PS3 User Insight After PlayStation Network Down For Days

By Peter Chubb - Apr 30, 2011

Today is April 30, 2011, so we thought we would try and gain some PS3 user insight due to the PlayStation Network being down for days. We are now on the tenth day and still nothing, although we do know that Sony is to hold a press conference tomorrow, which we will discuss in more detail in another post.

Firstly we will look into the poll result following a recent article about hacker proofing PSN. We received 1,626 votes, asking if Sony would be able to make the system safe from hackers once back online; 63 percent said no, while 37 percent believes that they can. Looking at these results, it is clear that PS3 owners seem to have lost confidence in Sony’s abilities.

With this in mind, we thought it only right to look at another set of poll results. This time when we asked if PS3 owners would switch to the Xbox 360? 4,754 people voted in all, with 49 percent saying that they would not move and 33 percent saying they would. However, 18 percent said that they already have both consoles, so they do not feel under any kind of pressure – well only about their personal info being stolen.

We have now heard from a number of sources that the PlayStation Network will be up by this weekend, with others saying May 2011. Well, tomorrow will be May 1, 2011, so you never know. Maybe that is what the tomorrow’s press conference will be about?

Do you think that PSN will be up tomorrow, if so what will you be looking out for?

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  • Gram

    Really you could hack your playstation and download free games now and they wouldent be able to ban you untill after you sign a new agreement… Since the current one has been voided by sony's lack of customer protection

  • pinz70

    I say this to every one! If you won a car in a contest, and when you recieved it there was no steering wheel, and you were told it might be two weeks or more before you can get the steering wheel you would be very upset. I'm sure you would not sit there and say well I didn't pay for it why should I be upset. Just remember this every game you purchase wether it be for PS3 or PSP a good percentage of cost goes toward the maintenance of PSN, not to mention the purchase of Sony consoles and affiliated hand consoles. Now sit there think about this and tell me if it's wrong for complain because I can't get online to play a game which I paid for. So yes people are in their right to ask for some kind of compensation and request a definite date for when PSN will be back up and all Sony services. If nobody ever bought Sony consoles or games will Sony ever afford to give you a free service. There's nothing free in life!!

  • kevin atherton

    lets not forget about sony being a FREE online service…. people saying sony should give us sommert for the downtime ???? sony owe us nothing….there service is FREE u know what that word means ? some people are ungrateful basterds … stop moaning and go n get some sun or see people in the real world…. this asn't bothered me in the slightest… n i'm a hardcore mw2 gamer…kingdakaka ps3 add me

  • Popsical 21

    I got told back up by Wednesday the 4th

  • FLAJ

    I have a Ps3 and Psp I have to play black ops I whated 7 day now I am playing a 360 and it is not the same

  • bjlover

    If these guys are this good as in getting away with these then. I think sony should hire them seem as if there good as in using an computer and needing work. Lol. come on sony 11 days with out playing games online ppl trusted u guys with there information to be safe and u guys has let use down we believe that u guys are trying to fix this but the damage has been done. forgive me but damn how did this happen.

  • blackroc

    It is times like these where i want 2 get a xbox then i think i would have to buy a $300 xbox so it could get the red riing of death in 2 weeks and pay $60 for online

  • total BS

    Your kidding!? I don't think Sony can go to any length to protect PSN entirely.
    People haven't lost any sort of confidence in Sony, XBL could be brought down just as easily. Sony can prevent events like this from happening again, however, by continually focusing on security with each update, which means more expenses for Sony and less quality game changing updates for gamers. I'm mad that Sony has provoked hackers, but I'd be just as angry if not angrier if cheaters ruined an online experience indefinitely.

  • S.Dot

    Why are you guys trying to diss 360 and XBL? If you had both consoles you'd know XBL is way better than PSN. Now i'm not saying this to be a XBOX fanboy cause i actually prefer my PS3 but You gotta give credit where it's due to ppl who have both PSN feels like a fake XBL. And nothing is hack proof anything can be hacked at any time.

  • Aaron Kendrick

    Compensation, To keep it simplistic i'll use lament terms. Free maps, provided the sympathy from our superior's. Only approved questions get answered but our idled time relying on the inconsistency of the ps3 network leaves us dormant. I am a gamer who entirely only plays games online, black ops. Not having to listen to my wife is easy with a controller in my hand but without me wielding that power of exoneration from my adult hood responsibilities, my youth desist through corporate procrastination. Compensation.

  • Invisible

    The ship hits a wave and the rats jump ship. Well it just goes to show you how (true) a PlayStation fan they are. I say good bye, and we will see you soon with your tail between your legs.

  • Tony

    I believe SONY should be criticized, both for the intrusion and not having proper security with their databases, and mostly for being so slow releasing any information about the intrusion and let speculation run wild on internet.
    I think it is the arrogance to their customers that one day might cause SONY's downfall. They need to do lot of goodwill work and be humble to get customers back. They also need to prove that the new network is more secure than before.
    I have all three consoles, but I admit that I play the PS3 mostly. I won't be selling the console because of this, but I won't do any online purchases either.

  • tommybrownell

    As soon as Netflix was useable again (I had trouble the first two days of the outage), I was good. Heck, I bought Dragon Age and it retrieved the updates fine without the PSN being back up, no complaints there.

    I WOULD like to play Red Dead online with my friends, but online play is a very small part of my console experience. I'm still a PS3 guy.

  • me

    this sucks

  • Phatty

    A little over 1,000 voted yet there's 35 million master accounts.
    I'll take this with a grain of salt.

    (Not directed towards article) They never promised it would be back up by the weekend either, they said within a week starting the 26th. Stop whining, we get the service for free anyways. Some of you fanboys are unbearable. You expect the next Playstation to come with a 4ft tongue to lick your balls while you play.

