Droid Bionic Determination: Release Date On Verizon

By Peter Chubb - May 1, 2011

We have to wonder if your Motorola Droid Bionic determination is now fading, as a release date on Verizon is still not forthcoming? The device was first unveiled a few months backs, but has since been delayed. Back on April 20th we reported that the Bionic had been delayed until the third quarter of 2011.

However, we have now learned that the smartphone has been taken off the Motorola website so that the cell phone maker can make some much needed improvements. What those improvements are we do not know, but there has certainly been much speculation, and it is not just to do with the battery.

We have seen time and again a release date come and go for so many devices, and we have to wonder why they get delayed? The likes of Motorola must know a timeframe for prototypes to enter production; they can say that they were met with unforeseen issues. However, with the technology that they have at their disposal, this should not be happening anymore.

Then again, maybe it is a good thing, and something that Apple should have done with the iPhone 4. Maybe if they had spent just a little longer they would have realized that there was an issue with the antenna? Having said that, maybe this is why the iPhone 5 might not be released until September – either that or they are now tying to keep Verizon customers happy?

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  • Cooly

    I've been very impressed with the Bionic's proposed specs. I've seen a new comparision chart with the Bionic vs. the Droid Charge and Droid Revolution and seems like the Bionic is holding it's own. Hopefully they will add the laptop dock feature like the Atrix. Still determined to wait, I am eligible to upgrade at any time, so now it just a matter of picking the biggest baddest phone out of the new crop of phones coming out this summer.

  • Larry

    I have a Thunderbolt now I will sell it and get a Bionic if it is a better phone if its not gonna give me more than what I have then whats the point.

  • Geno

    From a Verizon point of view, I'm not really sure there is as much of an antenna "issue" any more with the iPhone 4. I'm definitely into call quality and reception, and there are compromises with smartphones. I recently migrated from a Blackberry Curve to the iPhone. The phone calls were always a weak point on the BB. Very often, choppy reception, and bars would be all over the place depending on how the phone was held, and I would be looking for the "sweet spot" when talking in my house. The iPhone is a big improvement. Excellent speaker and microphone quality and clear calls. I was waiting for the Bionic, but I soon realized, I'm not willing to be a 4g guinea pig with these glitchy, battery sucking devices that just aren't ready for prime time. I will happily wait several revisions down the road. When Apple does a dual band/4G LTE, that will be the device to beat.

  • Michelle

    Yep…saw it back up on the Motorola press release website too. Latest rumor I heard is May 12.

  • Bruce McClelland

    The Droid Bionic is listed on the NEWS CENTER page on the Verizon website….doesn't say when it will be for sale…but it is unveiled.

  • Matt

    Still waiting for it. Until then my CM 7 Droid INC with gingerbread will be just fine.