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Worst Cell Phone Provider: 2011 Turnaround for AT&T?

Back in 2010 AT&T was voted the worst cell phone provider, 2011 could be the turnaround year for AT&T if the T-Mobile merger comes off. Verizon came in first, Sprint second and T-Mobile third. In a surprise customers were less satisfied than they were the previous year; we had assumed that improvements had been made.

AT&T will now need to get their act together, as they no longer have exclusivity to the iPhone, as Big Red also has in on the action now. However, one would assume that AT&T will aim to correct their issues, and being able to share expertise and equipment with T–Mobile will be a good start.

LA Times said that in the 10 categories by Consumer Reports, AT&T failed in all of them. This would have come as a shock to the cell phone carrier, as they have been pumping a lot of money to not only improve on calls, but also customer service as well. Surely 2011 will be a better year for AT&T?

T-Mobile was only rated one place better than AT&T, but with the two working together, other carriers are now worried. Who can blame them, as they will leave Sprint and Verizon behind to become the biggest carrier in the U.S.

Do you think that 2011 will be a turnaround year for AT&T?



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