New Apple Rumors: iPhone 5, iCloud, iOS 5 and OS X Lion

By Gary Johnson - Apr 30, 2011

We reported to you a couple days ago that Apple was supposed to have bought the iCloud domain. Today we have an article rounding up new Apple rumors concerning the iPhone 5, iCloud, iOS 5 and OS X Lion.

Kasper Jade from AppleInsider is reporting that the iPhone 5 will be integrating Apple’s new iCloud that is thought to be finding its way to several services. It is thought that the iCloud name will be for Apple’s forthcoming web services push.

Some sources are claiming that Apple will showcase beta versions of Mac OS X lion and iOS 5 before June’s WWDC event. It is claimed by some that users will be able to store and sync much of the information with iCloud as they already do with MobileMe. At the very least iCloud will be a renamed and enhanced version of the MobileMe Service.

With the iPhone 5 it is expected to be released with iOS 5 and iCloud integration some time during the second half of this year. It is looking more likely Apple will break with tradition and release the next version of their smartphone around September, just in time for the holiday season.

Many people will be disappointed if Apple does not release the iPhone 5 in the summer, especially the ones who are due an upgrade around that time. Will you be disappointed if the iPhone 5 comes later in the year?

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  • liam

    my upgrade was due in feb ,but deiced to wait for iphone5 …tbh tho if it dont come b4 june/july i mite end up getting the new lg 3d one when it comes out

  • Brizi

    I agree with Boab…. but anyway Pancho, if you are waiting for iPhone 6, than you will be waiting for at least 12 months after the iPhone 5 is released. Have you thought of that?

  • Boab

    You said 'My contract is due in december, but i'm still waiting for the iphone 6 is released next year.'
    I Phone 6???
    Please!!!! Have a word with yourself!!

  • ahmad

    if the iphone 5 isn't released in june I would be disappointed. however I thing it will be a big mistake if apple don't release iphone 5 because a lot of their customer is due for an upgrade therefore they might go for android, this will mean that apple would loss a lot of its customers. i can't with for apple to confirm when they will release iphone 5

  • pancho

    My contract is due in december, but i'm still waiting for the iphone 6 is released next year.

  • Christopher

    I'm gonna be disappointed if the iPhone 5 isn't released in June! My upgrade from the 3Gs was due in March, and I figured I would wait until June to get the iPhone 5. However, some Rocketfish extended battery case for my iPhone completely FRIED the battery and it drains from 100% in a couple hours, even if i just text in those couple hours, to around 60-17% where it just shuts off. So mad!

    • Christopher

      (meant 60-70%, oops)

    • Phil

      Yeah im due an upgrade in now too and thinking about waiting for the iPhone 5 to be released. A lot of websites are saying its due to come out in Septemeber so by then if it isn't out i'll be pissed!
      Did think about the HTC Sensation or the Samsung Galaxy S2 which both look like immense phones, however are not iphones!