Worst Cell Phone Provider: 2011 Turnaround for AT&T?

By Peter Chubb - Apr 30, 2011

Back in 2010 AT&T was voted the worst cell phone provider, 2011 could be the turnaround year for AT&T if the T-Mobile merger comes off. Verizon came in first, Sprint second and T-Mobile third. In a surprise customers were less satisfied than they were the previous year; we had assumed that improvements had been made.

AT&T will now need to get their act together, as they no longer have exclusivity to the iPhone, as Big Red also has in on the action now. However, one would assume that AT&T will aim to correct their issues, and being able to share expertise and equipment with T–Mobile will be a good start.

LA Times said that in the 10 categories by Consumer Reports, AT&T failed in all of them. This would have come as a shock to the cell phone carrier, as they have been pumping a lot of money to not only improve on calls, but also customer service as well. Surely 2011 will be a better year for AT&T?

T-Mobile was only rated one place better than AT&T, but with the two working together, other carriers are now worried. Who can blame them, as they will leave Sprint and Verizon behind to become the biggest carrier in the U.S.

Do you think that 2011 will be a turnaround year for AT&T?

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  • Tony

    AT&T has customer service which seem friendly and reasonable until they turn you over to their warranty department for their crappy phone that they openly admit are crappy phones. Then they will make you exchange your phone for the same crappy phone, even under the one year warranty, four time under their ridiculous rule going through all their stupid trouble shooting, before they will send you another make and model of their choice…all for a phone they know is crappy. I am talking about the Samsung Impression and not far behind it, the Samsung Flight that seems to not work at all in the entirety of the Atlanta airport and dropped many a calls at LaGuardia. I pity the businessman with AT&T service, particularly with a not so good phone made worse by AT&T network and jekyll and hyde customer service. Stay far away, and don't even think about the 2-year plan….

  • Becky

    Well I just re-upped with AT&T – big mistake – got the HTC Inspire – great phone but no user manal included. They want you to pay $5 /month for customer support on how to use the phone. Verizon and Sprint include a user manuel and a CD with this phone.

  • stormymistynite

    I have T-Mobile, as far as customer service goes it is great, but prices are not the lowest to me. i pay around 160 for just 2 phones, which is the 89.99 plan, add this add that and now i pay 160. Maybe this merge will lower some prices, if not prepaid here i come.

  • Unhappy customer

    AT&T sucks

  • Ethoeni

    Pesonaly I have been with ATT for about 11 Years and I think there Service is Great! Mayby because of your or my location?? They have always helped me with my network problems.

  • Mikeloran

    I've been with T-mo since they were voicestream, 12 years. I will go elsewhere, maybe verizon, if the att thing goes through!!

  • RAStewart

    How can you possibly think merging with AT&T will improve T-Mobile? Just as SBC dragged Ameritech down to its abysmal level during that takeover in Illinois years ago, AT&T will destroy everything that is good about T-Mobile and, being that much closer to being an unregulated monopoly, will sink to even worse levels of customer service.

  • ChuckNV

    AT&T is the worst.

  • KenTX

    If Tmobile and the lousy cell phone provider merge, I will have no choice but to switch to another carrier. I don't want to lose the excellent service Tmobile provides. They may be ranked third, behind Verizon and Sprint; but, Tmobile is by far the best provider I have ever had. Hopefully, the government will not approve this mess, and Tmobile will continue to provide the best cell phone service on the market. Everyone I personally know with Verizon and Sprint have told me they wish Tmobile served their area too, so I'm not sure where the votes were taken that ranked them 1 and 2. I will probably go with a prepaid, which I don't really want to do.

  • al barkalow

    AT & T has been jacking us around for a long time on cell service,internet,office phones and couldnt even get uverse right. Yes we are a business and are sick of them. We are looking at changing all services to other providers. We advise others to do the same.

  • MaBell

    You have if right CanOrAz…..I live in the LA area and I am experiencing dropped local calls constancely on my NEW HTC Inspire 4G. Its not the phone…the phone is incredible!!!! It's the network !!! Verzion diffinently has the advantage because of their network !!!! I know because I am an employee for ATT and Management has know no clue as to how to build a 4G network from what I am seeing come out of the wireless network engineering dept deploying and planning the new 4G network. Verizon…you have the IPhone now with the BEST network (fiber optic network excusively). This is your time to grasp the opportunity to capitalize on ATT weakness and advertise on the BEST your wireless company can offer.

  • Grant

    I highly doubt Att will get better. They need a complete overhaul of executives and business practices. If anything,The ATT-Tmobile Merger will go down, from a business standpoint, in my oppinion, The same way the Sprint-Nextel merger did. We have two completley different ecosystems here. One the one hand you have Att- Rated for the worst customer service any highest prices. They like to squeeze every penny out of the consumers pocket. On the other hand we have tmobile- Rated Top customer service and lowest prices. Sprint had cool handsets, while Nextel had Top Notch service. Tmobile is losing customers like crazy and will only get worse as the merger talks progress. most tmobile customers are former Att customers and do not want to go back. I was one who left ATT(then cingular) for tmobile But recently left and am now at Sprint.

  • beavwarius

    I have had att cell service since 1993. never had any problems in all that time. smartphone (android!) never lets me down. daughter had t mobile. horrible billing mess.unknown charges poor phone selection the worst coverage area dead spots everywhere. wife was on verizion .ok except for limited range outside our metro area. got them both on my plan in late 90's, can drive or fly anywhere in country and outside and never have problems.customer service is allways helpfull with any questions when i call. There is clearly an advantage to being the big boy on the block. just ask coca cola.

  • CanOrAz

    If the AT&T merger with T-Mobile happens, we will be leave T-Mobile and go to another carrier. We've had T-Mobile for many years and have been very happy with them. We left AT&T to go to T-Mobile many years ago because AT&T sucks; nothing has changed with them.

  • mas

    at&t stinks
    I worked for them for 28 years
    I am getting ready to buy out my contract and go to another service

  • G Miller

    Something strange has happened to the employees of Verizon. I used to get truly wonderful service. This year I have been lied to over and over. I changed to an LG env3. It broke within the first week. I called and the phone was immediatly replaced and ir broke. I told them I wanted a new phone, again refurb, and it broke. I called told them I wanted a different phone, so the lady said she would send me a slider. I asked if it had the same features, she assured me it did. When I received it it was bottom of the line phone, did not have any features except talk and text. I called again got another refurb env that still has alot of problems. They absolutly refused to give me a different phone. They were rude, and spoke in a way that if they were my employee they would be gone.

  • Lem Niscate

    Sprint is BY FAR THE WORST!

  • dmr

    No, t-mobile is awful and I don't see how a merger of two awful companies can make a good one.

  • aaaaaaa

    In Alaska, GCI is by far the worst