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iPhone 4: Why is the white version thicker?

The white iPhone 4 was released to the world a couple of days ago after ten months of delays. Many people have decided they still wanted the device and got their hands on one. It didn’t take long for eagle eyed consumers to notice, but with the iPhone 4 why is the white version thicker?

Peter Pachal from PCMag is reporting that the white version is 0.2mm thicker than the black one. Recently Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Senior Vice President Phil Schiller have explained why the white iPhone 4 was delayed.

The white casing of the handset caused a variety of issues with the devices sensors amongst other things. Apple obviously had to make some design changes with the white version, but on Apple’s own spec page for the devices they are both listed as being 9.3 mm in depth.

To many people the slight increase in thickness will either go unnoticed or won’t be of any concern. But it may cause some issues with cases. If you have a flexible case like Apple’s bumper it may well fit, but if you have something more rigid it could be a problem.

Many consumers will be glad to finally get hold of a white iPhone 4, and 0.2mm isn’t exactly a big difference. Did the extra thickness of the white iPhone 4 bother you?



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