people (whiners). Those type of people should get their heads checked.

    • richyrich18

      I totally agree with you i've been playing fifa 10 and ufc 2010 and got some good lil trophies i to have PS+ and i'm sure the free downloads will be worth the wait. With the psn outage personally i think its a good thing as we will have extra security defences put in place. I've been loyal to sony ever since they brought out the playstation and i'm going to stay loyal to sony.

  • bob

    ps3 forever …dirty xbox

  • mike

    can t wait to kick some ass , free stuff just a bonus

  • Chris

    So if I'm already paid up to PS+ do I get some refund? Hmmm…

  • james

    i love sony producs and as a issue of psn downtime not so happy almost 2weeks ofline getting unpacient ps+ isent that cool they should give us 50$ on ps Store that would be good 4 me i dont really like ps+ not that much cool content 2 download from and they should also give us free map packs 4 black ops since thants the no1 game worldwide then every 1 would be happy new map packs 4 black ops escalation and a new zombies map call of the dead released on 360 on may 3rd no clue 4 ps3

  • Michael

    To be honest sony has lost my full trust now, them being a BIG company and all they should have had better security so they can stop little low life hackers. I will not be putting my credit card details in there in the future. Although i will stay loyal to ps3 and not move to XBL. But in some ways this could be a wake up call for sony saying that they need better protection and they need to listen to their customers coz i swear the hacker done this for a protest or some crap? but yeah anyways, hopefully it'll be back asap.

  • Jeremy

    I bounce up and down with how I feel about Sony but in the end, they put out great games on a great console. Sure my girlfriends credit card was compromised (the bank called) but nothing beyond that happened (no money taken etc.) it could have been worse and because sony was diligent in issuing the response we caught any issues. I look forward to some of the new stuff. My only question is that DC Universe charged my credit card when I got rid of the game but couldn't get on to the PSN to take off the auto-payment. If they would compensate that id be really stoked.

  • upset at ps3

    I'm a loyal fanboy of both consoles. Where one has an advantage in one area, the other has an advantage in another. The Sony execs. did a poor job of keeping us, their consumers, informed during this entire process. I only played on XBL from time to time and used the PSN for the majority of my online gaming until the PSN went down. Since then, I can honestly say, the connectioins and smooth play of the XBL over the last 2 weeks has shown me how much better XBL online services are compared to the PSN. I am very hopeful that while they have worked on their security issues, they have also worked on the connection speed as well. If not, I will be using my PS3 for a media device only. I would gladly pay a dollar a week for a flawless connection over what the PSN had to offer before the shutdown.

  • jonn

    ya cant wait until it comes back up

  • Nick

    I wouldn't have expected anything free from Sony, we don't pay for the online service after all, although some argue that the cost comes in the retail price of the console.
    The freebies are just added extras which I'm grateful for but the stronger network security is the main thing, thanks Sony

  • Sam

    I didn't expect that, and I most say I'm happy, now it would be nice to get the PSN back online soon. And not bethesda soon

  • david robinson

    nope, not happy with sony. in my eyes, the damage has been done and this shouldnt have been allowed to happen in the first place. so offering "freebies" as a "were sorry all your details were nicked, however heres a free game" just doesnt cut it for me, thats why i have now sold my ps3 and got money for it whilst its still worth a few bob. sorry sony, but youv lost a load of loyal customers (like me) and you will never recover from this, no matter what you offer to your customers.

    • billy

      Erm if you were loyal you would not of sold your ps3

      • Scott

        Billy has a point.

        • OoOoOo

          not really….
          I mean even loyal people have lines, doesnt mean hes not loyal… just means his loyalty only goes so far 😛 lol…. and David is telling the truth here and I am pretty sure Sony knows that this incident will hurt them bad

    • richyrich18

      @david you make it sound like in some way playstation wouldnt work without your loyalty and so what if sony have lost some customers they just needed more patience and they needed to give playstation a chance and personally i think sony will bounce back from this setback

  • craig

    thinks its good that sony are giving us free downloads after all it was not there fault the system went down i just hope that the hacker get's whats coming to them keep up the good work sony

  • ben

    i think sony are doing a great job to get the service up and running as quick as they can. sony are great giving us access to playstation plus and quiory thats and also giving us some free downloads on the psn store all for 30 days thats really good. hope psn is back up soon

    • tre

      Well said…its good to see some real loyal ps3 users still holding it down 🙂

      • marc

        it never even crossed my mind to swith to bitch box 960 (xbox 360)…i will always remain loyal to sony…been around alot longer

        • Michael Healy

          Me either, i could never switch over to xbox 360, but unfortunatly a couple of me friends already have what a bunch of idiots!!

      • fabian

        i hear u psn is way btter then xbox

        • ehno

          I have both and Im sorry I have to dissagree on that…. xbox is the better of the two networks, of course there are benifits ps3 has over xbox but in all honesty… when compared both the systems are about equal… it just boils down to what you are used to playing,
          but my luck so far with ps3 has not been that great…. but I still play it when I have time

    • sam

      when will it be back up though