FIFA 12: First Game Details Revealed

By Tina Chubb - May 1, 2011

Interesting news now for those of you that are looking forward to the arrival of the FIFA 12 game later this year, as we’ve just received word that the very first game details have recently been revealed, courtesy of the French version of the Official PlayStation Magazine.

As Andy Robinson over at recently reported, the upcoming FIFA 12 game – which has been confirmed for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows – will include the ‘Impact Engine,’ which realistically tracks contact between players.

The FIFA 12 game will also introduce AI Vision Game (a rough translation), which promises to deliver more realistic passing. The AI is also said to be more human in the upcoming FIFA game, with all players acting more or less according to their abilities.

According to OPM France, the FIFA 12 will also come with three new arenas, which will feature impressive lighting effects and integrated benches along the sidelines. The AI will also be able to keep track of areas of the body that players injure during matches.

The game will also feature a brand new menu interface, which appears to be more ergonomic and simpler than before. As Sehran at recently noted, footballer Wayne Rooney commented on Twitter recently, claiming FIFA 12 to be the best FIFA game yet.

Are you looking forward to the arrival of the FIFA 12 game?

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  • Edaurdo Magalhães

    Brazilian team need to be better ( more stars ) and we need argentine leagues and teams.

  • rez

    every year the fifa series blows every fan away. but recently the series has become some what sterile. football video games seem all the same. we need something revolutionary.

    -how about a new trick/skill system. whereby you can create your own skill and execute it in gameplay. like wwe games have make your own move.

    -diving will be cool, and two footed takcles

    – new camera angles, the replay angle seems the best.

  • 20LEgend

    Scouting is the biggest thing for me. You need to be able to scout players

  • bern

    Ghana, Japan, and Ivory Coast should added in fifa 12.
    In career mode individuals should be able to indicate the cost at which he/she wishes to sell a player.
    Career mode rivalry teams should be enhanced.
    Most of the computer AI for the 2nd and 3rd division teams are almost the same.
    To make the career more interesting is to enable users change or enhance the football jerseys of their career teams after promotion from 1 division to the next or winning many accolades.

  • Leo

    2.) Ghana, Japan, Serbia, Ivory Coast
    3.) Player growth in career mode is a disaster. (e.g. Wilshere plays and starts all of my games but after 3 years his rating is still the same)
    4.) I'd love it if legendary teams were made available (e.g. The Arsenal Invincibles)
    5.) More realistic substitutions. (e.g. Drogba gets subbed out after scoring a brace)
    6.) The game is too congested in midfield.
    7.) IT'S EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO GET BY DEFENDERS. After you successfully get by them, they suddenly get a turbo boost and chase you down easily.
    8.) Too reliant on the analog stick for juking; I wish regular button movements could be enough to get by defenders to make the game more enjoyable.
    9.) Handball calls are plentiful when handball is turned on. Really irritating.
    10.) BIG BIG PROBLEM IN EDIT PLAYER: I want to make a player into a CM but it's impossible. The only midfield positions are CAM and CDM. What the? Also, I tried making a player into an RW, the only forward positions are RF, LF, and ST. FIX THIS FAST. It's ruining the realism for me.
    11.) Wilshere looks like Jay Spearing. Seriously, it's appalling. Better player models please.
    12.) The commentary hasn't changed in 3 years. Please make it more exciting.
    13. Revamp the free kick system. It's frustrating at times.

  • matt

    Free kicks are fine, maybe even too easy, but that doesn't bother me. It's cool to blast in a free kick from 40 yards. I'd like to see a custom team maker, without having to do manager mode or ultimate team. The creation centre only allows you to make custom teams with custom players, but I'd like to make a team with real players. They also really need to figure out the quitting issue online.

  • BinLaden

    They should program the AI so it mimics the human. That would make it better

  • Ian

    I hope the AI really does improve because I play clubs a lot of the time and when you rely on the computer AI to defend, they often pause and miss the ball and do really glitchy stuff that's uncharacteristic of a real player. It's quite annoying so I hope they have really made an impact on AI and not just said it.

  • Chris

    Still need to sort out the free kicks they do upset me