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Lives Saved by A Cell Phone: Improving Healthcare

Five years ago the cell phone was a different device to what it is today, and the reason why we say this is because it can do a range of other tasks apart from making calls and sending text messages. Did you know how many lives have been saved by a cell phone? The number is too hard to imagine, but we just love how they have been improving healthcare.

When we say saving lives, we are not talking about calling the emergency services when you are in need of medical assistance; we mean how the medical profession have now started to use them. All over the world people live in remote places and a nurse or doctor does not have the means at hand to run tests that are normal practice in a hospital.

This is where the smartphone comes into its own, as there are a number of apps available where you can keep records and then send them to another doctor thousands of miles away, who can then help to make a diagnoses.

That is not all; these smartphones can be connected to scanner equipment, or other such medical devices used to keep an eye on heart rate, blood measures and so much more. However, the tablet device is also about to shine, with many medical professions already prepared to take shipment of the BlackBerry PlayBook, who will be able to do far much more than a smartphone can.

Would you trust a cell phone to save your life?



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