Nintendo Wii 2: What Games Do you Want on Release?

By Jamie Pert - Apr 30, 2011

The next console from Nintendo to follow the Wii has been confirmed for next year which means that there will be a host of games that need to be developed in time for the launch date. Considering the mixed reviews regarding the 3DS’ list of release titles, we would like to think that Nintendo were going all out to make this next console a definite success.

In order for the Wii 2 to have great success there needs to be a new Mario themed game, most Mario games receive great reviews and its because Mario is a household favorite. A launch title is essential for the Wii 2’s success and we very much doubt that Nintendo will overlook this.

We think that the Wii-related titles (Wii Sports, Wii Play, etc) were a way of showcasing the game’s unique controllers. If there were to be any new features in next years console, we would think that some games similar to these would appear on release. Compilations of mini games on one disc seemed very popular for the current Wii console.

Nintendo has always had it’s three major characters Mario, Link (Zelda series) and Donkey Kong. While we have already discussed the importance of Mario, Nintendo also has these unique characters that they can fall back on when competing with rivals.

Animal Crossing is a popular title for the Nintendo and did very well for the original Wii console. We think this could well appear for the Wii 2 but may not make the release due to the time between the previous release. Pokémon has had great success for the Nintendo DS but again for the same reasons would probably not make a release title for Wii 2.

We would put a logical argument forward that a dance game will be available on release due to the nature of the controller for the Wii console (which we guess will be mimicked in some form for the Wii 2. Just Dance was a popular title but some felt they were restraint by the one controller which really meant only one arm of the body was being monitored while dancing and not the whole body (like with Kinect).

Family games are very much a favorite for the Nintendo series and the first Wii console in particular, so we would expect to only see a few mainstream titles really push for the Wii 2’s release. However a racing game could appear as again, this is popular with the Wii style controller to use as a steering wheel.

Overall, we think a Mario title should be imminent. We could certainly see more Wii-titled games appearing to showcase the new console’s capabilities and act as a few fun games for the family to play when they unwrap the console. We will have to wait and see whether Wii-Fit makes a reappearance after it’s success amongst older generations but overall we can not be sure at the moment what will make an appearance in time for launch.

What games do you want to see upon release? How about a high-end first-person shooter?

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  • anonymous


  • sdv

    definately kingdom hearts with a special controller… maybe the classic

  • Simon Belmont

    A Castlevania title that does the brand justice.

  • KingreX32

    Hopefully a new Fracking Starfox Game. That supports voice chat and online play.

  • Jackson

    I would like (or hope) to believe that if StarFox 3DS made enough revenue for Nintendo, they would maybe catch on to developing a whole new game for the Wii 2. There may be a slim possibility of ever seeing a brand new SF game since the last one (Command-2006) was 5 years ago.

    Saying that, there was an 8 year wait between Super Metroid and Metroid Prime/Fusion; and some would consider Prime the financial pinacle of the Metroid series. So could be a chance for Fox and co to make some more rounds yet. I'm always up for different concept designs for the Arwings too ^___^

  • Dale

    Zelda Ocarina of Time (remake)

  • Darth Bad

    Smash Bros hands down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MWN

    Star Fox