PlayStation Network (PSN) outage into 9th day, breach played down

By Gary Johnson - Apr 30, 2011

The PlayStation Network outage goes into its 9th day. Millions of PS3 owners continue to be denied access to their online gaming and have the added worry of credit card fraud. Today we can report that Sony has updated their blog, and the security breech played down by the company.

Matthew Shaer of The Christian Science Monitor is reporting that Sony spokesman Patrick Seybold has again posted on the PlayStation Blog. He says that they know PS3 owners are upset by the problems, but are making improvements “to make our services safer and more secure than ever before”.

He goes on to say they are trying to get the service back up and running “as quickly as we can”. He mentions that Sony can’t rule out that credit card information was breached, but mentions that hackers could not have got hold of CVC numbers as Sony don’t collect them from users.

Many frustrated PS3 owners continue to voice their annoyance over the length of time the service has been down now. There has been some other sort of good news as some credit card companies which include American Express, have said they are monitoring cardholder’s accounts and so far haven’t seen any unauthorized transactions.

What do you think of the latest comments from Sony?

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  • Locknload70

    If not online Xbox is my best friend. Sony you take us for granted thinking we will always be there paying 65 dollars a game. You don't keep us informed and you lie about the dates several times. You will lose valueble customers due to your selfish ways. Plus you already knew you were using outdated security meaning you didn't care about your customers in the first place. Now you offer a PlayStation plus package thinking that we will use it like it then buy it after it expires to get some money back. Only a sucker would do that. Well we are not suckers. I hope you are sued and never recover not because its off line but because of the fact that you knew your software was outdated and old which put millions at risk. You mad this bed so sleep in it. Locknload70

  • brandon

    70+ milloin (psn) vs. 25+million (xbox) whos better lol

  • tony

    i am a ps fan this is good right now it going to take a lot of trust for people to get with ps3 i play with my psp or p2 or my ps1u should test your software because the r hacker r they i hate xbox my son an brothers r laught at us come guys let get it on god bless

  • roger

    i hupe this dont happen again my r very upset ps3 should give out free stuff from angry dad

  • gashthrasher

    first comment ever. i never played psn until mortal kombat came out on 4/19 aswell a other two the shit hit the fan. 77 million consumers are pissed, not because of the shutdown but because of the enormous amount of time it's taking. billion dollar company worldwide can't have this reconciled by now?

  • Chris

    Hopefully PSN is also clearing up all the glitches I have to put up with while playing. Also, these damn hackers who get in the games, like Modern Warfare, and screw it all up…WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE FAT ASS, NO LIFE, PIMPLE FACED NERDS…If only you could channel your energy into something positive, you may be able to do some good in this world.

  • tim

    hackers stop messing with other peoples stuff its not yours and your dumb if u think it is…the people that created psn and playstation didnt put in a little bit were they said oh, wait, umm, yeah hackers its yours…Fudge a duck limp dick fag hackers.


    nice… hackers are to blame not Sony… yes we want to play online and watch movies (netflix doesnt work for all) but we all should have games that do not require online gameplay.. quit your bitching and just bite the bullet… Thanx for all the great services you offer Sony!

  • gary

    xbox 4 life

  • PS3 nut

    You for get you dont have to pay for playstation network. I am also a playstation for life kind of guy, and I also know how difficult snd time consuming computer code/software/firwalls take to program. I dont bash x-box just because im loyal to playstation, and I think I agree with all the people blaming hackers not sony. It would be nice to be onlin for COD again, but I have enought other games to keep me busy for now.

  • scouser

    thats a lie xbox went down for 2 weeks xmas 08 you microsoft geek go play with ue anologue sticks hahaha

  • M-Ray

    I hate Playstation, Xbox 360 never has these problems, you know why? Because its waaay better, thats why.

    • shooter77smith

      xbox stinks itcan not do half the things that the ps3 can do its not even close

      • selects

        ps3 sucks ass and xbox never has problems and you con do so much more stuf and it has the best sucurity system so shut the fuck up
        i am going with M-Ray

    • Matt White

      Xbox has lesser of a system and cant do some of the things Ps3 can. You no that and unless your uninformed and Ps network doesn't make you pay. Jelouse Xbox user is probly the hacker. (@%&!

      • selects

        still it is beter

  • kyle

    give s an EXACT date all i here is may 4 may 3 april 30 jezz holy dick SONY give us a date


    not nice for people lose money from bad people who not care human being i hope they get hurt by fall down in to big hole.AND PS3 IS NOT WOKING BECEASE HACKER DAMAGE IT. GOODBYE FROM PSN USER

    • the nossissist

      sloth love chunk!!


    On the 6th day of Christmas last year, I drank lots of beer!

  • fishman

    just gives a dam date on when the service will be back up!!!

  • ~ThE PrEdAtOr~

    every day its down it will come back stronger

  • Come ON!!

    Sony should be giving us, their customers, a definate time the network will be back up. I'm sick of hearing, we are working around the clock on it. Well, if your working so damn hard, when will you be done? It's a simple question…but one that has yet to be specifically answered

  • neo

    anon wern't after cc details it was part of operation payback here:
    not all hackers are criminals, remember "hackers" bought us the internet.

    • magoo

      really!!!! Hackers did not bring the internet, they broke the internet. Hackers destroy, just like the PSN…..fucking idiots!

      • boo


    • QyKo

      Hackers never brought the Internet you tit.

      The U.S Army did.

      Back in the 1960s.

      It was then made available to the private sector then eventually the public.

      It has been developed on and expanded but hackers never brought it lol.

      Hackers create programs not websites lol.

  • rogerio abreu

    psn will pull true this and will become bether than ever.lets not forget the criminals , hackers are criminals.

  • rogerio abreu

    psn for life, i ill not quit.

  • PS3

    Wish sony would just keep us customers updated with news and progress more often!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Matt White

      Hackers haters. It takes worthless piece of crap or a hole pile of crap to teach us are life lessons. Glad that this is creating improvments because of this terrorist type act. Be easy on the network. 30yrs for the hacker. Terrorist take your sentence.