Only Shop on PlayStation Network? Fraud Claims After Hack

By Tina Chubb - Apr 30, 2011

Just yesterday we brought you the worrying news that hackers had managed to obtain credit card details of millions of PlayStation Network users, and were attempting to sell the stolen information. Now it appears that some users have been reporting credit card fraud.

According to a recent article by Keir Thomas over on the website, Sony PlayStation Network users have been claiming fraud on their credit cards with transactions ranging from purchases made within Japanese grocery stores, to a flight booked in Germany.

A security firm recently reported that hackers have been offering for sale what they claim are the stolen credit card details of PlayStation network owners, despite Sony being adamant that the data was in fact encrypted and unusable. Sony also said that there was no evidence that the data was stolen.

As Keir notes, it’s hard to argue that the recent credit card frauds are anything but coincidental. The PlayStation Network has 77 million users worldwide, and not all the said users would have registered their credit card details on the service. Reports say that it’s 2.2 million credit card details that are on sale.

A PSN user with a credit card that has only been used for PlayStation Network transactions would be able to provide more rigorous proof than someone who uses the same credit card for various reasons. Ars Technica claims to have discovered such a person.

You can read more about this via the article. Have you experienced credit card fraud since the PlayStation Network fiasco began?

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  • blair

    I've had fraud at the same time of this hack. Coincidental? I happy to have Chase, as they have my back. Can we open claims with PSN to let them know… hey this actually happened? Or get reimbursement for fraudulent charges from their inferior security? A month of free PSN + is comparable to getting the local news paper for free for a month. Almost no benefit. I <3 the ps3, but there's almost no quality in the PSN.

  • Bendz

    LOL let give misinformation when we have none

  • caitlin

    iv had no problems as of yet .