  • Vida

    I wouldn't ever switch to X-Box. Though I don't have anything against it and I try not to be a Nagging-Nooby-Fanboy. I've not really lost hope that much. In the email they sent it said they didn't obtain the Security Code. Yet… I don't actually think they'll be able to improve security… since if they could hack such a well known and large company, uh… I think they could be able to do it again. I don't actually get how the Hacker(s) even did it. He could get a criminal record, I'm not a lawyer but I know that Hacking is illegal. And I bet Sony will have some legal issues to deal with. (Big companys like Amazon and Sony should accept Paypal!)

    But why did the Hacker bother having to do it, I mean, why couldn't they be like those Apple Nerds? And actually make billions of dollars out of their maracioulous skill? I know, I know. But there's a difference between Genuis of Skill, and Commen Sense. Eitherway, I think they launched a Boomerang. The hacker will so, so, so, regret the fact he broke the law…

  • Ollie-PSN

    i have a friend who has an xbox and is goin to buy a ps3 cos they r now really cheap cos of PSN bein down.

  • Billybobob.

    Nothing is hackproof, so that poll is rather pointless to be honest. It's not worth switching to XBox either; £200 plus for a console plus rebuying all the games? No thanks.

    The focus should simply be on hunting down the sad, sad individuals who want to ruin it for everyone else. Sony should simply utilise their gathered information for the good of the people, and track down who the hackers are, sue them for they are worth, ban them, IP ban them, and keep their names tracked down in case they decide to move house, so they can ban them yet again when they try to set up in a new area.

    I appreciate nothing is going to stop some imbecile trying to get into the system, but Sony can make life hell for those that do try it if they want to.

  • james

    what about my dc universe subscription

  • darren platt

    whats the matter with some of the ps3 users the are all hardcore till i die with it untill something goes wrong then the decide to slander the company. if they were true believers they would stick with sony through thick and thin. there is all types of action we can and could take against the card and address issues etc so do it instead of moaning.!! everyone can definaley say they arent perfect and something will and would eventually happen because there is a bunch of idiots that want to spoil it for the rest of us and if someone wants to get in they will stop at nothing untill they do! we all have security on our home but that wont stop burgulars getting in. I will back sony all the way and will never change console, i cant wait till we can all get back online to have some fun. im going cold turkey without being online. driving the missus crazy haha

    • bazzerk

      True believers! Through thick and thin! What is the world coming to? When people start talking about gaming consoles like this, it is seriously worrying.

  • felix

    Where can i watch the sony press conference

  • flex

    Where can i watch the sony press conference.

  • Dustin

    Seeing as how nothing is hack proof the results are skewed. That's like people saying apple computers are not affected by malware when on average apple users are taken for almost twice as much money.

  • N/A

    this sucks we should be able to play with out stupid hackers hacking us

  • lee

    I have all the gaming systems anyway but as a rule I'm not really concerned about it as long as I'm compensated if someone used my information…until then just get back online Sony and lets get back to more important shit like fixing that damn god awful internet browser. 🙂

  • Andrew

    I dont see why you would switch consoles over an issue like this, stuff gets hacked and for the first incident like this to properly happen to the ps3 I think it's done well so far. Also why does everyone ask for free psn vouchers because of this., something you pay nothing for and you want money because it goes down. I'd rather sony take their time to patch this leak properly rather than rush it just to satisfy sad 14 year olds with no life outwith their bedroom who's life's are on hold because of this.

  • Adam

    I love the ps3 over the x box anyway but we've really bin let down this time it's knocked all our confidenses and we will not be giving eny personal Info to the psn ever agen. Personally I think that Sony should credit everyone effected as a apology for the inconvenience this caused.

  • Arron

    i would never switch ps3 and psn is allot better xbox is the worst thing ever built and i have saw that sony and the fbi confirmed that everyones details are safe has really made me more confident and more trusty of sony but even if they wornt safe i would still have kept my ps3 as it is a better game and entertainment system with more exclusive so sony all the way 🙂

    • i know

      yes i will stick to ps3 it's better

  • fallen angel

    Dont blame Sony because some people have no lives they spend their time messing up other peoples enjoyment.
    These pople havent hurt sony! Only the people whe use sony/ps3.
    The corporations will still be rich when these hacker dweebs all have rsi and cateracts.
    Long live sony!

    • joesph

      'Dont blame Sony because some people have no lives they spend their time messing up other peoples enjoyment'

      ya like cops…

    • SonyPuppetNoMo

      they haven't hurt Fony? lol
      get off the crack pipe son

  • Jack nmy Johnson

    This psn crap was suppose to be back online today. S o i guess they lied again to us ps3 users. What a bunch of 2 faced liars.

    • drizzle

      No one ever said psn would be back up today. Get ur facts straight.

  • nick

    I would not switch over to Hex-box ever but sony has really let us down this time and me as well as MANY of my friends who have large online gaming tournaments all agree that we should not be forced into giving ANY personal information if you cannot keep up your end of the deal. we accepted a contract just like you wrote the contract. We also feel some sort of reimbursement should be avaible all tho there is no way to accept this reimbursement because sony will NEVER get my credit card information as well as many others, that I am certain of. Sony #1 benifit was there online gaming and it being free and easily able to get add-ons/ updates etc.. and all that with a sense of security. That has unfortunatly gone out the window.

    • lmao

      This survey is useless, there was no way to prove that all the survey was PSN users and not even any control to prevent poll trolling. Needs to go back to school, this is business basics

      Basic psychology, basic business, basic statistics, basic inductive reasoning, basic knowledge: a poll with an uncontrolled, weak sample is not indicative of an accurate conclusion.

      Fake news generated by fake research, resulting in fake results to perpetuate fake information.

      Irresponsible journalism