Mortal Kombat 9 On Xbox 360: Need For Exclusive Character?

By Peter Chubb - May 1, 2011

For those of you who have Mortal Kombat 9 On Xbox 360, do you feel the need for an exclusive character? The reason why this has been asked is because the PS3 version has one, so why not for the 360? This is not the first time that such a thing has happened in a game, and has proved to be very popular with gamers.

Mortal Kombat 9 on the PlayStation 3 has Kratos from God of War as the exclusive character, so it was inevitable that Xbox users would like to have Master Chef. Just Push Start believes that he is who everyone thinks of when it comes to Microsoft’s games console. However, there has been some speculation that it could be one of the characters from Gears of War.

We need someone who will be able to compete with the others, and maybe achieve the best fatality in the game; but who could that be? There are so many other characters to choose from, and not just from the two franchises that we mentioned above – what a tough choice.

It had been hoped to have an exclusive character for Mortal Kombat 9 on the Xbox 360 on release, but for some reason it did not come off. However, this does not mean that it will not happen later down the line in way of a DLC. For those of you who are currently having an issue with parts of the game, then why not read our recent post on a guide to all the moves.

What exclusive character would you like to see on the Xbox 360 version of Mortal Kombat 9?

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  • Herbie362436

    The Master Cheif That would be Awesome

  • Bubbalenox

    Create a Character P.S i have a xbox 360 and Ps3 so it doesn’t really matter

  • Ken Ogawa From NinjaBlade

  • I Think They Should Bring Back Character Creation For Mortal Kombat That Would Be Awesome.

  • fish stick

    I have only seen a few few minutes of gameplay, but Electric Man from Infamous
    could rise against Raiden.

  • DLCbuddy

    Cole train, but skorge, or even raam would be awesome. How could Locust like those 2 not fit into the mk universe? dual chainsaw staffs? no contest,lol

  • sHANGY1


  • dom01374

    Marcus Fenix from GOW – because he IS an xbox 360 exclusive.

  • neverdevil

    yepp, if you want to compete with kratos, SPAWN!!!!!!


    i think they need to just create a new character for mortal combat game we have an indian now we need some sout of badarse cow boy theres a lot of character with special abillitys but we need more hardcore badarses how are just bassic but sick as f**k

  • Jake

    I know he isn't exclusive to xbox anymore, but Ryu Hayabusa would be an excellent addition,

  • MrRizzleSmith

    I coudn't agree with Nikola more! Even though the Watchmen aren't exclusive xbox characters, Rorschach would be awesome! He could butcher your face with a cleaver like he does to the guy who killed a little girl! Rorschach made the Watchmen awesome. Master Chef would suck for mortal kombat. Too kiddy.


    Master Chief is the perfect fit….. some finish moves could be a 1time head shot with a sniper riffle… kill with the plasma sword… possibilities are endless.. they could definitely make a combat system that would fit right in.

    When you think about XBOX 360 for a Main character you think of Master Chief no question

  • Charlie

    what about freddy krueger or jason lol that would be awesome lol

  • Matt

    Jack Carver from Farcry!!!!!

  • Nikola

    Actual Xbox exclusive characters would be dumb- Master Chief, Fenix, or Wake, not really Mortal Kombat worthy. However, since Netherrealm studios is owned by WB, and since they're much too dark for the T rating of MK vs. DC Universe, I think Rorschach or The Comedian from Watchmen would be good. Both are "good guys" (kinda) but would have no problem beating their opponent brutally then finishing them in a very appealing way.

  • jesse

    WAR from darksiders Or SPAWN!!!! he was used as an xbox exclusive b4 in sould calibur. but would be awsome to see him again.

  • Lee

    War from Darksiders would be the best pick for the 360 Mortal Kombat… He's the first of the Four Horseman of the apocalypse.



  • cat

    gears of war sucks

  • Isssaak

    Skorge please.


    general raam with a fatatily with the bats

  • chyeah


  • Coyote 325

    Alan wake is major what all personajes of microsoft, our one personaje of mortal kombar deadly allance a mavado latino , shu -wau chino ,

  • Coyote 325

    I am mexican, they love xbox 360 in mexico 60% consoles is of microsoft, not entender the version of ps3 is inferior in grafics, the xbox 360 grafic darks , nitidos, etc. . like a ALAN WAKE is major all persons of microsoft, the inocent is atractive one fatality whit machine write. one bat or kiks

  • stephonj94

    yall kno who we really need ether cole from gears ryu from ninja gaiden master chef or frank west from dead rising thats what i think they also need to make all the bosses dlc i want to see robo smoke and shinnock also i hope they make dlc to the sotry to that would be awesome.!

  • AIRBo0309

    Altair/Ezio or Ryu Hayabusa

  • Crossover

    Wolverine from Xmen origins or marcus fenix would be nasty but a exclusive character is needed

  • michael

    its not master chef its master chief

  • Guest

    Xbox 360's exclusive was ONLINE PLAY 🙁

  • marhorn

    Yeah a chainsaw fatality would be sweet….besides I heard Master chief is gonna be in Gears 3!

  • Superallmovies

    Master Chef? Chef from South Park

  • Conner

    None, we all knew PS3 got all the exclusives when we bought an Xbox.

    Besides, they can’t make a 360 character because someone said they aren’t allowed to

  • MKFatality

    Altair or Ezio, badass

  • Danny

    Marcus Fenix

  • Ben

    Frank West possibly with some kind of zombie themed kombat
    Master Chef would be rubbish (no personality) if they were gonna use a gun wilder from an xbox exclusive game it would have to be Marcus From Gears.
    would love it if they could sneak Altair in there though

    • Thado

      Altair would be perfect….

      • Mike

        Altair is from a multi-platform game, but yes, he would be awesome

      • Crossover

        altair is not xbox exclusive though … i thought he would be perfect until i thought bout that

        • Ben

          yeah i know thats why i said sneak,
          i was thinkin of all the xbox exclusive games and the popular ones only really tend to be FPS which don't really lend themselves to a fighting games

    • Matt dillon

      General Raam FTW!!!! SERVE THE QUEEEEN!!!

  • Auggie

    Marcus Fenix…Gears of War fits perfectly into the MK world of ultra-violence. Master Chief…not so much.

  • Dee

    Alan wake haha Jk seriously I'd like to see fulgore from killer instinct he would fit in perfect with sektor and cyrax.

    • Christian

      Dude! Fulgore would be the shit!

  • Rowdy

    I would love to see a Master Chef in the 360 version, but what would his fatality look like? Death by cooking pan?

    • gtt

      master chief dummy